Does your Samsung S22 Ultra keep restarting, leaving you frustrated and anxious? Many Samsung users find this issue of restarting their phones randomly. So, if your Samsung S22 Ultra is also causing trouble, then there is nothing to worry about. It is an irritating yet common issue. Here is your guide to fixing the problem.

Samsung Electronics launched Samsung S22 Ultra on 9 Feb 2022. According to Fortune Global 500, Samsung Electronics was listed as the 2nd Larget Technological Company by revenue in 2021. Samsung’s Ultra series consists of some versatile features that attract many users and have dominated the android market for more than 2 years now. 

So, when your S22 Ultra keeps restarting randomly, you can become frustrated. Especially when you just bought the phone a month ago. Well, you do not have to be bothered anymore. Here is your guide to fixing this problem with a few simple steps mentioned ahead in this article.  

Why does my Samsung phone keep restarting?

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No matter how perfect your device is, it can sometimes cause problems. Your Samsung Phone can also be encountered multiple glitches like rebooting randomly, being unable to make a phone call, and the list goes on. It is quite impossible to stay out of touch with your phone in this digital world. There is nothing a phone can’t do. It can send and receive documents, e-mails, and pictures and access the internet. Multiple hardware and software issues can lead to random restarting of your Samsung phone. Here are some hardware and software issues that can occur even if you have the latest Samsung flagship device. 

Hardware related issues;

  • Poor Battery Health
  • Poor SIM Card Connection
  • Faulty Chips
  • Overheating of the Mainboard

Software related issues

  • Cracking the Operating System to install unapproved apps 
  • Installation of wrong third-party apps not compatible with your phone 
  • Disabling some system apps
  • Overheating your phone
  • Battery related Problems

Below are outlined some simple solutions to fix Samsung S22 Ultra keeps restarting.

Disable Auto Restart

Sometimes your S22 Ultra can randomly keep restarting because you might have enabled auto restart. Usually, it is necessary to keep your phone’s performance updated, but most probably, auto-restart might cause continuous restarting of your phone. So, it would be better if you disable auto restart. To disable auto restart, stick to the following steps;

  • Go to the settings app.
  • Then search for an auto-restart option that would be available in device care.
  • Then tap on the battery option.
  • Then tap three dots, select auto-restart, and make it disable.

Force Close Background Apps

Background Apps can also be the troublemakers, and your S22 Ultra keeps restarting. Due to multiple background apps, the system might cause problems because of overheating your phone or other reasons and support restarting. So, to avoid such issues, force close all the background apps. You can force stop background apps by;

  • Unlock your phone
  • Tap on three vertical lines on the navigation button to close background apps.
  • If you are using a navigation gesture, swipe up to the bottom and close all the background apps. 

Force Reboot

Force rebooting is an effective way to fix the issue of the S22 Ultra that keeps restarting and enhancing the performance of your phone. It will fix all the errors causing your phone’s operating system to crash. You can force reboot by pressing and holding the power and volume down buttons simultaneously until Samsung Logo appears. Then, let the device restart fully. 

Put your S22 Ultra in Safe Mode

Using your phone in safe mode allows you to disable all third-party applications that might cause trouble, crashing and restarting your phone. 

You can activate safe mode by pressing and holding the power button. Then, touch and hold the power logo to enter safe mode. When you allow safe mode and the phone starts operating normally, your S22 Ultra keeps restarting because of recently installed faulty apps. Try to uninstall all the apps that might be causing problems. Keep uninstalling apps until the phone normally works out of safe mode. You can disable safe mode by restarting your phone.

Reset All Settings

Occasionally you make changes to the default settings, and because of this system starts causing problems, and S22 Ultra keeps restarting. To avoid this, reset all settings to default. It will not alter your files and apps but tackle the mistakenly altered changes that might be causing problems on your phone. For resetting all settings, 

  • Go to general manager in the settings app. 
  • Then, select the reset option.
  • Then,  search for reset all settings and confirm reset.

Factory Reset

Mostly you can solve the problem by using the above hacks. Still, if your S22 Ultra keeps restarting, it is wise to perform a factory reset. Remember that it will wipe out the entire system, including your data and all installed applications. Do not neglect to perform a backup before Factory reset. For factory reset, 

  • Go to the general manager in the settings app
  • Select reset option
  • Then, tap Factory Data Reset and confirm reset.

How do I Get my Samsung Phone Out of the Reboot Loop?

S22 Ultra Keeps Restarting fix

Your Samsung phone can be stuck on the Samsung logo from time to time. It is a common issue many users face. There could be multiple reasons for the Samsung reboot loop. You can tackle this problem by;

  • Performing a Soft Reset
  • Removing the Battery and putting it back
  • Resetting your Samsung phone to default settings
  • Get both Download and Recovery Mode on your Samsung Phone

Wrapping it up

The above article discusses a few potential solutions if your S22 Ultra keeps restarting randomly. Most probably, phones keep restarting because of firmware or components problems. But if the phone is not much older like the S22 Ultra that keeps restarting, the issue might be in manufacturing. So, you can try the above-mentioned fundamental hacks to tackle the problem. If you still find the problem, you can contact Samsung Customer Service Agents to avoid further damage to your phone.