If you’ve opened Steam ready to download a game and it doesn’t load, it can be a concern. However, it is actually not as difficult as you may think to get your Steam store up and running again. So if you’ve got an issue with your Steam store not opening correctly (or at all), try these easy fixes to get it back up and running again.

Steam store not loading. Why is this?

Steam store not loading

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If the Steam store is not loading, this could be because you need to update Steam. If you’re unsure how to do this, follow the steps below to get the latest version of Steam. 

  1. First end Steam in Task Manager by holding ctrl+alt+esc.
  2. Click on the Windows icon and press Run.
  3. You’ll need to search for C:\Programe Files (x86)\Steam.
  4. In this folder, delete all files except for the following folders: skins folder, steamapps folder, userdata folder, Ssfn folder, and the steam.exe file.
  5. Next time you reload Steam, it will automatically update itself. This should resolve issues with the Steam store not loading.

Alternatively, try clearing the Steam cache. The cache can hold onto a lot of data, which can sometimes prevent programs from working properly.

To clear the cache, in the menu bar of Steam, click ‘Settings,’ and on the left hand bar, you will see an option for ‘Downloads.’ In the Downloads menu, there’s an option for clearing the download cache. This is a simple fix to many programs, and it will help your Steam run faster. 

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How to change the Steam store location 

Steam store not loading

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The method to change your Steam location is simple. However, it does have its complications.

If you want to do this, you’ll need a VPN program. In your account details, under your store & purchase history, you’ll need to click ‘Update Country’ and change to the country of your choice.

One of the issues with changing your location is that Steam will require a matching billing address to the region it’s set to. By changing your location, you can access geo-restricted content, and even game deals not available in your region. 

Where is my steam store purchase

It’s easy to find where your Steam store purchases are kept. In the top right hand corner of Steam, click on your profile. You will see an option called ‘Account Details’ that will show you further details about your Steam account.

In your account details, find the option for ‘Store and Purchase History’ here. You’ll see all your previous purchases from Steam. Purchases from Steam will not disappear from your account, as purchases are always linked to your account. If you ever need to go back and redownload something, you can find the purchases in your account. 

Steam store offline, why?

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If the Steam store is offline, there could be some reasons why. Always remember to double-check your internet connection if there’s a problem or if it isn’t connected. If you can’t connect to the Internet, try restarting your connection and then try to connect to Steam again. If Steam is still appearing offline, a program such as an anti-virus with a firewall setting may prevent Steam from accessing the Internet. 

Check Steam is not set to offline mode. Offline mode allows you to play games without needing an internet connection to play them. To do this you can toggle Steam online and offline modes in the main Steam menu, as the offline mode will not allow Steam to connect to the Internet. This also means that Steam will not update, and neither will any Steam games update in offline mode. 

Where does Steam store preloaded games

Preloaded games essentially mean that a game is downloaded to your computer before you can play it. Therefore files for the preloaded game become encrypted, so you can’t access them until the game is released.  The reason for doing this is to save time. Usually, games are released at midnight, so instead of waiting until midnight for the game to be released and then downloading it at midnight. The game will automatically become ready to play at midnight on your Steam account. It saves the player a lot of time.

Steam will store the preloaded game files into a folder called the ‘Depot Cache.’ This folder is located in C:\Programe Files (x86)\ Steam in the ‘steamapps’ folder. Once the preloaded game is released, the files become unencrypted. 

Is Steam store down right now? 

If the Steam store is down, this may be a problem for other users too. To check if it’s down, you can search on social media sites. By searching ‘Steam down’ on social media such as Twitter, you’ll be able to see if users are posting about the same thing, for instance.

However, if you are posting about Steam being down currently, then you’ll know if it’s actually down or not. A site such as Steam won’t be down for too long, and it will either be down to a system fault or server maintenance.

Furthermore, another way to check if a service such as Steam is down is to use The Down Detector. You can search web addresses and tell you if a particular site is down or not.