Does Hulu keep kicking you out when you are trying to watch a program, or update your account details in the app?

Hulu will automatically exit if their server is down because it will not be able to process your request from your device.

When was the last time you updated your device’s operating system?

Resetting your internet connection, and emptying out the cache files will help prevent Hulu from crashing.

With this directory, you will understand why Hulu keeps kicking you out, as well as learn four simple solutions that will help you fix this issue, so you can get back to binging your favourite series without being interrupted.

Why does my Hulu keep exiting?

Hulu keeps kicking me out

Hulu keeps kicking me out

Hulu will keep kicking you out if your downloaded application is incompatible with the device you are using to launch the service on. This could be because the Hulu app contains corrupted software that is conflicting with your device, or, your chosen platform is not compatible in supporting the Hulu software.

What devices support Hulu?

Device Minimum Requirements
Android (mobile and tablet) OS 5.0 +
Screen size of 800×480
Android TV Sony Bravia (2015 +)
Nvidia Shield
Google TV with Chromecast
Apple TV 4th Gen +
Echo Show
Fire Tablets OS 5.0 +
Fire TV and Stick
iPhone & iPad iOS 13 +
LG TV webOS 3.0 +
Nintendo Switch
Mac browser macOS macOS macOS 10.13 +
Latest browser version
JavaScript & Cookies
PC browser Windows 10
Latest browser version
JavaScript & Cookies
PlayStation 3,4 & 5
Roku OS 8.1 +
Samsung TV
Vizio SmartCast TV
Xbox 360
Series X/S
Xfinity Flex Streaming TV Box
Xfinity X1 TV Box


If your Hulu app is compatible with the device it is installed on, the following four reasons could be why you are experiencing this setback;

Reason 1. Outdated Hulu app

If you are launching Hulu that is overdue an update, this will interfere with the app working effectively.

The software will be inundated with problematic data that should be erased through the update of the application.

An outdated Hulu app will keep logging you out until it has been upgraded to its latest version.

Reason 2. Corrupted Hulu cache files

Every time you launch Hulu, cache files will be automatically downloaded onto your device. Over time, these files can become corrupted and cause issues with the app when you try and make use of it.

Reason 3. Lagging internet connection

With Hulu being an online streaming service, it needs to receive a minimum amount of bandwidth to stream without any interferences.

If your internet connection is inadequate, Hulu will either keep kicking you out or start start ‘hanging’ when you try and process a request.

What is the minimum internet speed for Hulu?

Content Minimum Download Speed
Hulu Standard Streaming Library 3.0Mbps
Live Streams 8.0Mbps
4K Content 16.0Mbps


If you are using your device for other activities that require internet while you access Hulu, the bandwidth requirement will need to be supplemented.

Reason 4. Hulu server issue

If Hulu is not working, it could be because the Hulu server is down. When this issue occurs, the Hulu app on your device will be unable to reach the server, so your request to launch the app or stream content will be undelivered.

As a result, Hulu will keep kicking or logging you out.

(Fun Fact; We all know of the series South Park due to its popularity. With that in mind, American subscribers have watched the show on Hulu for more than 107 million hours, which is equal to around 12,000 years of watching a movie.)

How to stop Hulu from kicking me out

hulu keeps kicking me out

How to fix Hulu from kicking you out

You can stop Hulu from kicking you out by ensuring the application is compatible with the smart device you are using to access the program. This can be done by updating your Hulu app to the latest available version, and checking that your mobile, TV or tablet is upgraded to the newest operating system.

If your Hulu app and device are updated to its newest version, and Hulu is still automatically logging you out, you can proceed with the next four solutions provided to help stop this error from occurring;

Fix 1. Empty Hulu cache

Emptying the Hulu cache files off of your device will free up storage space, as well as erase any corrupted files that could be the reason why Hulu keeps kicking you out.

How to clear Hulu cache on smart TV: 

Step 1. Go into Settings

Step 2. Click on ‘Applications’

Step 3. Find and select the Hulu app

Step 4. Choose ‘Clear Cache and Clear Data’

These steps are based on Android.

Fix 2. Reset Hulu app

You can reset the Hulu app by restarting the device Hulu is installed on.

Step 1. Exit out of the Hulu app

Step 2. Turn your device off and unplug it

Step 3. Wait a few minutes before plugging it back in and turning it back on

Once your device is reconnected, relaunch the Hulu app.

Fix 3. Check Hulu servers

If the Hulu servers are down, you can experience a black screen,  or buffering interference along with the app kicking you out.

You can check the status of the Hulu server to stay up to date and to confirm if the problem is due to an internal issue with Hulu.

Fix 4. Reset internet connection

If your internet connection has been lagging, or is intermittent, resetting your Wifi router will refresh your network, and improve your network’s performance.

Step 1. Unplug your Wifi router after disabling it

Step 2. After a few minutes, plug it back in

Turn your modem back on. Once it has reconnected, relaunch Hulu and see if the app keeps you logged in.

Why is Hulu live crashing?

Hulu keeps crashing

Hulu live keeps crashing

Hulu Live will keep crashing if the particular channel you are trying to watch is not receiving the necessary amount of signal from your device. This will also cause the Hulu Live app to freeze or constantly buffer when there is not enough coverage to support the program.

Hulu Live is subject to the region you are accessing the service from. Depending on your location, certain programs may be prohibited.

You can check which channels are available to you, by making use of Hulu’s postcode checker.

Hulu Live will automatically quit if your network connection is not good enough.

If you are experiencing restriction issues with your Hulu Live app, it has been advised to log in to your account on a different device to gain access to the desired program you want to watch.

How to stop Hulu from timing out

Hulu keeps crashing

Hulu Auto Play

To stop Hulu from timing out every time you watch an episode on the app, you will need to enable the ‘Auto Play’ feature. This function will automatically play the next part of a series without you having to manually instruct Hulu to do so by using your remote. With auto-play enabled, Hulu will play continuously until the series has concluded. 

You can enable the auto-play feature by following three simple steps;

Step 1. Access your account in the Hulu app

Step 2. Open ‘Settings’

Step 3. Find ‘Auto play’ and turn it on

If you are currently engrossed in a series, the episodes will now automatically load after each one has ended.


We hope, from this guide, you now have the answers to why Hulu was kicking you out, and that you were able to stop this issue from occurring with the four easy solutions provided.

If, however, your Hulu app is still automatically logging you out or exiting while you are trying to watch a program, you may need to contact them directly. You can do so by making use of their Contact support page.

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