Are you trying to watch a show on your screen and Amazon Prime won’t just play on HDMI? Is your HDMI cable not working on Amazon Prime Video? Don’t worry, we bring you the quickest fixes so you can watch your favorite shows again.

Amazon is the world’s leading market for online dealings. Over its successful years, it has put its hand into other successful projects in the technological market. This has prompted Amazon to become one of the top five tech companies in the world.

One such product on the digital market is Amazon Prime Video. A terrific product through which you can watch any show or movie you desire. Almost everyone now has an Amazon Prime Video subscription, but it was amazing when it went online for the first time. Therefore, people don’t need to rent expensive physical copies or go to cinemas to watch their favorite films. Instead, they can just get any movie they want with a click of a button.

Can you watch Prime Video with HDMI?

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Wondering why you need an HDMI cable for Amazon Prime Video? An HDMI cable is used to transfer audio and play video data at a fast speed from the sender to the receiver. HDMI cables are typically used to transfer multimedia files from a data-compatible device to a larger output device like a big monitor or speaker. All data has strict encryption during transmission. HDMI is the abbreviation for the High-Definition Multimedia Interface.

If you have an Amazon Prime Video subscription and use the mobile app, you can connect it with your TV if you are in the mood for a more cinematic experience. This is especially helpful for consumers with non-smart traditional TVs. 

Why is my Amazon Prime Video HDMI not playing on TV?

Prime Won't Play On HDMI

An HDMI cable is a physical component. Damages, breakage, and burns occur occasionally. Such damage could render the HDMI cable useless or unresponsive. Physical damage is not the only reason your Amazon Prime Videos HDMI cable might not work.

Some settings in your device or Amazon Prime Video can also cause the HDMI cable not to work. Maybe it is a faulty update you forgot to overwrite. Alternatively, there could be some damage to your device’s HDMI port. Therefore, even if the cable is in perfect working order, there will be an issue.

We will go through the most solutions as to why Amazon Prime Video shows that HDMI won’t play.

How to make HDMI work with Amazon Prime Video

1. Update your Amazon Prime Video subscription

Make sure you have an active subscription on your Amazon Prime Video account. In cases where subscription is overdue, some functionalities on the Amazon Prime Video application like HDMI connectivity get disabled by Amazon to encourage its customer to renew the subscription. 

You can check your active subscriptions in the “My Accounts” section of the Amazon Prime Video app.

Change HDMI port for playing Amazon Prime

The HDMI port where you plug in your HDMI cable could malfunction or break, leaving you with the downhill battle of trying to connect your Amazon Prime Video app with your monitor. Try to switch to a different HDMI port on your monitor to see if it works. Dust can build up in your monitor’s external ports that can cause connection problems. Therefore, consider cleaning your HDMI and USB ports, then re-plug your HDMI cable.

If you use an HDMI hub or splitter for your HDMI cable, then you should try connecting to your monitor HDMI port directly, as some HDMI hubs can cause power issues.

If your TV has multiple HDMI devices connections, some disruptions and errors can occur on the screen. Also, try unplugging all devices except your HDMI for Amazon Prime Video.

Clean or use a different HDMI cable

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If your HDMI cable is damaged, you can use a different HDMI cable in its place. If you don’t have a spare, then you can follow these steps to revive your HDMI cable temporarily.

Sometimes, a broken or malfunctioning HDMI cable is not the issue. Instead, some debris sometimes sticks in its head, causing its connection to sever. You can try taking out the dust from the head yourself. To do this:

  1. Firstly, unplug your HDMI from both the monitor and the device you have the Amazon Prime Video app on.
  2. Secondly, put some rubbing alcohol on a small bristle brush.
  3. Carefully rub it inside the HDMI head of the cable as to not damage any metal components.
  4. Clean the HDMI port with this technique as well.
  5. Lastly, plug the HDMI cable back in.

Final thoughts

It is annoying being stuck on a blank screen and if you’re still here, consider contacting Amazon customer support. We hope our guide was able to fix your Amazon Prime Video won’t play on the HDMI issue.

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