Lately, we’ve seen people take a greater interest in looking into their listening habits. This could be to see which songs have been on repeat what fantastic new genres they’ve come across. It could also just be a fun little activity of sharing their tastes with others. We’ve seen numerous websites pop up that provide you with Spotify stats.

Spotify is the world’s leading audio streaming platform. It was founded in 2006 and has garnered more than 381 million active users, of which 172 million are premium (paying) users. Users can sift through music based on artists, albums, and genres. Alternatively, they can compile and share their own playlists.

The Spotify platform has created an internet tradition of releasing Wrapped at the end of each year. This list presents listeners with fun insights into their listening habits over the year. Keep reading to find out the ins and outs of Spotify wrapped. Dive into your listening habits, check out similar websites, check your top songs, and learn how to share playlists.

Does Spotify Show Listening Stats?

The platform presents its users with an array of personal listening stats collected over the past year. Think of Wrapped as a story of the songs and artists you’ve had on repeat over the last year, as well as all the new music you’ve discovered. Check out some of the standard Spotify stats provided to you:

  • Your Top Artists: This is one of the most popular parameters of Wrapped. As the name suggests, this lists your favourite artists (usually top 50) over the last year. These are the ones you’ve listened to the most.
  • Your Top Tracks: Similar to Top Artists, this category lists the 50 tracks you’ve listened to the most. Moreover, you can dive deeper into any of these songs you want to know more about. You can find out the track’s genre, album, popularity. You can also make your very own playlist from these Top Tracks.
  • Your Main Genres: This is a particularly helpful parameter for those who have trouble defining their music tastes. These stats help you identify the main genres that set you apart from the rest.
  • Your SubGenres: This lists the subgenres you’ve been listening to over the last year. It even further narrows down your music tastes and allows you to explore related songs and artists.
  • Your Overall Mood: This is another fascinating stat provided by Spotify. It allows users to look back on their year at a glance. Is your music getting more uplifting or gloomier? Maybe some songs from this category could help you relive memorable moments too. The Moods page hosts various playlists, from Positive Vibes to Chill Tracks and Sad Beats.
  • Your Top Decades: Yes, modern mainstream music is great, but everyone likes to take a trip down memory lane with the oldies. Find out which decades you keep revisiting.
  • Your Previous Spotify Stats: This is a breakdown of your entire listening history and extends beyond just the last year. It’ll show you which songs you’ve heard and their source— whether it is from an album, playlist, or podcast.

Where Can I Find My 2021 Wrapped Spotify?

Where Can I Find My 2021 Wrapped Spotify?

While users are usually notified of a new Wrapped update, worry not if you haven’t gotten your notification! All you need to do is follow these simple steps before you can share your Wrapped with the rest of your friends!

  • Start by opening your Spotify App and locate the Your Wrapped is here section
  • This will bring you to your Wrapped. In 2021, the Spotify Wrapped was 13 parts. It included the metrics we mentioned above in addition to your “Audio Aura”.
  • Your Spotify wrapped is be presented in a story/ slide format. You can tap the left and right sides of your screen to navigate back and forth. The app allows you to share slides and add Your Top Songs 2021 to your music library.
  • To interact with its users, Spotify designed a game of Two Truths and a lie that’s totally customized to your music tastes. Play this with your friends and see how well they know your tastes!
  • On the last slide of Wrapped, the app offers you a handy and concise flashcard with all your musical data. You can save this as a picture or share it directly on your social media.

Is There Something Like Spotify Wrapped?

Is There Something Like Spotify Wrapped?

The Swedish music streaming platform has devised a creative way to keep its audiences engaged and look forward to the annual Wrapped data. However, there are a number of different websites that provide users with Spotify stats. Together, we’ll explore fourth more websites you can use to analyze your listening habits.

We’ll look into Stats For Spotify— it tells you what your favourite tracks and artists have been over the year. We’ll also look into Zodiac Affinity, Receiptify, and Obscurify, which take on more of a light-hearted approach to the data.

Is StatsForSpotify com Safe?

In short, yes. Stats for Spotify is one of the more well-known sites out there. All you need to do is log into your Spotify account, and this platform will display your favourite songs, albums, artists, and genres. Moreover, the data is compiled from your activity within the last month, six months, or even all time. It’s quite impressive to have the complete playlist by pressing a few clicks.

Do you want all your top tracks in one place? You’ll be thrilled to know that Stats for Spotify lets users create playlists out of their Top Tracks. All you need to do is scroll to the bottom of the Top Tracks page and find the Create Playlist button, and you’re all set.

How do I get obscurity rating on Spotify?

Obscurify takes on a more whimsical approach to your Spotify data. Though it presents the same metrics as the platforms we’ve discussed, Obscurify takes things a step further. The platform rates how obscure your music tastes are compared to other listeners. It also lists the artists and songs you listen to that no one else in your cohort does.

Similar to the Your Overall Mood option in Spotify, Obscurify contains a section that measures the mood of your music— energetic, gloomy, acoustic, danceable, etc. You should also scroll to the bottom of the page to discover more music suggested by the algorithm.

How Do I Find My Spotify Zodiac?

Whether you believe in it or not, something about astrology intrigues many. Lately, it feels like there have been more and more trends involving zodiacs on social media. Jump on the bandwagon with Zodiac Affinity.

This tool created by Javier Blázquez, Lucas Aranda, and Maria Artalejo spices things up by linking your Spotify to astrology. All you need to do is connect your Spotify account and add your Zodiac sign. The site will produce a couple of your recent favourite songs that define your sign.

How Do I Find My Spotify Receiptify?

Receiptify has adopted another exciting take on Spotify stats. Developed by Michelle Liu in 2020, the program rose to popularity overnight. This website makes use of a plugin that converts a user’s Spotify data into a receipt. You can now share this on your socials.

Aside from its realistic design, the generator allows you to pick from 3 different time frames: favourites from the last month, the last six months, and then your all-time favourites. You can generate your own Spotify track receipt.

Are Spotify Stats Accurate?

Are Spotify Stats Accurate?

Although the concept of Spotify Wrapped is quite interesting and has grabbed the attention of millions across the globe, the question must be asked— how accurate is it really?

Before we get into this, it’s essential first to understand the methods employed by Spotify to collect its results. Typically, the platform begins tracking its users from January 1st to 31st Oct.

In some instances, it can also be extended by a few weeks. However, the last month to month and a half of the year isn’t recorded. This is kept aside for analysis and in preparation for the Wrapped campaign.

Though you may think this may compromise the accuracy of Spotify stats, reports say otherwise. Many netizens have expressed their shock over how accurately their interests and listening habits have been portrayed at the end of the year.

Can You Share a Spotify Playlist with One Person?

Can You Share a Spotify Playlist with One Person?

You must have figured that Spotify offers users a host of features by now. However, one feature flies under the radar of many users—sharing your playlist. That’s right. You can now share your saved playlists with your friends and family. Through this, not only can you share your music, but your loved ones can also manage the playlist with you.

Check out the steps highlighted below to create a collaborative playlist with one more person:

  • Open Spotify and find the “My Library” tab in the menu
  • Click the playlist you want to share
  • Navigate to and click on the “Add Person” icon
  • Select the person from your friend’s list.

It’s that easy! We would like to point out that you can do this on both the mobile and desktop versions. Check below for steps on how to share your playlists with others on either version.

Share your Spotify playlist on mobile devices:

  • Open the Spotify app on your mobile or tablet
  • Navigate to “My Library”. This will be located at the bottom of your screen.
  • Select the playlists you wish to share and click the three dots next to the playlist cover.
  • From the drop-down menu, select “Share.”
  • Select which app you’d like to share this playlist. The options typically include WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook. If the app of your choice isn’t available, you can also select “Copy Link” and manually copy/paste the link to share.

Share your Spotify playlist on the desktop apps:

  • Open the Spotify desktop app and click on the playlist you want to share
  • Right under the name of the playlist, you’ll see the “Play” button and three dots. Click on these three dots.
  • A drop-down menu will appear with several options, including “Share”.
  • Like in the mobile app, you’ll see a few apps you can share directly on. These should include Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. You can also select “Copy Link”.

See Playlists You’re Added To

Alternatively, you can also check which playlists you’re added to as an artist. All you need to do is go to “Music” and then “Playlists”. Spotify will show you the top 100 playlists arranged according to the number of your listeners. Keep in mind that this number could change depending on what device you’re using to access Spotify. Your music must have at least two listeners to show if you’re viewing from the web.

However, if you’re on from the mobile app, the number is 25. 2021 marked the 3rd year of Spotify Wrapped, and already we have seen numerous advancements over the three editions. We’re all already excited to see what Wrapped will look like in 2022. We come across some great music every year. Wrapped is a great way to look back at your year and get in touch with all the tracks and artists you’ve enjoyed so much.


Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps in the world, with a free version and the option to upgrade to premium to remove advertisements and improve your streaming experience. You can access your Spotify account from both a personal computer and mobile, allowing you to listen to your own playlists no matter where you are.

We hope you enjoyed our guide on Spotify stats, how to check out your top songs, artists, and other fun websites that offer insights into your listening habits. However, Spotify Wrapped makes it easier to access tracks and artists that you have been listening to over the year.