Xbox Series X is the next-gen console, so why is it having an issue like not being able to read a disc with this new Xbox edition.

If you already checked that the disc you are attempting to use in your Xbox is clean, you may be asking yourself, is it my Xbox Series X itself that is broken?

With this issue potentially being a hardware problem, you want to be confident that you have gone through everything you could to get your Xbox Series X back to identifying and running discs when inserted into the console, so you can get back to enjoying the games you want to play

Fix the issue you’re having with your Xbox Series X disc with this easy-to-follow guide we have created for you, in 6 simple steps.

Can I play Xbox one discs on Xbox Series X

Multiple discs

Xbox Series X won’t read disc

The Xbox Series X console can definitely read Xbox one discs.

This next-gen console supports discs from Xbox One and Xbox 360, so you won’t have to get rid of the games you purchased when using the first editions of Xbox.

Along with the X Series being able to support gaming discs across the board, it is also compatible with DVDs that are standard and Blu-Ray.

Once you have inserted the disc into your console, it will read it automatically for you.

If you are wanting to play Blu-Ray discs, you may need to download the Blu-Ray player app.

The Xbox Series X media function supports Netflix, Youtube, and almost every other downloadable app so you are able to change between discs and streaming.

Why won’t my Xbox Series X read any discs

Xbox console

Image by Quentin Le Gohic from Pixabay

The reasons why your Xbox Series X is not reading any discs could be because;

  • The disc itself is dirty or damaged
  • There is an issue with the firmware
  • Your console needs to be rebooted
  • The systems software is not up to date

How do I fix my Xbox X Series disc problem


How do I fix Xbox my Xbox X Series

Just as if you were to experience a black screen on your console, if you find your Xbox Series X won’t read a disc this can be fixed in 6 easy fixes;

Fix 1. Check and clean your disc

First and foremost, you need to check that the disc you are attempting to insert into your console is not damaged. If it is, your disc will not be able to get read properly. You can confirm this by trying the disc in a different device

Step 1. Eject the disc out of your console if it is still inserted

Step 2. Check for any damages, eg. scratches

Step 3. Use a clean microfibre cloth to wipe the disc

You can now reinsert the disc into your Xbox and see if it reads the disc.

Fix 2. Complete a hard reset

Step 1. Turn your Xbox console off

Step 2. Unplug it from its power supply

Step 3. Wait a few minutes, and reconnect your Xbox

Step 4. Once your console is back on, reinsert the disc

The disc should get read by your Xbox.

Fix 3. Update Power Mode

You can change your Xbox from being set to instant-on mode, to energy-saving mode;

Step 1. Click on the power button

Step 2. Choose ‘Profile and System’ from the guide

Step 3. Select ‘Settings’

Step 4. In settings, choose ‘General’ and then ‘Power Mode and Startup’

Step 5. Click on ‘Power Mode’

Step 6. Change this to ‘Energy Saving’

You have successfully updated the power mode of your Xbox and can reinsert the disc.

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Fix 4. Reinsert your disc

If you have turned your Xbox off with a disc kept inside it, it may not be reading the disc after you have switched it on again. It’s always best to remove your disc from your console before turning it off.

Fix 5. Change the placement of your Xbox

There have been confirmed cases online stating that Xbox Series X users have gotten their disc drives to read after they have changed the placement of their consoles.

If your console is currently positioned vertically, change it to horizontal and vice versa.

Fix 6. Reset operating system

If there is a glitch with your Series X operating system, it may interfere with the reading of gaming discs as well as media discs if there are corrupted files on your console.

Resetting the OS will get rid of any tainted files.

Step 1. Go into ‘Settings’

Step 2. Now select ‘All Settings’ and then ‘System’

Step 3. Click on ‘Console Info and Updates’

Step 4. Select ‘Reset Console’ and then ‘Reset and Keep my Games and Apps’

The operating system has now been reset.

Note, if you select ‘Reset and Remove Everything’ this will take your Xbox back to its factory settings, and get rid of everything that has been downloaded or saved.

How do I fix an unreadable Xbox series X disc

black question mark lying down

If you have come to find your disc is the problem because it has been damaged, you can attempt to fix it by making the scratches a little less prominent.

(Please note we first recommend you return your disc to its place of purchase and seek advice before any attempt is made to clean or fix the disc yourself, our steps on how to fix the disc yourself is at your own discretion and may cause further damage to the disc or games console itself) 

Step 1. Gently wash the disc with warm water and a little bit of soap

Step 2. Dry your disc with a fluff-free cloth

Step 3. Put a little bit of toothpaste onto the side of the damaged disc

Step 4. In a linear motion, rub the toothpaste on the scratches from the center to the edges

Step 5. Rinse the toothpaste off and make it dry

You can now attempt to put the disc back into the console to see if will now get read.


Although we are moving very quickly towards things being all-digital, there is still some need for acquiring those gaming discs, which brings in the possibility of discs not being read in their console.

We hope this guide has given you everything you needed to get your Xbox Series X to read your gaming or movie discs.