Are you trying to log in to Elder Scrolls Online but getting an error with a 334 code? Does the issue occur on your PC or the gaming console, and you wait for hours to get back in your account? This guide will explain why the error pops up on your screen and how to fix it.

Elder Scrolls Online has been one of the greatest and popular MMORPGs in the gaming community for several years now. You can also play the game on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, PC, Mac, and Google Stadia. If you are a newcomer, you can pick from four EOS’s original classes and probe various zones before the free trial ends.

However, many users face an error 334 while logging into the game on a PC or gaming console. We investigated the issue and found that the error also shows up if you teleport to a player or travel between maps. Furthermore, the error is getting common after the release of the Blackwood chapter.

Why do I keep getting error 334 on ESO?

If you are getting the connection error 334 when trying to log into the game, it could be due to any of the following reasons.

  • A software bug in the Blackwood chapter is initiating the 334 error.
  • ESO gaming servers are down for maintenance or experiencing an outage due to technical glitches.
  • You are using a crowded server to access the Elder Scrolls Online game.
  • Gaming ports are disabled on your PC.
  • Your current location is not working with the game.
  • Your network is having compatibility issues with ESO.
  • The PC video card is not compatible with the Elder Scrolls Online requirement.

What is new in Blackwood ESO?

What is new in Blackwood ESO?

The Deadlands Blackwood chapter for the Elder Scrolls Online was released on 1 June 2021 for PC and on 8 June 2021 for consoles. The new chapter adds a location with the Blackwood name and the new Companions feature.

Furthermore, the Blackwood chapter takes place 800 years before the Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion’s events and continues the adventure in the Gates of Oblivion. Also, it follows the schemes of the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon.

However, ever since users opt to upgrade ESO to the Blackwood chapter, a few of them have been experiencing login errors. Let’s find out how to fix the Elder Scrolls Online error 334 in the next section.

How do I fix error 334 in ESO?

How do I fix error 334 in ESO?

Check ESO server status

Sometimes, you may face an issue logging into your ESO account if there is a lot of traffic of online players on Bethesda’s servers. Also, confirm if the game servers are experiencing outages due to technical issues or scheduled maintenance.

The easiest way to fix the problem is to be patient and try logging in again after a couple of hours. In the meantime, change your server to a less crowded one and check if this approach fixes the error.

Check your VPN service

Your current location might not work with the game; therefore, if you already use a VPN service to access your Elder Scrolls Online account, switch it off and try to log in. On the flip side, some users got lucky while trying out a VPN to fix the error 334.

Open router ports

Opening the outbound ports on the router often fixes the ESO login error. If you can access your router, Elder Scrolls Online supports TCP ports 80 and 433 along with the UDP ports from 24100 to 24131, 24300 to 24331, and 24500 to 24507. So open the ports and see if you can log in to your gaming account.

Perform network diagnostics

Another quick way to resolve the error code is to perform diagnostics on your network. To do this, do these steps one by one.

  • Power cycle all the networking components and the device that runs ESO.
  • Do a network reset and DNS flush.
  • If the error persists, contact your internet service provider to fix the internet issue at their end.

Change internet connection

Some users managed to play for hours without any trouble by changing their network connection. Sometimes, ISP policies won’t let you adjust your router settings. Therefore, try switching your WiFi connection with cellular data.

To do this, create a WiFi hot spot and connect your device with the cellular network. Afterward, confirm that you can log in to your ESO account with no 334 error code. Finally, test the connection by teleporting to other locations with the game.

Check GPU minimum requirement

Elder Scrolls Online recommends that PC users should have a Direct X 11.0 compliant GPU with 2GB RAM. Most of the time, the players who use NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 750 or AMD Radeon™ HD 7850 don’t get the error code 334 on the login screen.

Quite often, a video card other than the recommended ones may meet the ESO standards but can trigger a login error. Therefore, ensure that you have the right one installed on your system.

Reinstall ESO game

If none of the troubleshooting fixes the ESO error 344, reinstalling the game might do the trick. To do this on a PC:

  • Navigate to Control Panel and select the Add/Remove Program feature to uninstall the Bethesda. net_Launcher.
  • Next, open your browser, head to the ESO website, and log in with your credentials.
  • Now search for Elder Scrolls Online game and download it on your PC.
  • Finally, click on the launcher to install the game and log into your gaming account.

If the error persists, uninstall the game again but this time remove all remnants of ESO on your PC. Afterward, perform a fresh install to fix the 334 error.

Console users can also uninstall Elder’s Scrolls Online and reinstall it from their gaming library or the game disc.


Hopefully, this guide helped you fix the annoying Elder Scrolls Online error 334. A few PC users reinstalled their operating system and got rid of the error. However, if all else fails, send a ticket to the ESO support staff and let them know your issue so that they can offer you other ways to fix the error on your device.