Are you using the All 4 app, and suddenly, an error code t002 pops up on the screen? Does the issue occur on all of your devices? Don’t worry; this guide will help you find out what is causing the error and how you can fix the problem with the help of easy-to-follow troubleshooting steps.

Channel 4 Television Corporation is headquartered in London, England and its services cover the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey, and Ireland. All 4 is Channel 4’s streaming app launched on 30 March 2015 and supports several platforms and devices.

Most of the All 4 programming is meant for the younger audience and features documentaries, movies, and TV shows. However, quite a few users report that whenever they try to access the All 4 app on their device or watch the content on the Channel 4 website, they see a t002 error.

Why do I see the error code t002?

Why do I see the error code t002?

If you see an error code t002 while using the All 4 app, it could be due to any one of the following reasons.

  • The All 4 service is down for Maintainance or a technical glitch.
  • Your home network is experiencing internet speed or signal strength issues.
  • Your browser cache contains corrupt All 4 app data.
  • You are using an outdated browser to view All 4 programs.
  • All 4 app installation files are corrupt, and the app needs to be reinstalled.
  • The device running the All 4 app has outdated software.

How to fix the too2 error on the All 4 app?

How to fix the too2 error on the All 4 app?

Try the following troubleshooting steps if you see the error code t002 while using the All 4 app or viewing its programs on a web browser.

Check All 4 service status

Almost all the streaming apps go down while performing a system upgrade and scheduled maintenance or dealing with a technical problem, and, All 4 is no exception. Therefore, if you get the t002 error, it can be because the All 4 server is down.

Therefore, the first thing to check is the service status of All 4 in your area. If you found it to be the cause of the error, wait for the Channel 4 technicians to fix the issue at their end. For updates regarding the restoration of the service, you can visit the All 4 official Twitter page.

Troubleshoot internet issues

If the All 4 service is up and running and you still see the t002 error code on your device, the next fix is to troubleshoot your home network. Slow internet speed can cause any app on your device to malfunction and throw an error code.

To troubleshoot the internet speed issue, do a quick speed test. If the results show slow network speed, start by power cycling your router and modem.

To do this, turn off your router or modem and unplug it from the main wall as well. Next, wait for a few minutes, plug the power cable back into the router, and turn it on. Now, wait for another few minutes until you see a connection established between the router and your device.

If the issues persist, contact your internet service provider and have them look for the issue at their end. Your broadband company can often guide you with necessary troubleshooting steps to fix internet-related problems.

Move the device closer to the router

Due to poor WiFi signals, you might see a t002 error while using the All 4 app on your device. To rule out the cause, connect your router to your PC with an ethernet cable. Next, go to the Channel 4 website and sign in to All 4. If you can watch the programs without getting the error, it means your WiFi is the culprit.

Furthermore, if you use the All 4 app on your mobile device or a smart TV, you might be experiencing poor WiFi signals. Therefore, try to move your device closer to your router and see if that fixes the error code.

Clear All 4 browsing and app cache

Channel 4 recommends Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox to watch the All 4 content on your PC. You can also stream the content through your smart TV built-in internet browser.

However, the t002 error code often pops up due to a corrupt cache. Fortunately, you can quickly fix the error by clearing the browser cache.

If you are using the All 4 app on your Android/iOS device or Samsung smart TV, you may need to clear the app cache to rectify the t002 error. To do this, navigate to the Apps section of your device and select the All 4 app. Under the Storage option (Mobile users) or the System apps (Samsung TV users), select the Clear Cache option.

Change your browser

If clearing the All 4 browsing cache failed to fix the error on your PC, try switching your browser. Many PC users in various video streaming forums report that they could stream All 4 programs on Microsoft Edge when it caused issues on Chrome or Firefox.

How do I reinstall the All 4 app?

How do I reinstall the All 4 app?

All 4 app installation files can corrupt due to a bug and throw the t002 code. Therefore, it’s good to reinstall the app and fix the error.

If you are using the All 4 app on a mobile device, go to the Apps section under Settings and uninstall it. Next, go to the Google Play Store or App Store and download a fresh copy of the All 4 app.

Samsung smart TV users can uninstall the All 4 app by pressing the Home button on the remote and navigating to Settings –> Apps. Next, select the All 4 app and choose to delete it. Now go back to the apps section and download the All 4 app again. Finally, launch the app and verify that the t002 error code is fixed.


We hope that the fixes mentioned in this guide helped you troubleshoot the All 4 t002 error code. However, if you are still facing the issue while watching All 4 programs through a web browser, update your browser to its latest version. Also, Samsung TV users can reset the All 4 app and update the TV software to get things rolling again.