If Funimation won’t accept your email, you will be unable to access your account, and resume watching your favourite movies.

The app will refuse your email address if the Funimation server is down, or your internet connection has disconnected, which will prevent your device from connecting to the online streaming service.

With this guide we have created for you, we will expand on all the possible reasons why Funimation won’t accept your email, as well as supply you with five thorough solutions that will help you fix this problem, so you can get back to Funimation’s wide variety of anime movies.

Why is Funimation not accepting my email?

Funimation won't accept my email

Why can’t I access my Funimation account?

Funimation will not accept your email address if their system is down. This could be due to a system error, or their server has stopped functioning because of corrupted software. You may witness an error on your screen stating; ‘The email you provided is not linked with an active account’ after you try and attempt to reset your password from the apps initial email rejection. 

With this issue occurring, Funimation will be unable to find your details under an active subscription.

If you have not witnessed this error when trying to update your password on the app, Funimation may not be accepting your email address for a few other reasons;

Reason 1. Adblocker enabled

If you have adblockers, or any type of security settings enabled on the device you are trying to launch Funimation on, it may prevent the app from accepting your email and allowing you to access its content.

Some users have noted that after inputting their email address and clicking ‘Log In’ they get taken back to the home page, without their account being verified.

Reason 2. App needs updating

If you had issues with your subscription, and you have only recently resolved them, Funimation may not have updated the details from their side, and are delayed in retrieving an ‘active’ account for your profile.

your app could also need an upgrade to its latest version, as this will eradicate any contaminated software, and help with the performance of the video service.

Reason 3. Mistyped email

Funimation won’t pick up on your account if you are inputting your details incorrectly.

Your email not only needs to be spelt correctly, but the address linked to your account needs to match when you are trying to gain access to your profile.

Reason 4. Disconnected internet connection

Your Wifi router may have disconnected from its network service provider, or the connection is intermittent due to outside interferences.

If Funimation cannot connect to stable internet that supplies the right amount of bandwidth, the app will not be able to function properly and will occur not only login issues but also problems when streaming content.

Reason 5. Browser cookies

The ‘cache and cookies’ files from your web browser could be too full.

Cookies are stored on your device every time you use your web browser. These files can end up becoming corrupted, or start interfering with how well apps and programs operate on your system.

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How to fix Funimation won’t take email

Funimation won't accept my email

How do I fix my Funimation account?’

If Funimation will not accept your registered login credentials, and you have tried to change your password as a workaround, but are now faced with the error; ‘The email you provided is not linked with an active account’, you will need to contact Funimation directly to get them to reverify your account details, and confirm that they can see your active subscription.

The Funimation customer support team can take around 30+ hours to respond to your query.

If the Funimation service is down, this error will occur, and prevent the app from processing requests, and having access to the server. If this is the case, you will need to wait for Funimation to fix the problem on their side.

You can keep up to date with this process by checking ‘DownDetector’.

Besides experiencing an error when you try and change your password, you can fix Funimation not accepting your email by following through with one of these easy solutions;

Fix 1. Disable ad blocker and/or extensions

If you currently have adblockers or extensions enabled, these could be stopping your browser from gaining access to Funimation’s server.

Disable these programs and try restarting Funimation.

Tip, reboot your device after switching these off to ensure your device has refreshed its connection.

Fix 2. Update Funimation app

If you update your Funimation app, it will get rid of any corrupt software that may currently be on your device from the current application, as well as improve the service’s performance.

If you have only recently amended your Funimation subscription and the app still won’t accept your email, updating your app can help refresh the connection, and reinitialise your details.

You can update Funimation from your app store. If there is an option to select ‘Update’ this will confirm an upgrade is available for download.

Fix 3. Confirm your details

Make sure you are inputting your login credentials correctly.

This includes your email address and your password. Funimation will not recognise your details and be unable to match your information to an active subscription if there are spelling errors.

Passwords are case sensitive, which is why you need to ensure you do not have CAPS lock on when entering it in.

Fix 4. Power reset Wifi router

Resetting your Wifi router will refresh your internet connection and improve the connectivity for the Funimation app to process your login request successfully.

You can complete a power reset by;

Turn router off > Unplug it from its mains > Wait for around two minutes > Plug it back in > Switch on

Relaunch Funimation after your internet has reconnected.

Fix 5. Clear cookies

Using Funimation through your browser will overtime accumulate an excessive amount of cookies and cache files on your device.

Clearing these apps will help Funimation run better, and be able to log you into your account without any interferences.

If you are on Windows, you can easily clear these files by;

Opening your browser > three dots in the right-hand corner > More Tools > Clear Browsing Data

Funimation won't accept my email

Here, you will be able to click on ‘Clear Browsing Data’ and confirm.

Funimation won't accept my email

How do I contact Funimation?

You should know how to contact Funimation for when you experience errors with your account.For example, Funimation not accepting your login details even though your credentials are correct.

If you are unable to update your password because the app is not recognizing your email address, you can contact Funimation on;

  • help@funimation.com
  • https://help.funimation.com
  • Leave a message on 855-268-9672


We hope this directory has provided you with enough information for you to now understand why Funimation was rejecting your email.

Along with supplying you with the reasons behind this issue, we hope the solutions provided have assisted you in fixing the issue with your account, so you can get back to watching Attack on Titan.

If you need to get in touch with Funimation, you can make use of the contact details we have included in this guide.