Are you watching a gaming stream on Twitch and all of sudden get an error 2000? Does the error prevent you from accessing the website to watch any other streams as well? Let us show you how you can fix this error by doing easy troubleshooting steps.

In 2014, Twitch was acquired by Amazon. It is a video game broadcasting platform for game players with an audio commentary feature. Usually, a chat box helps the gamers to connect with their audience.

The Twitch error 2000 usually happens when Twitch servers can’t securely make a connection, preventing you from watching a live video stream. The error mostly appears in the chat section and it has annoyed a lot of people around the world.

Why does Twitch have network error?

Why does Twitch have network error?

If you are seeing an error 2000 on Twitch, it can due to one of the following reasons.

  • Twitch servers are down
  • You are using an Adblocking service that is interfering with the Twitch Services
  • Antivirus or system firewall is blocking Twitch from loading
  • Twitch backend changes are making your browser cache out of date, resulting in the network error

How do I fix error 2000 on Twitch?

How do I fix error 2000 on Twitch?

You can try the following troubleshooting steps to fix the Twitch error 2000 on your browser.

Refresh Twitch page

The first simple fix for the error code 2000 is to refresh the Twitch webpage which forces a new connection between the Twitch servers and your browser by reloading the gaming stream. To do this, press CTRL+SHIFT+R on your browser to refresh the Twitch page.

Make an exception for Twitch in firewall and antivirus

If your firewall or antivirus is blocking the Twitch outgoing web traffic manually, the error 2000 can pop up on your screen. Especially when you use a corporate firewall, its content blocking feature can stop your access to the Twitch website. Therefore, you need to make sure that your firewall settings are configured correctly.

Secondly, your antivirus tool can block the Twitch content and you need to make an exception for that in your antivirus settings. To do this, double-click the antivirus icon at the system tray and open your antivirus interface.

For Avast antivirus, Go to Home and navigate to Settings. Choose the General option and select Exclusions. Next, enter the Twitch webpage URL in the exclusion list.

To do this in AVG, launch the antivirus tool and go to the Home option. Next, navigate to Settings and select Components. Go to the Web shield and click on Exceptions to enter the Twitch URL in the exceptions list.

If you can’t find a way to manually add an exception in your antivirus tool, try disabling the antivirus and see if the error persists.

Disable VPN in your browser

A Virtual private network (VPN) is used by quite a few people to unblock streaming content. However, Twitch is not geo-blocked anywhere in the world. Therefore, you don’t need a VPN to access it. So, if you can’t get rid of the error, try disabling your VPN and then refresh the Twitch page to fix the error.

Switch to Twitch app

A web browser isn’t the only option to watch Twitch streams. If you can’t fix the Twitch error 2000 on your browser, you can install the Twitch desktop app on your Windows and Mac computer. You can also download the Twitch app for Android and iOS devices as well to watch the Twitch video streams.

How do I fix Twitch on Chrome?

How do I fix Twitch on Chrome?

If you are watching Twitch content on a web browser, you would probably be using a Chrome browser. Quite a few users were able to fix the Twitch 2000 error on Chrome by clearing out their browser cookies. You can do this by going to the “More tools” under the Chrome menu and then by selecting the “Clear browsing data” option.

However, if the error persists, try the following troubleshooting steps.

Disable Adblocking software to fix Twitch 2000 error

A  lot of Chrome users use adblocking extensions to get rid of annoying online ads. However, Twitch protects the video ads. In some cases, your adblocker can block the Twitch ads thus resulting in stopping the Twitch stream from loading. Therefore, try loading the Twitch page after disabling the adblocker extension to fix the 2000 error.

Install an old version of Chrome

Chrome regularly applies updates automatically at the back end. Sometimes, these updates can restrict your access to a particular website that you were able to access before. To fix this, uninstall Chrome, download an older version, and go to the Twitch website to check if you can visit it this time.


Hopefully, this guide helped you fix the Twitch 2000 error on your web browser. We recommend that you check the status of the Twitch servers before applying any fix in this guide. If the Twitch servers are down, wait for some time unit the problem is fixed at their end.