Opening your Lenovo laptop to see a Black screen can be a frustrating experience with only a dim or blank picture on your display you may be worried that your laptop is broken.

The cause of the Lenovo laptop’s blank screen can be something as simple as outdated drivers, or because the actual graphic card inside the laptop is faulty.

To help solve this problem, we have created this simple guide to locating the source of what is causing your Lenovo black screen, and how to fix it in 4 easy steps.

Why has my Lenovo laptop screen gone dark

Laptop with black screen

Why is my laptop not turning on Lenovo

You may be experiencing a Black screen on your Lenovo laptop due to the following reasons:

Reason 1. The graphics driver is faulty

The graphics driver in your laptop may be out of date, or it is not currently the correct version that can support your Lenovo.

Your graphics driver can become corrupted, which would cause your Lenovo screen to appear as a blank screen.

Reason 2. Corrupted system file

If your Lenovo’s operating system has become corrupted from contaminated files, this will interfere with your laptop being able to load up.

Note, if the operating system loses the connection to the screen display, it will cause a glitch resulting in a blank screen,

Reason 3. Hardware issues

Your Lenovo laptop may be experiencing hardware issues, causing the screen display to fail.

An example of a hardware issue would be the backlight of your laptop not working, or the actual screen has been damaged.

 Reason 4. Faulty battery

The battery of your laptop may be completely drained, or it may have become faulty due to continuously having the battery plugged in.

Another cause for a battery to become damaged is if you do not allow it to charge to 100% because you are continuously unplugging it before it can recharge completely.

How do you fix a Black screen on a Lenovo laptop?

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How to fix a black screen on Lenovo laptop

Fix 1. Update the graphics driver

An outdated or faulty graphics driver is one of the main causes for a Lenovo laptop to experience a black screen,

Ensuring this driver is updated to the latest version will get rid of any faulty software that may have corrupted the graphics in your laptop.

You can manually update your graphics driver, or you can install DRIVER EASY onto your laptop. This application will automatically complete the update for you.

To complete a manual update:

Step 1. Click on the ‘Windows’ button and the letter ‘R’ at the same time

Step 2. In the box that pops up, type in ‘DEVMGMT’

Step 3. You should now be able to ‘right click’ the graphics card shown under ‘Display adapters’

Step 4. Choose ‘Properties’ and go into the ‘Driver’ option

Step 5. Select ‘Update Driver’

Step 6. You can press on ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’

Your laptop will now find the latest graphics driver software that can be downloaded.

Tip, once the graphics driver has been updated, restart your Lenovo.

Fix 2. Reconnect Display

If the operating system of your Lenovo laptop has lost connection to the screen, it will come to display the black image.

Reconnecting the two can be completed with a simple click of a few buttons simultaneously;

Click on: Windows button + CTRL + SHIFT + B letter

This will reconnect the display screen to the operating system.

Fix 3. Remove and reinsert battery

If you think the cause for your Lenovo black screen is due to your battery malfunctioning, removing it from your laptop and reinserting it may help fix this issue.

Step 1. If your laptop is currently plugged in, unplug it

Step 2. Take the battery out

Step 3. Click down on your ‘Power’ button for at least 10 seconds (this will remove any leftover power)

Step 4. Put your battery back in

Step 5. Switch your laptop on again

Your battery should now be free of any malfunctions.

Fix 4. Unplug external items

If you have a mouse (wired or wireless), USB’s, or any other devices that are inserted into your laptop, these may be causing your laptop to experience a blank screen if they are faulty, or malfunctioning.

Remove these devices as they may not be compatible with your laptop.

What to do if the laptop is on but my screen is Black

Working on laptop

What to do if laptop is on but screen is black

Your Lenovo laptop may be powering on as normal, but your screen is presenting itself as a black image.

  1. You will need to check that your laptop is not overheating. Laptops will generally shut off when their system gets too hot, however, they also turn only the ‘Graphic Processing Unit’ (GPU) off, which will be your display.
  2. A further check you can do is test your brightness setting on your laptop. You may have accidentally changed your brightness to be on the lowest setting.
  3. If you have access to an external monitor, connect this additional screen to your laptop, and see if the image will appear on the secondary display unit.

How do I force restart my Lenovo laptop

If your laptop is on, but you are currently only able to see a Black screen, you won’t be able to restart your computer as normal.

Restarting your laptop is handy to do when you are experiencing the blank screen, so there is a way to complete a ‘Force Restart’

Step 1. Press down on the ‘Power’ button for at least 30 seconds

Step 2. Your laptop should now automatically reboot itself up.

Tip, if this step did not work, it may be because you completed it without your Lenovo being plugged in. Plug your laptop charger in, and redo the force restart.


Ranking as one of the best on the market, Lenovo laptop problems normally have something to do with the software itself and not because the device is broken.

A Black screen can usually be fixed using one of the easy steps that we have listed in our guide.

If you are still experiencing a blank or Black screen on your Lenovo laptop you can make use of their online support guide, or you can contact them on 03337 7739 91.

Lenovo’s operating hours for their support line is Monday – Friday, 09:00am right through to 18:00pm.