Trying to create a new account on Instagram and getting an error can be frustrating. Whether you’re trying to make a brand new account, join Instagram for the first time, make a second account, or try to reactivate your account, you may encounter errors. If you’re stuck trying to create an account and find yourself wondering what are these errors and why am I getting them?  We have the answers to your sign-up woes. In this post, you can find out how to make an Instagram account and what might be blocking you from doing so.


Instagram error when creating account

Creating an Instagram account should be a straightforward process. However, what can you do when it is not?

How can I join Instagram?

  1. Head on to the Google Play Store or App Store and search Instagram
  2. Click download, then open up the app
  3. Sign up by following the steps
  4. Activate your account via email

Why am I getting Instagram error when creating account?

So why are you getting an error when trying to create an account? Here are some common reasons you may be getting this error:

  • Your email was blocked in the past due to spam or breaking the T&Cs of Instagram
  • If you are using a VPN, you may get an error when trying to use
  • Instagram server issues
  • Your IP address is blocked
  • The app needs updating.

Instagram error when trying to create a second account

One of the most common errors when attempting to make an Instagram account is using an existing phone number or email to try to make the account. Instagram will only allow one account per email/phone number. Therefore if you are getting an error at this stage, it is likely due to this. An easy fix is to create a new email address, which you can do in a matter of minutes. Or buy a new sim card if you’re attempting to sign up via a new number. You can manage up to 5 accounts on your Instagram; however, these still need their own email addresses, etc.

Using Facebook to create an account on Instagram is also an option. However, again you can only have one account per user.

Can’t create an Instagram account with email

If you’ve had an Instagram account previously which was banned/blocked, you will not be able to use that to sign up again. This email will be blocked on the Instagram servers, meaning you will be unlikely ever to be able to use it on their site again.

Making a new email on a site such as Gmail or yahoo is simple and should allow you to make another account.

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Instagram login error user not found

If you’re attempting to sign in to an existing account and get the error message, ‘user not found,’ what does this mean? This could mean your account has been hacked, blocked, or you’ve typed in your username wrong. If you’re unsure about your username for Instagram, use your email to log in instead or ask a friend to check it for you.

Instagram advises that you should not include the @ when trying to log in as this will not work.

What to do if your Instagram account is hacked?

Instagram has implemented several security measures in place for users of the platform. Including two-factor authentication, users have to verify that they are the owner of the account in two different forms.

If you still have access to your account, you can log in, remove any linked accounts you don’t recognize, revoke any access to third-party apps and update your phone number/email.

However, if you don’t have access to your account anymore, you will need to verify your identity with Instagram. This can take up to 30 days. If you have an account with pictures on it, you will be asked to send in a video. However, if you do not, you will go through a different form of security. For more information on how to do this, contact Instagram here.

Instagram account won’t reactivate 

Photo by Lisa from Pexels

Sometimes we all need a break from social media, but what about when you’ve deactivated your Instagram account, and now you’re unable to reactivate your account. If you’ve deleted your account instead of disabling it, this will mean you are unable to reactivate it.

However, if you’ve only temporarily disabled it, to enable it, all you need to do is log back in on the app, and it should appear how it was before you deactivated it. If you’re unable to do so, please try logging in via a browser instead of on the app to see if this helps.

If you have any further questions feel free to get in touch with us, as we’d love to help you get your Instagram account up and running.