Need to remove Instagram from your device, but troubled to wonder, “If I Uninstall Instagram, Will I Lose My Posts?” Let us walk through the answer.

Whenever anyone of us decides to get any social media app removed from our portable device, the first emotion that pops up is a worry for the published posts and, and the scenes are no different with Instagram. To have the query solved, here we are talking about everything that might happen once you uninstall the Instagram app from Android or iPhone.

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What If I Uninstall Instagram, Will I Lose My Posts, Profile, and Everything?

Profile Visibility


Uninstalling Instagram App from your mobile doesn’t do any harm to your profile. People can still search for your profile and view it. However, if you delete your Instagram account permanently, searching for your username will not fetch up your profile.

Posts and Stories:

If I Uninstall Instagram, Will I Lose My Posts

Like your profile, posts and stories featured in your Instagram account are safe even when you uninstall the app from your device. If your account holds public visibility, anyone can search for your profile and view the posts that you have updated over time; on the other hand, if your account is private, the posts will serve the privacy nature.

Not just that, the highlighted stories and the archives that are linked to your account are also safe post removal of the app. Once you have the app reinstalled, you can proceed with accessing the archived and updated data.

Note: If you delete your account permanently, the posts and the stories will also get removed, along with your profile. 

Draft Posts

Unlike your profile and the already uploaded posts, drafted ones will get deleted as you remove Instagram from your device. So, we recommend you publish them before uninstalling the app.

Existing Followers

Uninstalling Instagram will have no direct effect on your followers count. However, because of prolonged absence, some of your followers might decide to get over your account.

Following and UnFollowing

Insta followers

As already mentioned, getting Instagram from your Android or iPhone will not hinder your profile from appearing. As a result, people can still search for you, look for your posts, follow and unfollow your account accordingly.


Insta Messages

As most of the data, messages are also safe in the cloud servers of your Instagram account. It is not just the old messages; individuals are still open to send you messages, even after you delete the app from your device. 

The only thing that will be different, you won’t be getting notifications this time around. You can either reinstall the app or login into your Instagram account from the mobile browser to view the new messages. 

Likes and Comments:

likes and comments

You might have already guessed it. Yes, Likes and Comments are also safe even after uninstalling Instagram. However, as these are interaction data, you can expect the numbers to vary with time. 


tags and mention

As uninstalling Instagram from smartphones does no harm to your profile, it is pretty evident that people can still tag you in their posts.

Final Words

From posts to messages, from likes to comments, almost everything associated with your Instagram account is safe after getting rid of the app from your Android or iOS device. But it is essential to keep in mind; scenes will be completely different once you delete your account permanently.