Are you in the middle of watching a piece of content from your Apple TV Plus library, and it keeps buffering before it can carry on streaming?

This issue on your streaming app could be one of the most frustrating experiences when you are engrossed in a show and it continuously pauses because it is needing to buffer.

Buffering occurs when data needs to be downloaded to be able to carry on playing a piece of content.

This should happen when you launch the video, however, if the internet connection is not good enough, the full video will not be downloaded successfully.

In this guide, we will delve further into why your Apple TV Plus keeps buffering, and what steps can be taken to help fix this issue from occurring.

Why does Apple TV Plus keep buffering

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Why does Apple TV Plus buffer

You are experiencing buffering issues because the internet connection that you are using your Apple TV Plus app on is too slow.

When you come to stream video content, whether it’s through Apple TV Plus or Netflix, the service you are using to watch, downloads the video’s data when you launch the content.

A strong internet connection that is fast and stable, allows the item to be downloaded completely so it can play without any interferences.

When your internet is not fast enough, Apple TV Plus will download the shows data in little bits, which is why buffering starts to take place, as the app is unable to download all the data fast enough.

Your Apple TV Plus may also be buffering because there is not enough memory space on your device. 

A faulty Wifi router can interfere with your streaming service from connecting properly, as well as outdated software.

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How do I stop my Apple TV from buffering

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How to stop Apple TV Plus from buffering

If you are currently dealing with your Apple TV Plus buffering when you are trying to watch an item, you can complete the following fixes to improve your streaming quality on your Apple Plus.

Fix 1. Power reset your internet connection

Your internet connection may be needing a quick reset to improve its performance.

Apple TV Plus needs at least 2.5Mbps of bandwidth to be able to stream efficiently. If your network connection is not providing this, buffering will occur.

You can check the speed of your internet by using this link. If your speed is good enough, you can proceed with resetting your router.

Step 1. Switch your router off and remove it from the plug

Step 2. After waiting a couple of minutes, plug it back in and turn your router back on

This will refresh the internet connection between your router and your device.

Fix 2. Disconnect other devices

You may have too many devices connected to your network connection that is using up all the bandwidth that you need to be able to stream without any buffering taking place.

Removing a few unnecessary devices that do not need to be connected while you are launching Apple TV Plus will aid in the internet speed being enough for streaming to take place.

Fix 3. Check for updates

If your app’s software or your device’s operating system is out of date, this will interfere with Apple TV Plus from working properly.

Apps and systems are continuously being updated to override current issues that transpires in the most recent versions.

If there are updates available and you are still stuck on the older versions, there will be conflicting software, and bugs can start to interfere with the processing of the data.

Check to see if there are updates available on your device, and for Apple TV Plus.

Complete these updates, and restart your device.

Fix 4. Decrease image quality

With streaming requiring data needing to be downloaded via a good internet connection, if you are trying to download a high-resolution image, more data will be required to process the content.

Decreasing the resolution of your video will decrease the data that is required to be able to play the content which will aid in eradicating the buffering issue.

Change your image quality on your device to a lower resolution, (Eg; HD to standard) and retry loading your media content.

Fix 5. Turn device on and off

As a quick fix, switching your device off and on again can sometimes fix Apple TV Plus from constantly buffering.

Step 1. Switch your device off and if it is plugged in, unplug it.

Step 2. Wait a couple of moments before switching it back on (plugging it back in if necessary)

You can now relaunch your Apple Plus TV.

How many devices can you use Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus allows you to stream on 6 different devices at one go.

Are you wondering to yourself; ‘How do I use Apple TV Plus on multiple devices?’ You can click here for the steps required to set all your devices up, which is done via the ‘Home app’.

If you have not done so already, you may need to enable ‘Family Sharing’ from the home app before you begin to add different devices.

Note, You may be able to use Apple TV Plus on many different devices, but keep in mind, if all devices are active in one household this may interfere with the buffering issue you experience on your Apple TV Plus.

Too many devices streaming at the same time will decrease the internet strength and have less available bandwidth between all devices.


Apple TV Plus is becoming quite popular with all its original content available for users to watch.

In this day and age, it’s important to have a good internet connection for all our devices to be connected, and for us to be able to surf the web, and stream content without any interruptions.

We hope this guide has assisted you in helping you understand why your Apple TV Plus kept buffering, and that you were able to fix this issue with our 5 easy fixes.