Are you making use of the Hulu streaming app for all your programs and movies, but you can’t access your content because Hulu keeps logging you out?

Hulu is an online streaming service, offering over 2,500 movies and 1,650 shows which you need an account for to be able to access. In order to view your library on Hulu, you need to be logged in, so why is Hulu logging you out?

This problem can transpire from a software issue with your Hulu app, so we have created this simple guide for you, to help you understand why this problem is occurring with your Hulu, and how you can go about rectifying this complication.

Why is Hulu logging me out

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Why is Hulu logging me out

If Hulu keeps logging you out, this is mainly due to your app experiencing issues with its software.

A possible reason as to why your Hulu account is having trouble staying logged in may also be due to the Hulu server having issues.

You can check the status of the Hulu server by using this link.

If this confirms that their server is down, you would have to wait until Hulu sorts out the issue from their side as you are unable to do anything.

If the Hulu server is up and running, your Hulu may be logging you out because of certain reasons relating to the Hulu software and your device;

Reason 1. You’re already logged into 2 devices

With the standard Hulu subscription, you are only able to be logged in, and actively using the account on a maximum of 2 devices.

If you have already logged in to your Hulu on your 2 devices, and you are trying to get into your account on a 3rd device, you will not be able to log in.

Reason 2. Cache files are full

If your cache files are too full from your Hulu app, this will cause issues when you are trying to launch your Hulu as there will not be enough space for the data to be stored.

Cache files can also become corrupted which interferes with the functioning of the app.

Reason 3. Your software is outdated

If your Hulu app or device’s software is outdated, this will cause snags when you are trying to stream on Hulu as the software will not be compatible with each other.

Upgrading your software eradicates any bugs that may be interfering with the software.

Reason 4. Internet issue

Your Hulu may keep logging you out if your internet connection is playing up.

The connection may be intermittent, causing your Hulu to keep disconnecting.

Hulu requires at least 3Mbps to watch from their library, however, you can reduce the quality of your video content to be able to function on 1.5Mbps.

You can check your internet speed here.

How to stop Hulu from logging out

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How to fix Hulu login issues

Fixing Hulu from logging you out can be done with our troubleshooting fixes that will help the software well as your device.

Fix 1. Clear cache files

With the cache files being problematic when they are too full, or if the data is corrupted, clearing them out will help improve the functioning of the Hulu app to run smoothly;

On Android mobile and TV

Step 1. Go into ‘Settings’

Step 2. Select ‘Apps’

Step 3. Find Hulu and click on it

Step 4. Click on ‘Storage’ and press ‘Clear Cache’ as well as ‘Clear Data’

On Apple

Step 1. Select ‘Settings’ from the home screen

Step 2. Click on ‘General’

Step 3. Press on ‘iPhone Storage’

Step 4. Find and choose Hulu

Step 5. Delete the Hulu app

You will now have to reinstall the app from the app store.

Fix 2. Update software

Making sure your software, on your device as well as the Hulu app is on the latest version will help your Hulu keep you logged in as it eradicates any issues that may have transpired in the data.

Check on your app store if there is an option to select ‘Update’ for Hulu. If there is, select this to update the version you currently hold.

In the ‘Settings’ section of your mobile, if there is an option to update the software, click on this. Your mobile should restart itself after the update has been completed.

Fix 3. Log out of other devices

With Hulu only allowing two devices to be active at any given moment, you may be trying to log in to your account on a different device when you have already logged in elsewhere.

Log out of your Hulu account on all devices you are currently using, and try logging in again on the one that is giving you the problem.

Fix 4. Reset internet connection

Resetting your internet connection will give your network a refresh with the device you are currently using.

If you are using Wifi, turn your router off and unplug it for a couple of minutes. Once you have plugged it back in, you can switch it back on and get your device reconnected.

Note, if you are using your Smart TV, it may help to connect it directly to your router with an ethernet cable.

Can you share Hulu login?

There are no specific instructions to be able to share your Hulu login details to somebody else.

If you are wanting to give someone access to be able to watch series or movies from Hulu’s library, all you need to do is give them your login credentials.

Hulu does not restrict what certain devices you can use, however, you should keep in mind that if someone is sharing your details, one of you may not be able to login successfully if it goes over the 2 devices threshold.


Hulu has become an increasingly popular streaming platform for viewers to watch all the latest series and movies, and with the options to improve your subscription by going Premium, or upgrading with ‘Add-ons’, it’s important that you are able to put your subscription to good use without being logged out continuously.

We hope this guide has assisted you in being able to understand why you have been experiencing this error, and that we have provided you with enough knowledge so you know how to stop Hulu from logging you out as quickly as possible.