Have you attempted to log in to Spotify and got an error code auth 2 on your screen? Do you know the reason why the error pops up on your device? In this article, we will list all possible causes and fixes to get you to log back into the Spotify application.

Spotify application is well-known for its amazing audio streaming services. Since the Spotify launch in 2006, the company has gained momentum and is now offering its services around the globe. Spotify not only has a desktop application but also an app version available for Android and iOS devices.

However, bugs in the Spotify application and the glitches in your device settings can often result in errors showing up that you might not understand. Let’s take a closer look at the error code auth 2 and try to fix it in quick and easy steps.

What Is Error Code Auth 2 On Spotify?

Quite a few users reported that when they try to log in to their Spotify account, they see an error code auth 2. The error comes pops up with a message “Service is temporarily available, please try again later”.

There can be a lot of reasons for the error code 2 which are as follows.

  • Something is wrong with your network connection
  • You are using a VPN/Proxy server or behind a firewall that restricts the operating system’s access to the Spotify server
  • Junk in the DNS cache can cause the Spotify application to show the error code auth 2
  • Somehow the Spotify nameservers are added to the blacklist entries of the Windows host file
  • The Spotify installation files are corrupted and not letting you Sign in

How Do I Fix My Spotify error?

You can do the following troubleshooting steps to get rid of the Spotify error code auth 2.

Do A Clean Reinstall

The first fix you can apply is to uninstall the Spotify program completely on your computer and do a fresh install. To do this:

  • Access your Computer’s Control Panel and remove the Spotify application
  • Next, delete the Spotify folder in the App data directory (Use interlink link of the Spotify error code 18 when published) to remove all traces of the Spotify app
  • Restart your computer and download the latest version of the Spotify application

Flush Your Computer’s DNS Cache

If the fresh Spotify reinstall does not fix the error, you may need to flush Windows DNS. Over time, the DNS cache collects and bulks up with junk files that can cause login errors for different programs installed on your computer. To flush the DNS cache:

  • Click on the Window icon on your desktop
  • Right-click on the command prompt and click on “Run as administrator”
  • A command prompt will open up
  • Type in ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter
  • Launch the Spotify application and see if that fixes the error

Remove Spotify Nameservers From The Blacklist File

If your Windows host file has the Spotify nameservers entry in its blacklist file, you can not use or connect to Spotify servers. Therefore, you need to check and remove the Spotify nameservers from the Windows host file blacklist. To do this:

  • Create a new Notepad file on your desktop
  • Right-click on the Notepad file and choose “Run as administrator”
  • Now open the Notepad file and click on the File Tab
  • Select Open and browse to the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc directory
  • Next, open the file names as Hosts
  • Check all the entries in the Notepad file and see if you one that contains the Spotify or fastly text
  • If you see an entry, remove that from the file and try to log in to the Spotify app

Turn Off Windows Firewall and Antivirus

Sometimes, an Antivirus like Windows Defender blocks the Spotify application from accessing its servers. The same thing can happen with your Windows Firewall settings. Therefore, to rule out this particular cause, turn off the Windows firewall and disable the Antivirus installed on your computer. Now open the Spotify application and see if you can log in this time.

Check Your Network Connection

Quite often, your WIFI is the main reason for the sign-in issues associated with the Spotify application. Maybe, your router is not able to resolve the domain nameservers to the IP addresses and requires a restart to fix application errors.

Therefore, reboot your router by turning it off and back on after a few minutes. Now launch the Spotify application and verify that your error code auth 2 is fixed.


It can be frustrating to find that you can’t log in to the Spotify app and enjoy your favourite music. We tried to explain the Spotify error code auth 2 in detail and provide you with easy fixes for each reason. However, we recommend that you should reset your Spotify password and restart your computer to solve the issue before trying out the fixes mentioned in this guide. Keep enjoying music!