Are you having an Amazon Prime Video subscription and want to enjoy entertaining videos but it won’t connect to the internet?  Is your Amazon Prime Video having difficulties connecting with the internet? Is there an error code that is acting as a hurdle between you and your entertainment? If so, don’t worry because we are here to help you. We can sort out any problem related to poor internet connectivity on your Amazon Prime Video.


Starting from being just a website for selling books, Amazon has spread throughout the world. Amazon now has the largest online market. Amazon has expanded its career from just an e-commerce website. Gradually entering almost every required field to get the most attention and benefit.


Entertainment is the new field that Amazon has focused on because it is what almost every human needs regardless of their age. Amazon Prime Video is the step of Amazon that is primarily based on providing entertainment to the world. Amazon Prime Video provides content purely produced by Amazon itself. Also, giving access to other content made by various other providers.


Why am I unable to connect Amazon Prime Video to the internet?

amazon video prime internet

We all know that every internet user goes through many connectivity issues because of technical or physical reasons like internet speed or a glitch in the internet using the device itself. Amazon Prime Video is an application like any other. It can sometimes have errors because

  • Poor internet
  • Internal or external  device issues
  • Living in an area where Amazon Prime Video does not provide its services. 


There are chances that your internet-providing device cannot correctly transfer the internet signals to your other device on which you are trying to use Amazon Prime Video. Another reason might be that your internet connection is not strong enough to provide the appropriate speed needed for the working of Amazon Prime Video.


So let’s look at some more issues and their solutions for the Amazon Prime Video internet connectivity problem.


What to do when Amazon Prime Video won’t connect to the internet?

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Restart your device to connect

One of the most straightforward solutions you can try when not connecting to the internet is

  1. Restart your device
  2. Refresh it
  3. Check if the problem is solved.

The problem is often just that your device is somehow getting overloaded. Either overuse,  or just any other unknown reason.  Therefore, simply restarting helps many times, but if it does not work, don’t worry, because we have other solutions.


Check Your internet speed

A low internet speed can be another reason why your Amazon Prime Video is not connecting to the internet. Video streaming apps usually need a high bandwidth net because video streaming needs a lot of good quality internet. So you can check out that whether your internet is good enough or not to run Amazon Prime Video by running a speed test.


The best-recommended speed is 25 Mbps for video streaming apps. If your internet speed is not good enough, you should think about a better internet to enjoy Amazon Prime Videos.


Do not use a VPN for Amazon Video Prime

We understand that sometimes you might require using a VPN with Amazon Prime Video. Many movies might not play without a VPN. You might be thinking about getting a better connection with a VPN. Unfortunately, Amazon Prime Video does not support using VPNs. Therefore, you might not be able to even connect to the internet if you are using a VPN.


So the best thing is to turn off your VPN and then again try to reconnect. This might be helpful if the cause behind the problem was VPN.


Change your browser

Another cause behind your Amazon Prime Video not connecting to the internet might be that your browser is not compatible with it. Sometimes a browser might not be able to work with Amazon Prime Video. The version of the browser might be an older one as well.


So the best solution is to check if your browser needs an upgrade or try to shift to another browser.


Final words

When in the mood to watch your favorite show but some technical issues come in the way, it isn’t enjoyable. Therefore we have tried to provide the solutions that you can do at home. We hope that these solutions will help you to solve the problem. If somehow the issue of Amazon Prime Video not connecting with the internet persists, contact Amazon Customer Support directly. 

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