When Snapchat launched in 2012, it quickly became popular. The app was previously was known as Picaboo for iOS devices. Although the app has been popular since it launched, filters added a whole new level of creativity for users, with users of all ages downloading the app to send pictures with filters on. Back then, the dog and the rainbow filter were what Snapchat was all about.

Fast forward to 2021. Many users still enjoy the app for its filters, so when Snapchat filters are broken, users question how to fix the issue. If you’re struggling with the Snapchat filter issue, we have some quick fixes right here.

Snapchat filters broken

Snapchat Filters Broken

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If your Snapchat filters are broken, it may be an error you can fix. So here are some easy fixes to get your filters working again.

Update the app

If your app is not up to date, this can cause issues. Bugs in previous versions of the app could stop it from performing correctly. Therefore it’s always best to make sure that your app is the most recent version.

Make sure your device is up to date.

Similarly to updating your app, making sure your device is running the latest software is also essential. Check in your phone’s settings to ensure your phone is using the newest software.

Activating Snapchat filters on iOS

If you are using an iOS device, it is possible your filters aren’t activated. If you’re unsure whether your filters are activated or not, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Snapchat, tap on your profile in the upper left corner
  2. Choose settings, then access the settings menu by tapping in the upper right corner
  3. Next select additional services > manage > toggle filters on
  4. After you’ve done this, close down the app, reopen it, and you should enable filters.

Check your internet connection is working.

Although it may seem obvious, sometimes, if your internet connection is weak, this will stop the filters loading within the app in order to speed up your connection. If the apps aren’t working correctly or aren’t loading at all, this may be why.

Oops something went wrong, try again later

Snapchat Filters Broken

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This error could be a result of Snapchat being down. To find out if Snapchat is down when you receive this error, check out the down detector, which will confirm whether or not there is an outage. Using social media is also a great way to see if a particular app/website is down. Search the issue on a website such as Twitter. Then if there are a lot of reports, it is likely an issue on the apps side.

Do you find that your Snapchat score doesn’t update? Here’s how to fix the Snapchat score error.

Is my account hacked?

A reason you may get the ‘Oops, something went wrong, try again later’ error is due to your Snapchat account being locked due to suspicious activity. If you find this the case, contact Snapchat support for further information on your next steps.

Snapchat location filter not working

When attempting to use the Snapchat location, you may run into issues such as location not working. The location filter not working could be down to your internet connection not being strong enough to update. However, most commonly, it is done with your phone settings. Here are the steps to get your location filter back up and running again:

  • Close the Snapchat app and swipe away the tab
  • Next, click settings on your phone, then choose Snapchat
  • Following tap location, please change it to never, change it to while using, and your location should then work again.

If this doesn’t work, other easy fixes include rebooting your phone, turning your internet connection on and off, and finding out if anyone else is having issues. Sadly, if it is a known issue, it is likely only to be fixed by Snapchat.

Why will my Snapchat filters not load?

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This tends to occur when your device isn’t connected to the internet, as filters require the internet to work. Make sure your internet connection is strong to get the best experience with Snapchat filters.

Can I use Snapchat filters without Snapchat?

Snap Camera is a way to use Snapchat filters without having the app. Snap Camera is a free desktop application that brings lenses and filters to your PC. It is known to be used by streamers and during video calls. The Snap camera provides the same filters as Snapchat, just with more flexibility. Snapchat still owns the desktop application, so it is an official product of Snap Inc.

Snapchat filters that work on cats

Although not all filters are destined to work on animals as filters usually work on features. That’s not to say you can use some of the generic ones on your cat. However, Snapchat has made more tailored filters, which includes turning your pet into a cartoon.