If you are a regular user of Instagram, you might have run into an error message that caused your Instagram to stop working normally. This guide will help provide solutions that could fix these errors.

Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012. It is a free online photo-sharing social network platform that allows its users to upload and edit photos and short videos. Users can use hashtags and location-based geotags to index their posts and make these posts searchable by other users.

Instagram does its best to improve its policy for a good user experience for both individuals and businesses. However, users sometimes face Instagram errors such as challenge_required login error, signup error, try again later error, post reject error, and sorry, something went wrong error. Let’s take a look at each of these errors and show you how to fix them with quick and easy steps.

What Are The Common Instagram Error Messages?

instagram error message

Instagram users experienced a “Try again later” error message when they like Instagram posts, send several direct messages in a short time or leave comments on other users posts.

A few of the users also experienced a “Sorry, Something went wrong” error message while using their Instagram accounts. Apart from that, users report that they were not able to log in to their Instagram accounts occasionally.

Furthermore, users reported common “Post rejected by Instagram” errors that can be due to a lot of reasons. We will take a brief look at each of these reasons in the fix section.

How To Quick Fix “Sorry, Something Went Wrong” Instagram Error Message?

instagram error message

It can be frustrating to see the “Sorry, Something went wrong” error message popping up again and again while using your Instagram account. Let’s take a look at a few strategies to solve the issue.

Clear Instagram Cache on iPhone and Android

Most of the time, clearing the Instagram app cache can solve many errors. To do this on an iPhone:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on iPhone storage and scroll down to find the Instagram app
  • Tap on the Instagram app and then tap on Offload App

For Android phones:

  • Go to Settings–> Apps or App manager –>Instagram app
  • Tap on Storage and then Tap Clear Cache

Use Facebook To Login To Instagram

Ever since Facebook took control of Instagram, the connection from Facebook to Instagram has become very crucial. It might fix the error if you try logging into your Instagram app through your Facebook account.

Use Instagram App on Desktop

If you are seeing the error a lot on your mobile devices, you can use the Instagram app on your desktop for both Windows and Mac versions. To do this, go to the Mac Apple Store or Microsoft Store. Download and install the Instagram app and enter your login credentials.

How To Fix “Post Rejected By Instagram” Error Message?

instagram error message

One of the most common errors under Post rejection is “Action Blocked”. This error message is displayed to the business account and regular account users when there is a restriction from Facebook’s end. To solve this error, perform the following fixes step by step.

  • Validate the connection between Facebook and Instagram. Go to Facebook –> Your Facebook page –> Instagram –> review connection
  • Try logging in to your Instagram directly
  • Adjust the content in your post according to Instagram community guidelines
  • Contact Facebook if the above two methods fail to work
  • Don’t exceed the maximum number of characters i.e 2200 in your caption

How To Fix “Try again later” Instagram Error Message?

instagram error message

Recently, a new common error “Try again later” has emerged on Instagram. To fix this error, do the following steps one by one.

Reset Your Account Password

You can try resetting your Instagram account password to see if that fixes the error message. To do this on your mobile device:

  • Tap on the account icon and then tap on or the top right-hand side of your screen
  • Go to Settings and Tap on Security –> Change password
  • Enter your current password and new password and tap on Done

On your desktop computer:

  • Open your web browser and enter username and password to log in to your Instagram account
  • Click on your account
  • On the left side, click on Change Password
  • Enter your current password to change it to a new one
  • Click on the Change password button below

Give It Some Time

Sometimes, Instagram servers often update without any prior notification. When that happens, you might see the error message. Therefore, it is best to log out, wait a few hours and log in to Instagram again to see if the error has resolved itself.

How To Fix the “Challenge_Required” Instagram Error message?

Quite a few Instagram users reported that they see a Challenge_Required error message. It means that there is an issue with the Instagram security protocols that helps them to establish whether you are a human or a bot while trying to access an Instagram account. To fix this issue, you can perform the following steps and observe which one works best for you.

  • Turn on two-factor authentication Under your Instagram settings page.
  • Use a proxy server to visit your Instagram account.
  • Avid using third-party applications to access your Instagram business account.
  • Close and restart the Instagram app.
  • Clear Instagram cache and check for updates.

How To Fix Instagram Login Error Messages?

instagram error message

Sometimes, a few Instagram login errors show up while you are trying to access your account. To fix these errors, try the following quick and easy methods one by one.

  • Enter your username and password correctly without spelling mistakes or spaces.
  • Check for a steady internet connection. Using Instagram on mobile data can cause these errors to show up.
  • Restart your mobile device. Do the same with your desktop computer.
  • Delete your Instagram app and re-install it.


We hope that you have been able to fix the most common Instagram error messages on your mobile app and desktop. If somehow you are still experiencing these errors, you can report them to Instagram by going to the “Report a problem” page under your account settings –>Help section.