Are you experiencing problems with your Amazon Prime account?

Is your Fire Stick giving you grief? Well, not to worry.

We have five quick and easy steps to get you back to watching your favourite programmes.

Amazon Prime Video is a popular online streaming service available on many devices and consoles.

The Amazon Fire Stick is a nifty little device that can plug into any HDMI port of a tv, for your easy viewing pleasure.

There are currently four Amazon Fire products on the market: Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Stick 4K and the Fire TV Stick.

The newest addition to the family is the Fire TV Stick Lite which comes fitted with Alexa Voice Control and retails at a reasonable £29.99.

What is Amazon Prime Video Error 1061?

Amazon Prime Video Error 1061 is an error that appears to be primarily affecting Amazon Fire Stick users. 

This error appears when attempting to access the Amazon Prime application. 

If you are experiencing error 1061, you may see a black screen and this wording:

“Home is currently unavailable”

OR this error message:

“Could not connect to Home”

What Causes Amazon Prime Video Error 1061?

The main culprit of Amazon Prime Error 1061 seems to be weak bandwidth strength.

In less technical terms, your WiFi signal being poor quality is stopping your Fire Stick from operating smoothly. 

Alas, this does not mean you have to change your WiFi provider just yet, but you may want to check on your providers’ website for reported issues in your area.

You can follow the five below steps for any generation Amazon Fire Stick and model TV.

Watching tv

How To Fix Amazon Prime Video Error 1061 In 5 Steps

  1. Remove the Amazon Fire Stick from your device. (Television) 
  2. Disconnect your Amazon Fire Stick from your WiFi.
  3. Complete a manual reset on your internet modem/router by either removing all the wires or switching the electricity off at the power source.
  4. Allow at least 60 seconds before reconnecting all the Wires and then re-insert the Amazon Fire Stick. 
  5. Turn on the Amazon Fire Stick and Relaunch the Amazon Prime application.

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Since network connectivity issues cause Amazon Prime Video Error 1061, it is unlikely you will face this problem again and if you do. Please follow steps one to five again.

We hope this short help guide helps you in fixing your Amazon Prime issues and you can get back to watching your favourite TV shows.

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact the manufacturer Amazon.