If Zoom won’t accept your email address, you will not be able to log into your profile to join a conference call or conduct a virtual meeting. This can be a detriment if your account is through your business, or if you are using Zoom to get in touch with someone long distance.

Is your Zoom profile registered under your organization’s details, but you are trying to log in with your own personal address?

It is possible that the Zoom files on your device are corrupted, which is preventing the video service from accessing your information, or you may have enabled a firewall that is blocking the communication request between the Zoom server and your app.

Uninstalling and reinstalling Zoom, and resetting your internet connection are only two simple solutions you can try to stop Zoom from rejecting your email address.

We have created this simple guide for you to follow so you can understand why Zoom won’t accept your email address, and provide 7 easy solutions to help you gain access to Zoom with your accepted credentials.

Why is Zoom not accepting my email address?

Zoom won't accept my email

Why is Zoom not accepting my email address?

Zoom will not accept your email address if you are inputting it in incorrectly when you try and sign in to your account. Your email account needs to be the same address you used when you created an account with Zoom. If you are attempting to use a different email, the app will not recognise your details and will come up as a non-existent account.

If you are inputting your email address correctly, and Zoom still won’t accept your details, this could be due to the following reasons;

Reason 1. An email account is outside your organization

If your Zoom account is through your organization, you will not be able to access your profile through your details or another email address.

Your profile name should also match the email account that your profile was registered with. If this is different, it will cause a mismatch of details and your account will not be verified.

Reason 2. Zoom servers down

If the Zoom server is down due to planned maintenance or an unexpected outage, your online video service will be unable to operate properly.

The login page may still launch, but successfully accessing your account will be interfered with because the login request from your device will not make it to the Zoom server.

You can check the Zoom service status to stay up to date with the functioning of the app.

Reason 3. Zoom file corrupted

The software on your device may be corrupted which is why Zoom won’t accept your email address.

The contamination can stem from the initial install phase of the application, or over time through everyday use.

Faulty files will interfere with Zoom reading your information correctly when you attempt to log in.

Reason 4. Zoom security settings

The security settings on your PC may be interfering with accessing your Zoom profile. If you have a firewall enabled, or an antivirus program activated, their settings could be blocking you from the Zoom service.

Certain apps or programs on your device could also be interfering with the Zoom app logging you in successfully.

How to get Zoom to accept email

Zoom won't accept my email address

How to get Zoom to accept email

Zoom will accept your email address as soon as you input the correct details into the login page. Make sure you are using your organization’s email address if that is where your account is registered, or, your email if you have your profile. Ensure there are no spelling errors, and that your password correlates with the email account you used to initially sign up.

If your details are correct, you can fix Zoom not accepting your email by completing the following solutions;

Fix 1. Try a different device

There may be an issue with a specific device you are using to access Zoom. This could be the device itself, or the Zoom software on the platform.

  1. If you are using the Zoom application, try logging in through your web browser and vice versa.
  2. Swap your mobile device to a PC (vice versa).

Fix 2. Check internet connection

If Zoom cannot connect to a stable network, you will encounter issues when trying to log in. This will be due to information requests not being able to be received by the Zoom server.

You can check your internet speed to make sure you are receiving the right amount of bandwidth.

If your network service provider has been down, or your internet has been intermittent, it is recommended to reconnect your Wifi router to re-establish a connection.

Switch Wifi router off > Unplug > Wait a few minutes > Plug back in > Turn modem on

Once your internet is back up and running, relaunch Zoom.

Fix 3. Sign in with SSO

Zoom won't accept my email address

Zoom SSO Sign In

‘SSO’ stands for ‘Single Sign On’ and can be used if you urgently need to access your Zoom account, either for conference calls or meeting within your organization (only).

To make use of this sign-in method, you will need to know your business’s credentials, however, if you do not, you can click on ‘I don’t know the company domain’. You will now be prompted to enter ‘your company email’.

Fix 4. Sign in with Google or Facebook

On the log in page of Zoom, you should have the option to select ‘Sign in with Google or Facebook‘.

Try using one of these options to get into your Zoom account. After you have selected Google or Facebook, the new window should include your email address for either profile.

If these are correct, you should be able to log in.

Fix 5. Check Task Manager

If you are on your PC, checking Task Manager will show you if any programs are running in the background of your device that could be interfering with your Zoom app from working.

Press; CTRL + ALT +DELETE at the same time and select ‘Task Manager.’

Here you will be able to highlight a program and click on ‘End Task’ to stop it from running altogether.

Once you have closed all other apps, you can relaunch Zoom and try logging in again.

Fix 6. Reinstall Zoom

If your Zoom software is corrupted, uninstalling the app off of your device and reinstalling it will eradicate any faulty software that may have transpired through the use of the online video service.

Tip, before you reinstall Zoom, restart your device to make sure all traces of the current Zoom software has been erased.

Fix 7. Check firewall and antivirus settings

An enabled firewall on your PC may be blocking Zoom from gaining access to your computer. Try turning your firewall off, and relaunching Zoom to see if the app will accept your email address.

Turn your antivirus off to see if this helps Zoom log you in.

Note, if completing these changes does not do rectify the issue you are having with Zoom, switch them back on to keep your PC protected.

Does Zoom work with any email?

Yes, Zoom will work with any email address you use to initially create an account.

If, however, the IT department in your company has already registered you with your work email address, you will need to use this moving forward, and not your own email.

You can, however, create a new Zoom profile with a personal email address.

(Did you know; Yuan, the founder of Zoom came up with the idea when he was  in college because he disliked having to travel 10 hours to see his girlfriend, and was thinking of ways of how to ‘visit; her without having to make the journey.)

How do I verify my email on Zoom?

If you have decided to create a new profile under a different email address, you will be sent a link to your chosen email that you will need to click to verify your registered details.

How long does it take to get a Zoom confirmation email?

You should get an email from ‘no-reply@zoom.us’ within minutes, however, if the Zoom server is congested, or delayed, it can take up to around half an hour to receive your email.

Why can’t I set up a Zoom account?

Zoom will not allow anyone under the age of sixteen to be able to create an account, and if you are trying to access the video service in a region that does not support the app, your request to create a profile will be declined.

There may be data saved in your web browser that Zoom does not agree with, which may be hindering the app from accepting your details.

Zoom restricted countries:

  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Syria
  • Ukraine

To try and get rid of the “You Are Not Eligible to Sign Up for Zoom at This Time”  error, you can attempt the following;

  • Check your location
  • Remove the cache files in your browser
  • Make sure you are entering your birth date correctly
  • Try registering in ‘incognito’ mode

If none of these tips helps you register an account, there may be an underlying issue with your device, or the Zoom software currently installed.


After following this guide, we hope your Zoom account has accepted your email address, and that you were able to access your account, whether it is for a business or personal profile.

If Zoom still won’t accept your email, we recommend you contact them directly as there may be an internal issue that they will need to sort out for you.

On the Zoom support page, you can make use of ‘Bolt’ their virtual assistant.