Wondering why your Spotify keeps buffering? Spotify is the world’s foremost music and podcast streaming platform. Perhaps it’s so popular because of its impeccable attentiveness to what the consumer needs. Users can download the Spotify application on any smartphone or desktop. In addition to this, free music is available irrespective of whether you own a premium account or not. 

Although this app is changing the course of music listening, it is still prone to technical issues. One such problem users face is that Spotify keeps buffering. This can be pretty frustrating, especially when trying to have a good time with your friends and family. 

To help you resolve these problems as quickly as possible, our team has compiled a list of surefire solutions. However, before moving on to these, we find out exactly why Spotify keeps buffering. Later on, the article will discuss why the Spotify app may be buffering on downloaded songs.

Why Does Spotify Keep Buffering?

spotify keeps buffering

While it’s an incredible application, Spotify can run into some issues. If you find your account constantly buffering, know that this isn’t an issue on Spotify’s end. Your device is a likely culprit. Luckily, this also means that the solutions lie within it, too. Check out 3 of the most common reasons your Spotify keeps buffering

Using One Account for Multiple Devices

This is a prevalent reason why your Spotify keeps buffering. This could be especially likely if you’re a tech- enthusiast and own multiple devices. You may have signed in to your account on multiple devices. This could severely slow down your application. 

The reason is that while Spotify does allow you to log into multiple devices at a time, the app can stream/ store music from one device at a time. Thus, logging in to your account from multiple devices at a time could cause Spotify to buffer and stop immediately. This issue will persist until you log out of other devices. 

Unstable Network Connection 

Make sure you’re getting good signals and have stable internet. You may be running into these problems if you’re somewhere with a lot of people. When several routers transmit from a single channel, it can destabilize the network connection. 

Other problems include a slow internet speed and the type of USB cable or device you’re working with. Make sure that the USB cable fits in its jack perfectly. 

Free Up Space

Perhaps your Spotify keeps buffering because you don’t have any space left on your listening device. Nowadays, whether it’s a smartphone or a desktop, you can free up some extra space with only a couple of clicks. 

Junk files arent only a burden on the space. They also adversely affect your device’s memory, ultimately leading to lacking app performance. 

How Do You Stop Spotify From Buffering?

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Now that we’ve identified the three recurrent reasons your Spotify keeps buffering, experts at Easy Fix Pro put forth a few remedies to this issue. 

Solution #1: Turn Off Low Data Mode

Spotify allows its users to set their own data usage preferences. The app comes with an in-built Data Saver Mode, which reduces the amount of data it uses. One of the reasons why Spotify keeps buffering is an unstable network or internet connection. This could possibly hinder your listening experience. 

We recommend turning off this option. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open your Spotify App. 

Step 2: Navigate to the and click the Gear icon next to the What’s New and Recently Played icons. These will be situated on the top-right of your phone’s screen. 

Step 3: Tap Data Saver from the list. 

Step 4: Ensure the slider is set to Off

Solution #2: Sign Out of All Devices 

This mitigates another reason why your Spotify keeps buffering— being logged into too many devices. Log out of all your devices and before logging back into just one or two. Here’s how: 

Step 1: From your desktop, go to your Account Overview Page
Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Sign Out Everywhere. 

Step 3: Log back into your device. 

Solution #3: Restart Your Device

This is one of the easiest ways to resolve your issue. Perform a reset on your mobile or go to your laptop’s Sart Menu and hit the Restart button. What this does is clear any implicitly stored data from the temporary memory. Wait 10–15 seconds before turning your device back on and checking Spotify. 

Solution #4: Re-install Spotify

If you’ve tried the other methods and nothing seems to work, you may not have any choice left but to re-install the app on your phone or desktop. If you choose to do this on a computer, you’ll have to uninstall the program from the Control Panel (on Windows) or System Preferences (on Mac). On the phone, it means deleting the app. Remove all traces of Spotify and reinstall the app. 

Why is Spotify Keeps Buffering on Downloaded Songs?

spotify keeps buffering on dowloads

Though this is a rare issue, some users may find that Spotify keeps buffering on downloaded songs. Right off the bat, we can rule out any network connection problems. According to moderators at Spotify forums, this is a cache issue. They believe that your device’s cache may have somehow been duplicated, causing the app to buffer. 

To resolve this issue, they suggest removing your offline devices here. Once you’ve done so, go ahead and reinstall the app. Remember that you’ll have to re-sync all your offline music once again. 


Spotify is certainly an impressive app, able to stream hundreds of thousands of songs. However, you can run into buffering issues when the cache increases too much. As the article mentions, this can also be attributed to a poor network connection, low storage, and having too many devices on one account.  

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