If you are trying to conduct a virtual meeting or conference call, and your Skype audio is out of sync, the individuals joined in your video will have difficulty following what you are trying to say, and could interfere with the purpose of your online meetup.

You may be experiencing a lag in your audio if you have multiple programs running in the background of your device that require a large amount of bandwidth. These apps will slow Skype down, and cause a delay in the sound being transmitted through your speaker.

We have created this simple guide that will assist you in understanding why you are witnessing a latency problem on Skype, as well as provide you with five easy fixes that will help eradicate this error, so you can  back to using the video streaming service without any further disturbances.

Why is Skype audio out of sync?

Skype audio out of sync

Why is Skype out of sync

Your Skype audio will be out of sync if you have too many programs actively running on your device, while you are trying to use the online video app. If these processes require a network connection, they will prevent Skype from receiving the necessary amount of bandwidth required to process its video and audio simultaneously. 

Skype has minimum requirements that need to be adhered to when you use the service for a virtual meeting;

Video Call Quality Download Speed Upload Speed
Standard 128Kbps 128Kbps
High Quality 400Kbps 400Kbps
High Definition 1.2Mbps 1.2Mbps
Group Video (three people) 512Kbps 128Kbps
Group Video (five people) 2Mbps 128Kbps
Group Video (seven + people) 4Mbps 128Kbps

If these are not met, your Skype audio will start to lag. This is not only caused by too many apps running on your device all at the same time, but also by a poor internet connection;

Reason 1. Internet connection

A poor internet connection is one of the main culprits for your Skype sound to become out of sync with its display.

If the connection is intermittent or keeps lagging, the video app will be unable to stream effectively.

If your Wifi signal is poor, Skype will not be able to download the necessary bandwidth requirements.

Reason 2. External speakers

It has been noted that using external speakers connected to your device for the use of audio can interfere with the syncing of Skype’s video.

Connecting a third-party speaker can delay the processing time between your device as the ‘audio information’ will take longer to reach the external speaker than if you were using the internal speakers of your device.

Reason 3. Power saving mode enabled

If you are accessing Skype through ‘power-saving’ mode on your device, your app will be restricted to how much power it can use for its audio and video simultaneously.

This mode will decrease Skype’s performance, resulting in the audio being out of sync.

Reason 4. Device not compatible

Your device may not be meeting the standard requirements for Skype to perform optimally;

Device Operating System Processor RAM
Windows PC Windows 10 + 1GHZ + 512Mb
MAC Mac OS x 10.11 + 1GHZ + 1Gb +
Android Android OS 4.0.4 + 32Mb
iPhone iOS 11 +

Reason 5. Additional file download

Along with multiple other programs running in the background on your device when you are using Skype, if you are downloading any additional files onto your system while Skype is open, this will interfere with the app receiving the necessary bandwidth requirements.

Reason 6. Outdated app

Your Skype app may be due to an update, which could be the reason why your audio is delayed when it’s being transmitted.

Updates are continuously being made to improve the performance and get rid of any malfunctions within Skype’s software on your device.

(Fun Fact; have you wondered if Skype has always had its name? The online video service was originally called ‘Sky Peer to Peer’ to then be shortened to ‘Skyper’. Skyper was already taken, so they dropped the ‘R’ to make it ‘Skype’).

How to fix Skype audio out of sync

Skype audio out of sync

How to fix Skype audio out of sync

Before proceeding with our easy solutions to fix your Skype audio from being out of sync, make sure you do not have multiple programs running in the background of your device. Other apps that require your PC or mobile’s audio or video will interfere with Skype streaming effectively. Close down these processes, and make sure you are not downloading new software onto your device while accessing Skype. 

Once you have exited out of any additional programs, restart your device before your launch Skype again as this will refresh the connection.

If this does not sync your audio back to the video display on Skype, we have five additional fixes for you to try;

Fix 1. Reset internet connection

To reset your network will refresh your internet connection and improve your Wifi connectivity status.

If you are struggling with your internet speed, it is recommended to reset your router to establish a stronger internet connection with your network service provider.

Step 1. Disable your router and unplug it

Step 2. Refrain from plugging it back in for a few minutes

Step 3. Reconnect the device and turn it back on

Once your internet has started up again, relaunch Skype.

Tip, if you have an ethernet cable available, try connecting your router with one of these, as they will improve your signal strength.

Fix 2. Use internal speaker

Try using your device’s internal speakers instead of using an external source.

Keeping to the internal speaker and audio increases the probability of your sound syncing up with the video because there is less of a transmission that needs to take place compared to if you had an external device connected.

Once you have unplugged your external speaker from your device, make sure your Skype’s audio setting is set to your default speaker.

Skype audio out of sync

Skype audio default on PC

Fix 3. Disable power-saving mode

If your device is in power saving mode, it will restrict Skype from being able to maximise its performance.

Disable the power saving mode, otherwise, connect your device to its charging cable and run Skype while it’s on charge to allow the app to use the necessary amount of power required to play the sound and video concurrently.

Fix 4. Check device compatibility

Make sure the device you are launching Skype on meets the minimum requirements for the app to perform properly.

Check to see if your operating system is on its latest version and that you have enough storage space as a lack of RAM will also interfere with how well Skype will run on your device.

  • Update operating system
  • Clear up RAM

Fix 5. Update Skype app

Your Skype app may be due to be updated.

How do I know if I have the latest version of Skype?

You can confirm what version you are currently on by;

Step 1. Launch Skype

Step 2. Click on your ‘Profile picture’

Step 3. Scroll down and select ‘Settings’

Step 4. Press ‘Help & Feedback’ on the left-hand side tab

Skype will automatically check for you what version your app is, and prompt you to ‘update’ if an upgrade is available

Skype app version

Skype app version on PC

How do I update audio drivers for Skype?

Sound latency issues on your Skype app could also be due to your device’s ‘audio drivers’ being outdated. Faulty drivers can cause issues when your audio gets transmitted through your speakers. If you are  on a Windows desktop, you can update your drivers manually;

Step 1. Open ‘Device Manager’

Step 2. Find ‘Sound, Video and Game Controllers’

Step 3. Select your ‘Microphone’ option and right-click on it

Step 4. Choose ‘Update Driver’

Allow your PC to complete the update, followed by logging into Skype again.

Audio driver on PC

Audio Driver on PC


With this extensive guide, we hope you now understand what could be causing your Skype audio to be out of sync, and that you were able to eradicate the mismatch between your sound and video with one of our five easy fixes.

If your device meets the minimum system requirements and you have tried all five solutions with no improvement, the Skype server may be down which is causing interference with your audio. You can check Skype’s server status here.

Skype does have a support page where you can contact them for any queries or concerns you may be having. If you need immediate answers, you can make use of their virtual agent.