Does your PS4 have a blinking Blue light as soon as you’ve started the console up? Is there no audio or visuals displayed on your TV screen?

If you’ve answered yes, you are experiencing a signal issue between your 4th generation console and TV.

The PS4 Blue light of death will occur if your connected TV is incompatible with your gaming console, or your PlayStation has incurred corrupted software.

A quick reboot, and a change of the HDMI cable can help stop the PS4 flashing Blue light from occurring.

With this directory, we will expand on why your PS4 has a blinking Blue light, as well as guide you through six simple fixes that you will be able to use to fix this error, so you can get back to playing your action-packed games.

Why is PS4 blinking Blue?

PS4 blinking blue light

Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash

Your PS4 is showing you a blinking Blue light because the gaming console was unable to execute a signal to the TV it is connected to. If your television cannot receive a signal from the PS4, there will be no audio, and visuals displayed on the screen. Instead of your console displaying a white light when it has connected successfully, the PS4 pulsing Blue light will indicate there was an interference. 

There are a few reasons why your PS4 is displaying the Blue light of death when you initially turn the console on;

Reason 1. PS4 network connection

Your PS4 will not be able to send a signal through to your TV if it is not connected to an internet connection that is not stable enough for your console to use bandwidth.

If your internet connection is on, but the connection is intermittent or too weak, this may be the reason why your PS4 is encountering the pulsing Blue light instead of the connected White light.

Reason 2. PS4 power supply

The power supply unit your PlayStation 4 is connected to could be interfering with the console receiving enough power to start up and connect to your TV.

This PS4 error is caused by a power surge, or if your console is connected to a faulty or damaged power unit.

Reason 3. Incompatible TV

Are you sure your TV is compatible with your PS4 console?

An incompatible TV will not display any images or audio’s from the connected PS4. The TV model could be compatible, however, if the device is experiencing an issue with its operating system, this can cause conflict with it receiving a signal from your PS4.

Reason 4. PS4 firmware

The PS4 blinking Blue light can occur if your console’s firmware is outdated, or contains corrupted software that is instigating this issue when you come to connect your gaming device.

Reason 5. PS4 HDMI cable

If the HDMI cable that is connected to your PS4 and TV is not connected properly or damaged, this will prevent your PlayStation from establishing a signal with your display unit. You will only be able to see the PS4 blinking Blue light with no picture on your TV.

Once the PS4 flashing Blue light occurs, you won’t be able to access the functions on your console nor be able to utilise safe mode.

(Did you know; There was a signed agreement between Sony and Nintendo. This was to manufacture an ‘add on device’ that would be able to play CDs for the Nintendo console. However, the agreement fell through because of complications between the two companies regarding software licensing. It was after this that Sony released the first PlayStation in December 1994).

Reason 6. PS4 internal hard drive issue

The BLOD (Blue light of death) will occur on your PS4 if there is a problem with its internal hard drive.

Issues with the console’s hard drive transpire if there are faulty files downloaded on the device, or from human error over time.

If your PS4 is continuously showing you a blinking Blue light, the console has frozen during the start-up process. Steps will need to be taken to fix this problem on your console.

How to fix PS4 Blue light of death

PS4 blinking Blue light

How to fix the Blue light of death

You can fix the PS4 Blue light of death by rebooting your console and starting it up again. This will refresh your console and the signal between your PS4 and TV so the visuals and audio will be displayed. Complete this restart by unplugging your console for around sixty seconds before plugging it back in.

Although the blinking Blue light can be a cause for concern, the PS4 Blue light of death can be fixed. We have outlined all the possible solutions that will help you get rid of the BLOD and bring back the console white light;

Fix 1. Reset network connection

Your PS4 should be connected to a stable network connection. You can check the quality of your internet by confirming the speeds you are receiving.

If you know you should be receiving a better connection, or your internet is being intermittent, you can refresh your connection by restarting your Wifi router.

Fix 2. Check power supply

Make sure your 4th generation console is connected to a power supply that is not faulty.

Interference in the amount of power your console receives could be the reason why the PS4 blinking Blue light is occurring when you try and start it up.

Change to a different plug point, or connect a different device to test if the one you are currently using is working properly.

Fix 3. Check TV compatibility

The PS4 Blue light of death could be occurring because your TV’s software cannot accept the signal your PlayStation is trying to transfer.

Check that your TV is compatible with your gaming console, and update its operating system.

Fix 4. Update PS4 software

If your PS4 contain corrupted software in its firmware, this can be a catalyst for the PS4 flashing blue light error to occur.

You can manually update your PS4 software, or completely reinstall the firmware, however, that will erase all of the data currently stored on your console, and should not be actioned unless there is no other option.

For an in-depth guide on updating your PS4 software, you can follow PlayStation’s support guide on the matter.

Fix 5. Check HDMI cable

A damaged HDMI cable will interfere with the performance of your console and can result in the PS4 pulsing Blue line.

Check your HDMI cable is not faulty by changing it to a different port or swapping your cable for a different one.

Fix 6. Start PS4 in safe mode

Starting your PS4 up in safe mode can help if your console is experiencing hard drive issues.

How to start PS4 in safe mode:

Step 1. First, switch your console off

Step 2. Hold down on the power button until you hear two beeps

Step 3. Release the button

Your PlayStation 4 will now be in safe mode.

Why is my PS4 controller blinking Blue?

PS4 blinking Blue light

What do I do when my PS4 controller is blinking blue?

Your PS4 controller is blinking Blue because it is completing the pairing process with your console. The pulsing Blue light should only last a few seconds, however, if it is continuous without successfully syncing to your PlayStation 4, there could be a connecting issue.

So, what does it mean when your PS4 controller keeps blinking Blue?

If your PS4 controller does not pair with your controller, and it is continuously flashing Blue, this will mean two things;

  1. There is a syncing issue between your PS4 console and controller
  2. Your controller’s battery is depleted

How do I fix the flashing Blue light on my PS4 controller?

Because the constant blinking Blue light on your PS4 controller is mainly due to a syncing issue with the console, you can fix the pulsing Blue glow by following these simple troubleshooting tips;

  • Change the battery
  • Reset your controller
  • Check PS4 console is on the latest software update
  • Pair via Bluetooth

If this issue persists with your controller, there may be a hardware issue.

What do the PS4 lights mean?

PS4 Blinking Blue Light

Photo by Fabian Albert on Unsplash

With the PS4 blinking Blue light being a warning for a signal issue between your console and TV, being aware of what all the different lights mean on your console is beneficial to help you understand what errors may be arising on your PlayStation when the device is active.

Colour PS4 Meaning
Blue and then White Starting up mode
Solid White On and active
Blinking Orange Processing into rest mode
Solid Orange In rest mode
Blinking White and turns off Currently switching off
Pulsing White or Blue/Solid Blue Connecting/Signal issues
Blinking Red Overheating

Understanding what these colours mean on our PlayStation console will help you look after your console.


With this extensive guide on the PS4 blinking Blue light, we hope you now understand why this issue was occurring on your console, and that you were able to get your PlayStation 4 connected to your TV.

If you are still experiencing a signal error with your console, the Blue light of death may not be the only issue your PS4 is having. We suggest you make use of Sony’s online troubleshooting support page.

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