Is your Upwork not loading messages? Are you unable to contact your clients on Upwork? Sharing your samples and discussing projects is no longer possible as the messages page is taking forever to load?

Upwork is one of the most popular platforms used by freelancers has a lot of traffic. Whether freelancers selling their skills or clients looking to hire skilled freelancers, there is always a flow going around. This is what makes Upwork one of the most popular freelancing platforms out there. 

Although this platform is revered by many freelancers across the globe, it comes with its fair share of bugs and issues. If your Upwork is not loading messages, don’t worry! Keep reading to find out how to resolve this issue. But, before we get started, let’s find out why this is happening.

Why is Upwork Messages Not Working?

Why is Upwork Messages Not Working?

Although sometimes, due to various reasons, users complain about being unable to view their messages, this might be chaotic when there is a deadline that needs to be met or an important thing that needs to be discussed with the client.

Here are some quick fixes that could help:

Clearing Cache

When we use any browser, some of the information about the website is stored by the website. This is known as a cache. The more the information is saved by a browser, the more it slows down. One of the troubleshooting options in Upwork is to declutter this cache and then try reloading the messages. This often solves the loading issue.

Do the following if you’re using Chrome:

  •  On the top right corner of the window, click on ‘More Tools’
  •  Click on the option “Clear Browsing Data”
  •  A window will open there, where you can select a time range. By clicking on ‘Clear All Time’, all data and the stored cache will be cleared.

Try a Different Browser

Web browsers play a vital role in delivering the quality of web pages and user experience. Sometimes a site that is taking too long to load on a browser because of too much data stored works better when a different browser is used. You can try incognito mode, Firefox, or Internet Explorer to view your Upwork messages. If the issue persists, then it might be more than just an issue of browser or cache.

Network Issue

Maybe the problem is the network. If your internet connection is slow or shared by a lot of people, then this might be what causes a delay in loading your Upwork messages.

For this simply, try rebooting the internet, or in case of a shared network with multiple users, try putting off the load. This will decrease the loading time. Alternatively, upgrading your internet connection can also be a solution to your various loading issues.

Disabling Antivirus

Like popup blockers antivirus block cookies as well, Upwork’s cookies are being blocked this might be the reason why your Upwork not loading messages.

  • Open your antivirus panel
  •  Go to the configuration tab
  • Select the programs list
  • Check whether cookies from Upwork are enabled or not.

If your Upwork messages are still not working, then it might be more than just a small issue.

Messages on Upwork required a WebSocket technology. When trying to view messages, a loading sign is shown that even after hours are still there, then the issue might be related to the WebSocket. There is a chance that the connection between your system and Upwork’s WebSocket server may be disturbed. 

Checking WebSocket Connectivity

Use the same browser you have been using to view messages on Upwork. You have to ensure that your browser’s WebSocket connectivity is up to the mark to view messages. 

If, even after testing connectivity, the issue persists, then check whether your WebSocket is blocked. In such a case, follow the following steps.

  • Visit the messages page on the browser
  • For PC: Press Ctrl+Shift+I
  • For Mac: Press CMD+Option+I
  • Or click View > Developer Tools > JavaScript Console and choose the Console tab.
  • Click Ctrl-Alt-D and wait for the tests to complete

This will test your system’s WebSocket connectivity with Upwork’s system.

How do I Fix This Upwork Messages Error?

How do I Fix This Upwork Messages Error?

If, after clearing cache testing WebSocket, the issue persists, then the authentication issue might be the reason why Upwork not loading messages.

Upwork messages require browser cookies to be able to form a connection with your account. Whether your browser has blocked cookies or you did not allow cookies, then either you need to add Upwork to your trusted sites or can enable cookies you accidentally disabled to view your messages. You need to follow certain steps to enable cookies depending on the browser you use. 

Why Can’t I Message Freelancers on Upwork?

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On Upwork, you can not directly message a freelancer. If you want to interact with a freelancer, then you need to either post a job or invite a freelancer to a job. Only when they respond, then can you begin interacting.

For the direct messaging option, you need to upgrade your account to Upwork Plus clients or Upwork Enterprise clients.


Hopefully, this guide proved to be helpful, and you were able to determine the reason for your “Upwork not loading messages” query. Usually, it’s either the internet connection, cache stored, or disabled cookies that lead to delay. In case you experience such viewing issues on any other platform like Telegram, then you can find a fix for that too on this platform.

However, even after trying all the steps above yet you are still unable to access your Upwork messages. It is suggested that you should try contacting the Upwork support team directly.