Using US Cellular mobile network service and getting an error code 408? Do you often get a “No Service” message on your phone as well? A lot of users are experiencing this error on their cell phones. In this article, we’ll show you why this error pops on your device and how you can get rid of it.
US Cellular is the fourth-largest mobile operator in the US. The company has over 5 million subscribers in over 23 states. After shifting from 1xRTT to EVDO technology that supports 3G speeds, US Cellular discontinued all TDMA and analog services.
The new shift in technology provides numerous benefits to US Cellular subscribers. However, some users are occasionally faced with the 408 error code on their phones. We are here to guide you on what that error means and what are the fastest ways to fix the issue with easy troubleshooting steps.

What is error code 408 on my US Cellular phone?

What is error code 408

US Cellular users reported that they see a 408 error code on their phone’s screen. When the error shows up, the users can not make calls or use the SMS or mobile data service. Additionally, US Cellular users experience poor or no signals as well.

As US Cellular offers its mobile network services across many states in the US, error 408 usually happens on cell phones in a specific area. Hence, it is more of a geo-restricted issue that led us to believe that a US Cellular tower in a particular area could be having issues that result in users experiencing the error.

Why do I keep getting a 408 error on my phone?

Why do I keep getting a 408 error

Currently, there is no information available for the subscribers as to why this error pops up. Also, no explanation against the error code is available on the US Cellular website.
However, it can happen due to a temporary US Cellular service outage. The service outage can be due to maintenance, upgrade, or a technical glitch on US Cellular telecom equipment. Usually, when you experience the error, US Cellular mobile services get restored after a few hours.
You can call on the US Cellular helpline to know the exact cause of the error and what measures their technical guys are taking to get the service back.

How do I fix US Cellular error 408?

How do I fix US Cellular error

Most of the time, error 408 occurs due to the US Cellular network issue. But you can try to fix things up on your side before calling them and waiting for the service to get back up. You can try the following troubleshooting steps to get rid of the error on your cell phone.

Restart your phone

The first fix you can try to fix the US Cellular error code 408 is to restart your phone. Restarting your phone can clear temporary bugs in the device and initiate fresh logs. Most of the US Cellular users were able to fix the error by doing this simple fix.

Check phone settings

Your phone should connect to your network automatically. However, in some cases, a glitch in the phone software can cause an issue where your device can’t find your network. To fix this, you have to do it manually.

Go to the Settings menu of your mobile phone and navigate to “Mobile Networks”. Afterward, tap on “Network Operators” and manually select the US Cellular network provider. Next, reset your cell phone and see if that fixes the error.

Update phone software

If you are using older software on your cell phone, you can face a lot of issues including the 408 error. Therefore, it is vital to check for your phone software. To do this, tap on Settings on your cell phone and then scroll down to select Software Update.

If an update is available, tap on it to update the software on your cell phone. Your phone will be restarted automatically and hopefully, the error will be fixed.

Check for service outage

The error code 408 mostly happens when US Cellular is experiencing a service outage. If the above fixes fail to resolve the error, you can visit Downdetector to check if the US Cellular service is down. Furthermore, you can check the comment section on the website to see who else is having voice, text, and broadband issues in your area.

If you see that the service is down, wait patiently and let the US Cellular technical staff work on the issue to get the service back up and running.


Although the actual cause of the US Cellular error code 408 is unknown, it has something to do with the network outage. Hopefully, this guide helped you solve the issues on your end before registering a complaint to the US Cellular helpdesk.

Remember, if US Cellular service is down in your area, you may need to restart your cell phone when the service is restored. Have a nice day!