Are you having trouble joining a meeting on Skype? Are you frustrated with the error code 12175 popping up repeatedly on your Skype screen? Well, we have quick and easy solutions that you can use to get rid of this issue.

Skype offers a convenient way for you to stay connected with your contacts through video and voice calling features. Additionally, Skype for Business feature lets you choose multiple participants from your online Skype contact list for your meetings. Skype for Business automatically invites your contacts and adds them to your conference calls.

As with all voice over IP (VOIP) technologies, such as Skype and Zoom, you can experience communication issues. Skype for business error code 12175 is one of those issues. It can happen due to various technical reasons and has the potential to disrupt some very important meetings.

What is the Skype Error Code 12175?

skype error code 12175

Skype 12175 error can happen when you want to join in a meeting but are unable to do so. This error can also manifest when there is something wrong with your Skype’s security certificate.

Sometimes, Skype for Business reconnects your meeting after this error. However, once the error has shown up for the first time, it can reappear every now and then.

What are the Reasons behind the Skype Error Code 12175?

skype error code 12175 reasons

Following are a few of the reported reasons that can cause the error to show up on your Skype screen.

  • Your internet connection is unstable or you have poor WIFI signal strength
  • You have installed the wrong version of Skype for Business
  • Your computer does not support the minimum system requirements (as shown above) for Skype for Business
  • You have either disabled your Windows updates or not installed them
  • Your Audio and video drivers for Windows are out of date
  • You may have incorrect or corrupted security certificates for Windows

How To Fix Skype error code 12175?

skype error code 12175 solution

Troubleshooting and resolving the error depends on the reason that is preventing you from join the meeting in Skype for Business. Please see our list of fixes below for each reason.

Check Your System Configuration

You can make sure that your system configuration is up to date for Skype for Business.

  • Talk to your internet provider about the connectivity issues
  • Install the latest Windows updates
  • Install the latest audio, video, and network drivers for Windows
  • Update the Skype for Business software
  • Allocate the necessary disk space for the Skype app for Business

Clear Your Cached Certificates

You can perform the following steps to verify and remove any cached certificates from previous logins for a quick 12175 error fix.

  • Press the Windows key on the keyboard
  • Type in certmgr.msc on the Run command
  • Under “Certificates-Current user”, open the “Personal” folder
  • Open the “Certificates” folder under the “Personal” folder
  • Sort the entries in the “Certificates” folder by “Issue by”
  • Search for the certificate issued by the Communications Server
  • Verify that the certificate is valid, present, or not expired
  • Remove the certificate and login to the Skype for Business
  • Confirm the fix by joining a conference call session

Clear Your Cached Credentials

If clearing a cached certificate does not fix the error, you can clear your cached credentials by the following method.

  • Press the Window key and navigate to the Windows Control Panel
  • Click the “Credential Manager”
  • Under “Generic Credentials”, search for the set of credentials that you used to connect to Skype for Business
  • Click on the set of credentials and choose “Remove from vault”
  • Sign in to Skype for Business and enter your new set of credentials
  • Confirm the fix by opening meeting from Skype for business

IP Conflicts and Chain Certificates

You might have experienced the error code when a computer from another domain is connected to your domain with on-premises Skype for Business with multiple IPs.

Now, there are two security certificates on your communication server i.e one is an internal certificate and the other is a public certificate. You can install the cert.chain from another domain to quickly fix the error.

Do a Complete Reinstall

Error code 12175 is one of the issues you get if Skype for business is installed incorrectly on your computer. Your computer may have invalid entries that can cause the 12175 error.

Additionally, improper computer shutdowns due to power failure or any other reason can also corrupt the installation.

In this case, you can do a complete uninstall, followed by a clean Skype for Business install, and then try to join the meeting.


We hope that this guide helps you attend your online meeting on Skype for Business. However, if the above-mentioned fixes do not work for you, we recommend that you contact the Skype support staff for further guidance.