Freeview is the UK’s biggest TV platform, providing access to over 95% of the nations hottest shows, for free. Freeview is installed to over an impressive 18 million homes across the UK.

We all love watching TV, however there is nothing more frustrating than going to watch your favourite show, and receiving an error message saying that your Freeview Box has ‘no signal‘.

Fortunately, this is a common Freeview fault, and in this quick and easy guide, we are going to share with you how to fix this Freeview no signal error message.

Freeview Box No Signal Error Message: How To Fix

  1. Change source input – First, check that your TV is set up to the correct source/input. You can do this by selecting the INPUT button on your remote and using the arrow keys to select the input you wish to use. Try selecting AV, TV, and Digital TV if you haven’t already done so. 
  2. Retune your device – Occasionally, a no signal error message could be due to setup issues. Simply press the menu button on your remote control and select either ‘Setup, installation, update’, or a similar option. Select the option that says ‘first time installation’, or sometimes labelled ‘full retune’. After the retune is complete, if you’re still seeing the no signal error message, then continue with the steps below.
  3. Check transmission status in your area – Sometimes, no Freeview signal can be the result of network maintenance in your area. However, maintenance is usually carried out during off-peak times to avoid disruption to your service. You can check the transmission status in your area here.
  4. Reboot your device – It may sound obvious, but if you’re Freeview still isn’t working then we recommend trying a hard reboot. Firstly, switch off your device at the wall, and then reconnect any cables in the back of the TV/box, ensuring that all cables are tightly connected. Wait 30 seconds for everything to cool down, and then power on your device.

Freeview Box still not working?

If you’ve exhausted all of the options above and your Freeview still isn’t finding a signal, then it may mean you have a defective antenna. This can include the ariel being obstructed or wrongly installed, faulty parts in the antenna, poor weather conditions causing interference, or loose and unstable connections from the antenna to the TV.

There is a great free tool on the official Freeview website that tells you which transmitter you receive a signal from, the current status of the transmitter, and all of the channels which should be available to you in your area.

For further assistance, you will need to contact your device manufacturer.