Have you been trying to log in to your TikTok account but it now states ‘Too many attempts, try again later’

TikTok gives you the freedom of being able to scroll through the pages of content creators’ videos without being logged in to your account, however, in order for you to be able to view your profile, post videos, and access your drafts, you need to be logged in.

So why is TikTok coming up with requesting you to log in later?

You may have inputted the incorrect credentials too many times and now you have been blocked.

We have conjured this guide for you, to assist you in understanding why TikTok is presenting you with this error, and what you can do to eliminate this problem so you can get logged in to your account.

Why is TikTok telling me too many attempts try again later

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What does Too Many attempts mean

Are you wondering; ‘Why is TikTok not letting me get in’ ?

TikTok is not allowing you to log in due to the app blocking your IP address for the time being.

This transpires if you have tried to log in too many times without inputting the correct login details.

As well the wrong credentials, you may have asked for an access code to be sent to your mobile numerous times consecutively.

When TikTok notices this action, you may come across as a robot to them, so they will block you from gaining access temporarily.

Suspending you from logging into your account will only refrain you for no more than an hour.

How do I fix too many attempts on TikTok

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What do you do if TikTok doesn’t let you login

So what do you do if TikTok doesn’t let you log in?

The first thing to check is if TikTok’s server is down.

Although this is not a direct reason that causes the ‘Too many attempts’ issue, it can affect the functioning of your Spotify app, resulting in your app glitching when you are trying to access it.

For peace of mind, you can check to see the status of the TikTok server here. 

TikTok’s ‘Too many attempts try again later’ error is one that you need to wait out until it allows you to log back in again, however, there are measures you can take that could help you log back in without waiting.

Fix 1. Use an alternative login method

If you normally log in with your email or with any other platform, you can attempt to try and access your account by using a different method.

You can try logging in with Facebook, or Instagram as an alternative method and vice versa.

It is handy if your TikTok is connected to one of your other social media platforms as this can help in recovering your account if there are any issues.

If you haven’t initially set this up, but you would like to, you can add this information to your account.

Step 1. Go into ‘Settings’

Step 2. Select ‘Manage Account’

Step 3. Now click on ‘Phone Number’ or ‘Link Account’ to add these details to your profile.

Note, it is not guaranteed that TikTok will allow you to log in using a different method to what you originally set up.

Fix 2. Check for an app update

Using an outdated version of the TikTok app can cause issues when you’re trying to access your account.

Your app is continuously being updated to get rid of corrupted software and bugs that have come about in the app’s data

You can check to see if the app is due an update by going into your app store and see if there is an option to click on ‘Update’.

Fix 3. Delete TikTok

Removing TikTok off of your device and reinstalling it will get rid of all its data on your phone, possibly eliminating the current status of your app that’s temporarily blocking you from logging in.

All you need to do is remove the app off of your phone, whether that’s ‘Uninstalling’ or ‘Removing’ the app, depending on if you are on iOS or Android.

Once you have deleted the app, go onto your app store and reinstall TikTok.

Completing this fix will refresh your TikTok app and provide a new connection.

Fix 4. Download a VPN

Using a VPN on your device allows you to go onto the web securely by not making your IP address visible.

Downloading a VPN may assist you in getting into your TikTok app.

You can download a VPN from your app store.

Once the app has been downloaded, go onto it so you can connect to an available VPN.

Once this has been set up, try and log into TikTok again.

Note, similar to this, you can try access your TikTok account via your web browser in ‘Incognito’ mode.

How do I change my VPN on TikTok

If you are making use of a VPN on your mobile, you are able to change the location of your VPN settings.

This also helps if you move to a country where TikTok has been banned, eg; Pakistan.

If you change your VPN’s location to a country that can access TikTok, you will be able to get onto the TikTok site as it makes your IP address look like you are in a country that has not been restricted,

Step 1. Have your desired VPN downloaded onto your mobile device

Step 2. Go onto the VPN app and change the location under the settings

Step 3. Ensure you now connect to the VPN

Step 4. Go back onto TikTok

Your TikTok should now work.


TikTok is one of the most sought-after social media apps worldwide.

It not only provides entertainment to viewers but also provides a platform that content creators can build a career from

With that being said, not being able to log into your account can cause quite a setback for someone that needs to post content

We hope this guide has assisted you in being able to understand why your TikTok account has temporarily locked you out