Do you experience a Crunchyroll error as soon as you try and access your account, or when you want to stream an episode or movie?

There are many different error codes that you can experience. If your device is an Xbox, and you did not close your application properly, the Crunchyroll error 1020 may appear when you startup the service.

A service error will occur when there is a technical issue with their database. Did you know; Crunchyroll can temporarily ban a user from having access to their server?

We have generated this easy to follow guide to explain what all the different Crunchyroll error’s are, and how they are caused. We will also provide you with simple solutions that you will be able to execute so you can get back to streaming your favourite Anime characters.

What are the Crunchyroll errors?

Crunchyroll error
Crunchyroll error

Crunchyroll can experience many different errors when you attempt to stream a video or when you try and log in to your account. The error codes on the online video app will incur from different reasons. The Crunchyroll error 1020 code will appear if you did not close the application properly on your Xbox console.

The other Crunchyroll errors that may appear on your screen when you try and make use of the app include;

1. Server Error

Crunchyroll can experience a server error for many different reasons, and have a few different error codes that can appear on your screen. The server can be down for planned maintenance, or if there’s been an unexpected outage. The different server errors include;

  • ‘Error: Crunchyroll experienced a server error. Please try again’
  • ‘Server Error. The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format’

This code will appear specifically when you try and open your Crunchyroll app on an Xbox console after it has been turned off.

2. Crunchyroll application error

The application error is known to show on Roku streaming devices. It will typically appear when you try and watch an episode of a show. Roku owners have advised that this Crunchyroll error started to occur after the app was updated.

3. Error code 1015

The Crunchyroll error 1015 will stop you from logging in to your account. This is because Crunchyroll has temporarily banned you from having access.

(Did you know; ‘Crunchy Roll’ is a term used for a type of sushi. The logo for the online video app is imagery for a piece of sushi).

4. Crunchyroll Shak error

There are a few different Shak-error codes that can appear on Crunchyroll when you first log into your account, or when you try and access your account information.

The Shak-3016 error will stop you from streaming a video. Other Crunchyroll Shak errors include;

  • Shak 6007
  • Crunchyroll Shak 1001

5. Crunchyroll code MED-1

The code MED-1 error will stop a video from playing because your PC is has blocked you from having access to the Crunchyroll server. This could be due to a software program such as an adblocker that is active on your device.

Why does Crunchyroll keep giving me an error?

Crunchyroll error
Crunchyroll error

Crunchyroll will keep giving you an error if their server is down for maintenance works, or there has been an unexpected outage. When the CR server is unavailable, your request to access their video database will not get processed. This is why, instead of the app loading your profile, you will experience an error code. Sometimes, however, there may be an issue with your device or Crunchyroll app that will cause the performance issue.

The additional causes for a Crunchyroll error to occur include;

1. Network error

If your network service provider is down, you will be unable to access the Crunchyroll server. Because the app is an online video streaming platform, you need to continuously connect to a network that operates without any intermittent issues.

2. Poor internet connection

If your Wifi signal is weak, your device will struggle to stay connected to Crunchyroll. In order to stream a good quality video on the app, you need to receive at least 2.5Mbps.

This will help prevent any streaming issues to occur.

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3. Queue size

Too many Anime shows in your queue has been known to hinder Crunchyroll’s performance. A large queue size will slow the app down, and can cause it to crash.

4. Browser extensions

Active browser extensions such as an adblocker or pop up blocker is known to be the cause for a Crunchyroll error code. These software programs will block your app from having access to the internet.

5. Faulty Crunchyroll app

The Crunchyroll app on your device could be faulty, or contain corrupt files. This will interfere with the performance and quality of the video service.

How do I fix Crunchyroll errors?

Crunchyroll error
Family watching TV

If the Crunchyroll server is down, you won’t be able to fix the error code you receive when you try and stream content from your app. If the server is unavailable due to maintenance works or an outage, you will need to wait until the CR technicians resolve the problem. You can, however, check the Crunchyroll service status to stay up to date with the performance of the app, and know when it is back up and running.

Alternatively, you can troubleshoot your Crunchyroll application with one of the following solutions;

1. Reset network connection

You can reset your network and refresh your internet connection by turning your Wifi router off and on. Simply unplug your modem for a couple of minutes before you switch it back on.

Note, test your internet speed to ensure you receive adequate bandwidth to stream quality videos on Crunchyroll.

2. Decrease queue size

Remove Anime shows from your queue to decrease the size of it. This will help your app perform better, and not incur a Crunchyroll error code.

3. Disable browser extensions

Disable any browser extensions you may have active on your device. This includes adblockers and pop up blockers. Once they are off, restart your device before you try and launch a Crunchyroll video.

4. Reinstall Crunchyroll app

If your app is faulty, you can delete it and reinstall it onto your device. This will get rid of any faulty files as well as update Crunchyroll if there was a pending upgrade available.

It’s important to make sure you exit out of your Crunchyroll app properly to avoid the error code 1020. This will help prevent startup issues specific on an Xbox console, as well any other device you may use.

Crunchyroll login not working

Women on laptop
Crunchyroll error

If you experience an error when you try and log into your Crunchyroll account, you may have input the incorrect username or password information. When you attempt to access your profile, you need to make sure you use the login information that you initially registered your account with. A different email address and/or user ID will not work.

For forgotten credentials, you will be able to reset your password with the use of the ‘Forgotten Password’ form on the Crunchyroll login page.

Why is my email invalid on Crunchyroll?

An invalid email when you try and register an account will occur if the username is already in use by another user, or, you have already created an account with that address.

You will need to utilise a different name and email in order to successfully register.


Now that you know what all the Crunchyroll error codes are, and what causes them, we hope you were able to fix the issue you were having with one of the four easy solutions provided in this guide.

If the problem persists, we suggest you contact Crunchyroll direct, as there may be an underlying issue with your application. If you can’t find your answer through their forums, you can submit a request.

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