If Skype won’t accept your email address during the sign-up process, you may already have a registered Microsoft account.

This includes a profile on Outlook, Xbox Live and OneDrive. You will not be able to unlink your Skype account from your other Microsoft profiles.

If you are struggling to sign in to your already registered profile on Skype, you could be inputting your credentials with spelling errors, or, your device is not meeting the minimum system requirements.

We have generated this easy to read guide to help you make sense of why Skype won’t accept your email and provide you with eight quick fixes to get you logged back into your online video service.

Why won’t Skype accept my email address?

Skype won't accept my email address

Why won’t Skype accept my email address?

If you are trying to register an account, and Skype won’t accept your email, this will be because your address has already been used for a Microsoft account. Skype does not allow you to register multiple different accounts under the same email address. This includes an account for Outlook, Hotmail, Live or MSN.

To expand on this, if you already have a registered account for a Microsoft account (email etc.), Skype will use the same login details, and you will be unable to register on Skype unless you create an account with a different email account.

If you are using the correct email address but the application will still not accept your email address, it could be due to;

Reason 1. Email spelling error

You need to ensure you are inputting your credentials correctly without any spelling mistakes. If you have the correct email address but you are unable to log in, it could be due to a typing error.

The login page is case sensitive. If Skype does not recognise your details because of a typo, you will not be able to access your account.

Reason 2. Skype version outdated

An outdated Skype application can sometimes prevent users from successfully signing in to their account if the version is unsupported.

Your Skype app needs to be updated to its latest version to get rid of any software issues and to improve the service’s performance. Not upgrading the application will cause problems when trying to gain access to your account.

Reason 3. Incompatible device

Is the device you are trying to log into Skype on compatible with the program?

Certain system requirements need to be met for Skype to work on your device, whether it’s a desktop or mobile.

This includes;

  • Operating System
  • RAM
  • Processor
  • Memory

(Did you know; Most people assume Skype is an American creation, however, in 2003, it was founded by two gentlemen from Denmark and Sweden.) 

Reason 4. Weak internet connection

Skype needs to be connected to a stable internet connection to be able to connect to the Skype server successfully.

If the network connection is unstable, or too weak, the information request to log you into your account will be rejected.

Reason 5. Security software

Skype may be blocked on your device if you have security software, or a firewall enabled that could be picking Skype up as a suspicious application.

Reason 6. Enabled proxy server

If you are using the internet through a proxy server, settings may need to be verified before Skype will grant you access to your account.

A proxy server can sometimes prohibit you from logging in.

Reason 7. Skype server status

The Skype server may be down which is what is causing the app to reject your email address during the sign-in process.

A down server will interfere with the normal functions of the application as data requests from your device will not make it to the server.

You can stay updated with the Skype Status page.

How to fix Skype won’t accept my email

Skype accept my email

How to fix Skype won’t accept an email address

The Skype error, unable to sign in, can be fixed by first making sure you are using the same email address as the one you have registered on a different Microsoft account with. If your email address is already associated with Skype, you will be unable to duplicate the details. 

If you have confirmed your email address has not already been registered on a Microsoft account, there are eight simple steps you can take to fix Skype rejecting your email address;

Fix 1. Check details are correct

Make sure you are inputting your email address correctly, without any spelling errors.

The login credentials are case sensitive, so ensure your password is not using upper case when it should be on lower.

Skype will not recognise your details if there are mistakes.

Fix 2. Update Skype app

Skype can disable the login functions for versions that are no longer supported.

Keeping your app up to date will keep the software compatible with your device and ensure continuously improved performance with the software.

Step 1. Launch Skype

Step 2. Select your ‘Profile Picture’

Step 3. Under ‘Manage’ click on ‘Settings’

Step 4. Press ‘Help & Feedback’

Step 5. Skype will automatically check for an available update

If an upgrade is available, confirm you want to install, and override your current version.

Skype won't accept my email

Skype won’t accept my email

Fix 3. Check compatibility

It’s important to make sure you are accessing Skype on a device that is compatible with the apps system requirements.

For an extensive guide on what the requirements are for Skype to work properly, you can click here.

You may need to;

  • Update your device’s operating system
  • Clear up storage space
  • Check your processor

Fix 4. Reboot internet connection

A strong internet connection is vital in the performance of Skype on your device. A poor internet connection will not only interfere with logging but also it’s audio and video quality.

If your network connection is disconnecting continuously, or unable to provide the necessary bandwidth to the app, Skype will have trouble accessing the server, and completing your request to login into your account.

Step 1. Unplug your router after turning it off

Step 2. Wait a couple of minutes

Step 3. Plug your router back in and turn it on

Log into Skype once your connection is active again.

Fix 5. Disable security settings

If you have any security settings and a firewall enabled, these programs can prohibit your device from accessing the Skype server.

Turning these applications off may give you access to log into your account.

If this does not fix Skype not accepting your email, we recommend you enable your security settings again as it is important to keep your computer secure from any potential threats.

Fix 6. Disable proxy server

If you are using a proxy server to access Skype, this may be the cause for the app rejecting your email address.

Disable the proxy server if you can operate without it, and see if you can log into your account.

Fix 7. Use a different device

Try logging into your account on an alternative device. If you have already been logged into Skype on an alternative device, this may help you gain access to your profile.

If you are using the Skype app, attempt to log in with your web browser and vice versa. There may just be a temporary issue with your desired login method.

Fix 8. Reset Skype password

Resetting your password will help refresh your credentials and help you confirm you are using the correct email account.

Step 1. On the login page, click on ‘Forgot Password’

Step 2. Enter your registered email address

Once you do this, Skype will either accept your email or be unable to find a registered account with it. This will confirm if you are using the correct details.

Why can’t I sign up for Skype with a work email?

Skype no longer allows users to create an account with a work email address. If you want to register a Skype account, you will need to do so with your details, and own email account. This is due to security reasons, as there is the possibility of users leaving their organization, and no longer having access to their Skype account.

If you do not want to use your email address, you can register yourself with your mobile number.


After following this easy to read directory, we hope you were able to pinpoint why Skype was not accepting your email, and that you were able to resolve this issue with one of our eight simple steps.

Hopefully, this problem will not reoccur in the future, however, we recommend you save this guide as a favourite for easy access if you come to experience a login issue again.

If you need to speak to Skype’s support team, you can contact them through their support page, or make use of their virtual chat for immediate answers.