Funimation is a platform that provides dubbing services of anime content. This platform has helped with the accessibility of anime content as the team has put in a lot of effort to make it work. But some issues still give the users a headache. Lately, people have been complaining about issues like Funimation sound out of sync. This error seems to occur with a lot of people using this platform.

Funimation is a Sony-owned streaming platform that has been in the top ranking for now. With the increasing popularity of anime, people use this platform to access the content.  According to data, there are over 120 million users globally. Funimation has become the top dubbing service among the people of East Asia, and the media of this region has given a boost to this platform. 

Despite all this, Funimation has been criticized because of its streaming problems. Many users have stopped using this platform because of the severity of the issues. This article will help you understand why this issue happens and how to resolve it.  

Why is the Funimation Sound Out of Sync? 

The primary reason behind the out-of-sync sound is a little unclear. We can see many users complaining about this issue but cannot find a solid reason behind this problem. Some issues can possibly cause this distress among the users. 

One of the main reasons could be the streaming service itself. Many streaming services face this issue regularly. It is essential to use reliable streaming services because poor streaming service quality can result in this issue. Funimation sound out of sync can happen where the video may proceed, but the audio is fast/slow or the other way around. This issue can be really distracting for the users. 

Funimation Sound Out of Sync Issue

The other primary reason behind Funimation sound out of sync issue is the internet connection. This problem is difficult to determine because you can’t differentiate between the streaming service or the internet. You can find out if this is the issue by running speed tests on your device. If you have speedy internet, you shouldn’t have the sound out of sync issue, but if your internet is not working, then it can the reason behind this issue. 

An outdated version of the app can also make you face sound syncing issues. If your app is outdated, it might not work properly and result in this. Last but not least, if you are streaming on a free version of Funimation, you might have to face the issue of sound being out of sync. 

There are many other performance issues in this app that have been reported by users. To make streaming on Funimation easy, here are some solutions you can follow. 

How to Fix the Funimation Sound Out of Sync Issue

There can be many reasons behind this issue. Sometimes it can be browser cache or outdated apps. These easy fixes will help you identify the issue and resolve it. 

Funimation Sound Out of Sync Issue

Contact Your Streaming Service Provider 

If the reason behind your issue is the streaming site quality, the problem will clear up on its own. They will not stay for a long time, but if you are still facing these issues, all you can do is contact your streaming service provider. In this case, you need to contact Funimation and report the issue. This will make them notice this problem and help you fix it. 

Restart Your Internet Connection

If you’re sure that the Funimation sound out of sync issue is not because of the streaming quality, you need to check your internet. You can restart your internet with the help of these steps: 

  • Unplug the modem and the router 
  • Wait for at least 10 to 30 seconds
  • Plug in the modem and wait for another 60 seconds 
  • Plug the router 
  • Now test and see if the problem went away

Check for Updates

If your Funimation app is outdated, it can cause serious glitches, resulting in issues like sound out of sync or not being able to watch in the English language. The app can even keep crashing, which can irritate and disrupt your activities. Although the app updates automatically, there are chances that it is not updated. You can follow these steps to check and update your Funimation app. 

Step 1: Open the app from the Google Play Store or App Store 

Step 2: You will see if your app is pending an update or not. If it is, then simply click on the update button. Once it is updated, try playing the video again. 

While you are at it, it is recommended to check for software updates. Some apps like Funimation may not be compatible with the older software versions. If there are any pending updates, simply install them and see if that helps you resolve the issue. 

Get a Subscription

The unpaid version of Funimation has a lot of glitches. Users face issues on a daily basis while using the free version of Funimation. Users have reported problems like black screen and Funimation sound out of sync. Free usage limits the user options. 

If you come across the sound out of sync issue, an unpaid version would not allow you to do anything to fix the problem. If you plan on using the Funimation app regularly, just buy the subscription. It costs $6. This will not only fix glitches but also give you plenty of streaming options. 


Funimation has given users a new area to explore. With a massive range of anime content, the popularity of this platform has skyrocketed. With worldwide recognition, this platform has also received plenty of criticism. That is mainly because of the glitches the users face on a daily basis while using this app. If the Funimation sound out of sync issue occurs often, it can be enough to deter viewers from using the dubbing platform as it can be frustrating and distracting. 

Some of the solutions listed above can help you avoid these problems and watch your anime content on this app without any hindrance. If nothing else works, you can also seek help by reporting your issue to the service provider and get it resolved.