Oculus will have an error during installation if you have antivirus software or a firewall program enabled on your PC, as these systems will block Oculus from downloading its data.

If you are seeing ‘Can’t reach Oculus service’ on your screen, your internet connection could be down, or you do not have at least 9GB of disc space on your computer.

The Oculus error during installation can occur either during the initial software download to set up your headset, or when you are trying to install a new game or application.

We have generated this easy to read directory that will take you through a step by step guide of why you may be experiencing this issue, and what you can do to fix this problem so you can get your VR headset configured.

What is the installation error message for Oculus

Oculus error during installation

What are the Oculus installation error messages

You need to download the Oculus software onto your PC to be able to set your headset up. If the installation process is unsuccessful, you will experience one of these error messages;

Error message 1.

  • ‘Check Connection: Sorry, we encountered an error during installation. Please check your connection and try running Oculus Setup again.’

Error message 2.

  • ‘Can’t reach Oculus service’

Error message 3.

  • ‘Restart Computer: Sorry, we encountered an error during installation. Please check your connection and try running Oculus Setup again’

There are a few reasons why the Oculus software is not installing;

What causes Oculus installation error

Reason 1. Antivirus is blocking the download

If you have an antivirus enabled on your PC, like McAfee, this software can prevent you from downloading applications that may come across as ‘malicious’ or harmful to your computer.

Reason 2. Windows software issue

The Oculus software is currently working on Windows 10. Windows 11 is currently not supported.

Your Windows software on your PC should also be updated to the latest version to ensure compatibility within.

Reason 3. Firewall enabled

If you have a firewall enabled on your computer, this will block the Oculus software from being downloaded onto your PC if it comes up coming from an untrusted network or site.

Reason 4. A headset is plugged in

Oculus users have reported that trying to install the software onto their PC while the headset is plugged in has caused problems with the installation.

Reason 5. Leftover Oculus files on your PC

If you have tried to install the Oculus software before and it has failed, there will be ‘leftover’ files on your PC that will be faulty and potentially interfere with the new install of Oculus.

Reason 6. Connected USB’s

Sometimes, unnecessary USB devices that are connected to your computer can interfere with the install process of the Oculus software.

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Reason 7. Not enough disc space

If you keep having an Oculus error during the installation of the software, your PC may not have enough disc space to successfully load all the required data.

You need to have at least 9GB of free disc space for Oculus to install.

How do I fix Oculus not installing?

Oculus error during installation

How to fix Oculus not installing

You could be having trouble installing the Oculus software onto your PC, or, there may be a specific game or app that you are trying to download, but there is an error during the installation. We will look at the potential fixes for both scenarios;

Can’t install Oculus Software

Fix 1. Turn Antivirus and Firewall off

With both the antivirus program and firewall potentially blocking the installation of the Oculus software onto your PC, disabling the two can help get the installation completed.

How to disable firewall on PC:

Step 1. Click on the ‘Start’ menu

Step 2. Type in ‘Firewall’

Step 3. On the left-hand menu, select ‘Turn Windows Defender Firewall On or Off’

Step 4. You can now choose ‘Turn Off Windows Defender Firewall’

How to turn antivirus off:

(Note, this is based on a Windows PC)

Step 1. Access the ‘Settings’ menu

Step 2. On the left, choose ‘Privacy & Security’

Step 3. Click on ‘Windows Security’

Step 4. Press ‘Virus & Threat Protection’ followed by ‘Manage Settings’

Step 5. Switch ‘Real-Time Protection’ off

NB; your computer needs to be protected at all times. Enable these two functions after you have installed your Oculus software, or confirmed these were not the issue.

Fix 2. Remove any additional devices plugged in

If you have your Oculus headset plugged in, or any unnecessary USB devices, remove them from your PC during the installation.

Only attempt to install Oculus once all devices have been removed.

Fix 3. Update Windows

Your Windows could be due an update. Outdated Windows software can conflict with the Oculus data that is trying to be downloaded onto your computer.

Step 1. Open ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘System’

Step 3. Select ‘Windows Update’

Step 4. Now press ‘Check for Updates’

If an update is available, you will have the option to ‘Download & Install’.

This should update the drivers on your PC too, however, you can download DriverEasy which is a tool you can download onto your PC that will update them for you.

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Fix 4. Complete a clean uninstall and reinstall

Completing a clean uninstall will get rid of any ‘leftover’ files from an unsuccessful download of the Oculus software.

Step 1. Click on the ‘Windows’ and ‘R’ button at the same time

Step 2. In the box that appears, type in ‘appwiz. cpl’ and click ‘OK’

Step 3. Now find the Oculus app, right-click on it choose ‘Uninstall’ and confirm

Step 4. You may need to select ‘Uninstall’ again

Step 5. After Oculus has been uninstalled, go to ‘C:/ProgramFiles’

Step 6. Find the Oculus folder and delete it

You can now restart your PC, and download the Oculus software again.

Fix 5. Free up disc space

Your PC may be low on disc space for the Oculus software to install properly.

Try freeing up some space by removing larger sized (preferably around 10GB in total) content off of your computer.

Can’t install Oculus games:

Not only can you experience an Oculus error during its software installation, but there can also be issues when you are trying to download a game or app for Oculus.

Fix 1. Restart Oculus app

Simple yet effective, restarting the Oculus app on your PC can get rid of any system malfunction that may have caused an error during the install phase.

Fix 2. Check internet connection

Installing Oculus software, and applications require a stable internet connection so the download process does not get interrupted.

Check to see that your internet is proving a strong connection, and that your Oculus is connected to Wifi.

With Oculus being a VR digital gaming device, it needs a good network speed.

Fix 3. Restart computer

Restarting your PC before trying to install the game or app again can help get rid of the issue.

It will clear up any potential faults that may be sitting on your computer.


Experiencing the Oculus error during installation is not an issue we want to be dealing with when we’re trying to set our headset up, or download a new app.

We hope this guide has provided you with all the information you needed to help you understand what might be preventing your Oculus software from downloading onto your PC.

Our 5 easy fixes, along with the 3 additional should help fix your computer from not completing the installation, however, if you are still having trouble, we suggest you contact Oculus.

We do recommend that you first check the Oculus server status as users have reported they were unable to complete an installation when it was down.

You can submit a ticket, where one of the Oculus support members will get back to you within 1 – 2 days, or you can send them a Whatsapp.