Did you originally register yourself on TikTok with your mail address, and now the app won’t accept your email when you are trying to log back in?

You can create a TikTok account for yourself by linking it to your Facebook, Instagram, or Google account.

Using your mobile number and email address to register makes your TikTok account that much easier to recover, as you will be able to receive verification codes to your mobile if need be.

If you are currently struggling with TikTok not accepting your email, we have created this easy-to-follow guide for you to be able to get back into your TikTok account with your email address.

Why won’t TikTok accept my email

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Why can’t I use my email on TikTok

TikTok may not be accepting your email address because it has already been used for an account.

If there is already a TikTok account that has been created with your email, you are not able to have a second account.

You may have already registered with an email account, and now want to change it to a different address, this can be done if you do not want to register a completely new account;

Step 1. Go into your profile by clicking on the ‘Profile’ button

Step 2. Select the 3 horizontal lines at the top of the screen

Step 3. Click on ‘Manage Account’ and then ‘Email’

Step 4. You will now need to verify this new address to ensure it has been linked

Completing this step will allow you to link a new address without having to start from scratch on TikTok.

Are you unsure of what email you have already used? You can confirm this by logging out and logging back in. Once you have inputted the correct email address and you get into your TikTok account, you will know which email address has already been registered.

Are you wondering; ‘How do I register my TikTok email?’

You can register your email as a new account if need be;

Step 1. On the TikTok page, select the profile button

Step 2. Click on your username

Step 3. No press the ‘Add  Account’ option

You can now enter your email address.

How do I access my TikTok email

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If you are wondering how to find your TikTok email, if that is how you registered, you can find it in the privacy section.

Step 1. Go onto TikTok

Step 2. Click on the ‘Profile’ button at bottom end of the screen

Step 3. Select the 3 lines at the top right of the screen

Step 4. Under ‘Account’ press ‘Manage Account’

Step 5. You can now select ’email’

If you have not entered an email address, you can add on here for you to use if you need to recover your password via email at any point.

How do I get my TikTok account back without password or email or phone number?

You may have forgotten all your credentials used when you initially setup your TikTok account.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of creating a new account, and losing all your current drafts and content, you are able to recover your account by getting into contact with TikTok through their forms.

The form you would need to fill out can be found here.

On this form, you will need to input an email address. This address does not need to be related to your email that was once used to register on TikTok.

The ‘Username’ section of the form is optional, but should be filled in as it will be the username of the account you want to recover.

You will now need to explain your issue regarding forgetting your account details. Try be as thorough as possible when explaining as the more information TikTok can get, the better.

Can you email TikTok?

You can email TikTok directly by using their support email address;

  • servicesupport@tiktok.com

They also have two other email addresses that you could use;

  • info@tiktok.com
  • legal@tiktok.com

You can check if you can resolve your issue by using TikTok’s help center first.

How do I delete my TikTok account if I forgot my email

With TikTok big on implementing good security standards for all content creators accounts to avoid hacking and the loss of accounts, they have made it only possible to delete an account if you are logged in to the account in question.

If you created a TikTok account with just your email address, and you do not know it, you will not be able to delete the account.

You can try and recover your account on the login page, but if you do not know the correct password, and your Facebook or Instagram is not linked, you may not be able to complete a recovery on your TikTok account.

How long does it take to deactivate your account on TikTok

Once you have gone through the process of deleting your TikTok account, your profile will be ‘deactivated’ for no more than 30 days. 

The ‘deactivation‘ phase allows a user to recover their account during this time if they have changed their minds.

Once the 30 days have passed, a users TikTok account will be permanently deleted, and there will be no way to retrieve the account back.

Any details related to this deleted account will be removed, so you would not need to worry that your mobile number may still be accessible, or any other details if you had linked your Facebook or Instagram account.


TikTok has over 1 billion active users worldwide. This social media app not only provides entertainment for users to watch, but also a platform for content creators to make a living out of posting videos and doing live streams for their fan bases.

With videos being the main pieces of content on TikTok, they have had to ensure their community guidelines and rules are put properly in place, to keep all their users safe from online trolls and inappropriate content.

With that being said, not being able to get onto your TikTok account because of an email issue can be extremely detrimental, especially if you are a user that is making a professional living from posting on TikTok.

We hope this guide has helped you fix this error, and that your TikTok account is now accepting your email.