Are you getting Discovery Plus error 400 on your streaming device? Do you see a no internet connection error? In this guide, we’ll discuss why you are seeing the error code and what can you do to eradicate the issue.

Discovery Plus is an amazing video streaming service to watch your favorite TV shows and movies. You can stream the content on any streaming device. However, with over 18 million paid subscribers, you may sometimes experience issues that can cause playback and internet connection errors on Discovery Plus.

Discovery offers a ton of content. However, the app with so many subscribers is prone to all sorts of problems. Fortunately, you can use various troubleshooting methods to fix the 400 error code regardless of the streaming device you use to access the Discovery Plus app.

What does error 400 mean on Discovery Plus?

What does error 400 mean on Discovery Plus?

A lot of users are reporting that while watching content on the Discovery Plus app, they experience internet connectivity and playback issues. A code 400 pops up along with an error message.

Afterwards, users can not playback any video or watch the Live events. The error mostly relates to internet connectivity problems, app glitches, and streaming device software issues.

Why is Discovery Plus not working?

Why is Discovery Plus not working?

If you seeing an error code 400 while watching a program on Discovery Plus, it can be due to the following reasons.

  • Discover plus servers are down due to a technical error or maintenance
  • Your home network is experiencing internet speed issues or poor signal strength
  • You are using an older version of the Discovery Plus app
  • Dinsey app cache has bulked up with junk data bugged cache
  • Your streaming device software is not up to date
  • Discovery Plus app is corrupted and needs to be reinstalled

How do I fix My Discovery Plus App?

How do I fix My Discovery Plus App?

To fix the Discovery Plus error 400, you can do the following troubleshooting steps.

Check Discovery Plus server status

The first fix is to check the status of Discovery Plus servers. If the service is down in your area, you have to be patient and wait for the Discovery service to get back up and running. However, if Discovery’s service is A-Okay, continue with the troubleshooting steps below.

Restart Discovery Plus app and streaming device

The next fix for the Discovery Plus error 400 is to restart the app. To do this on a mobile device, go to the app’s sections under settings, force close the app, and launch it again.

If you are using the Discovery Plus app on a streaming device that does not support force closing the app, power cycle your streaming device by unplugging it from the main outlet. Wait for 60 seconds and turn it back on.

Use a different device

Quite often, the Discovery Plus app malfunctions due to a problem with your streaming device. To troubleshoot this, if you are using the web player to stream Discovery content, try it on your mobile device. If you don’t see the error anymore, you’ll know that one of your streaming devices is malfunctioning.

If multiple streaming devices are causing the error, then there is an issue with your internet service or the app.

Check internet speed and connectivity issues

Poor internet speed is one of many causes for the 400 error to pop up on your streaming device. Therefore, do a quick internet speed test and check the WIFI reception around your home.

If the test results show slow internet speed, reboot your modem/router or contact your internet service provider to fix the bug in the network. Furthermore, you can switch to a wired network if you are having WIFI signal issues.

Update Discovery app or browser

A lot of users who are using an older Discovery Plus app version face numerous errors. To fix this, you need to check if an update is available for the Discovery app. You can easily do it by going into the apps manager of your streaming device and run an update from there.

Also, if you are using a browser to access Discovery Plus content, make sure you are using an updated version of the browser.

Clear Discovery app cache and browser cache

Sometimes, your Discovery Plus app can slow down due to junk files and cache buildup. As a result, you can experience performance issues and network connection errors as it can cause slow communication between the streaming device and the app server.

To clear the cache on a mobile device, access the Settings menu and go to your Apps list. Choose Discovery Plus app and then hit on the clear data button.

On Roku and Amazon streaming devices, navigate to “Manage Applications” Settings.  Next, choose the Discovery Plus app and clear its cache.

For any browser, instead of clearing the web player cookies on the Discovery Plus website, you need to clear your browser cookies.


Discovery Plus error 400 can pop up on your screen at any time. When that happens, it can be very convenient to know how to fix the error. Hopefully, one of the fixes in this article guided you in the right direction to resolve the issue. If all is working well on your side, contact Discovery Plus customer support and report the error as well.