Are you getting ready to watch the latest episode of your favorite show on HBO and you notice your TV will not play via your HDMI cable? This can be frustrating, especially when you’ve been waiting all week for this episode.

There are many reasons why you may encounter this issue with your HDMI cable, which could be dependent on the device or the cable itself. With so many possible resolutions to your HDMI issue, we have created a guide to help you troubleshoot your issues. With our guide, you will be able to get back to watching HBO on your HDMI in a matter of minutes.

Why does HBO not play through HDMI?

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Although this seem may obvious, users are finding that HBO won’t play through their HDMI cable due to the TV not being on the right source. When you connect a device to your TV via HDMI cable, the cable will provide a stream from the device to your TV.

In order for the stream to appear on your TV, you need to change the source so it matches the port you’ve plugged it into. If you aren’t on the right HDMI source, your screen will just appear blank.

Other reasons why HBO won’t play on HDMI include:

1. Loose wires

If you have a loose wire between your TV and 3rd party device such as your Playstation or laptop, then you will be unable to view the content on the TV being streamed from the other device. This may also cause buffering and a glitchy screen.

2. A faulty port on your TV

If you have an issue with an HDMI port on your TV or device, then you will be unable to connect successfully via that port. Using another port is an alternative fix for this issue as most devices come with multiple ports to prevent issues.

3. Your device needs updating

If your TV is outdated, it may require an update. If it is outdated it may not be able to recognize the external device, therefore will be unable to show any picture.

4. A damaged HDMI cable

Unfortunately, if your HDMI cable has been bent excessively, chewed, or damaged in any way it is likely it will be unable to work. Sometimes the issue is inside the cable, therefore if you are unsure whether it is your HDMI, it’s worth testing it with another device.

If any of these issues occur it may stop you from being able to watch HBO via a HDMI cable.

How do I fix the HBO HDMI error?

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One of the easiest ways to fix your HBO error is via checking the source that your TV is tuned to. This issue can be related to you being unable to access the correct source for your TV Issues.

However, if you are still having issues, we are more than happy to help. Here’s how to fix the HBO HDMI error with ease:

Fix 1. Check the power is on

When attempting to fix your issue, the first thing to check is that the power is turned on both of your devices. If it is off on either device or they’re in standby mode this may affect how they work and ultimately provide a black screen.

Fix 2. Reboot your device

Rebooting your TV could fix your HDMI issue. Here’s how to reboot your TV device with ease:

  1. Make sure the TV is turned off
  2. Unplug from the wall socket
  3. Allow 30 seconds
  4. Replug in and allow the device to fully boot up again.
  5. Repeat the same process with the other device if you are still having issues.

Fix 3. Disconnect and reconnect the cable

If you are have had no joy when rebooting your device, we’d next recommend using a different port on your TV. By doing this you are able to figure out if you have a faulty port. In order to do this you need to do the following;

  1. Unplug the HDMI wire from both devices
  2.  Next switch where it is plugged in to. If it was plugged into port 1 before switching to port 2
  3. Make sure your TV remote is now on the matching input, e.g. HDMI 2 rather than 1.

Fix 4. Select the correct source on your TV

Although this may seem obvious, switching the source your TV is on can fix your issue with ease. Grab your TV remote and press the input button on your remote, then scroll through the options. Clicking on different ones will eventually help you to understand where it’s plugged into and if it is the device that is the issue. The issue may be that your TV is connected to the wrong source.

Fix 5. Try a different HDMI cable

If you have another HDMI cable in your home, swapping it with the one you are currently attempting to use can show if it is the device or the cable which is faulty. If you find another cable works, then it is likely your HDMI cable which is faulty. In this case, try using a new HDMI cable. However, if you find you are still having issues, it may be the device that is the issue.

Fix 6. Connect to an alternative device

Similar to the above fix, if you find your cable is not the issue, attempt to connect your TV to another device. This can help you find out if the same issues occur. Testing the outcome of changing the device, allows you to figure out what the issue is and how to resolve this.

Fix 7. Make sure it is connecting to the right device

Sometimes our TVs can pick up the connected device automatically, however, this is not always the case. Be sure to check your sources and that you are connected to the right device. For example, if your TV thinks it’s connected to a PlayStation instead of a laptop, this can cause some issues with functionality.

Why am I getting HBO max black screen HDMI

If you are using the HBO Max app and notice you are getting a black screen this most likely error is down to the lack of internet connection. If you are struggling with the HBO max error, we’d recommend rebooting your internet.

Once your internet has returned, we expect HBO to work as expected. However, if you are still having issues we’d recommend finding out if HBO Max is down, you can do this via the Down Detector.


With this guide, we hope you were able to resolve your HDMI issue. However, if you are still experiencing this issue, we’d recommend purchasing a new HDMI cable. Therefore any issues with your cables will be eradicated. For further tech support or information, feel free to get in touch with us.