There is nothing more frustrating than an unexpected error code. Unexpectedly, errors find their way to every digital platform and Disney is no exception. The OTT platforms including Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Disney Plus provide categorized entertaining content to the user. Let’s see how we can fix Disney Plus error code 142 on firestick.

Disney plus gives access to hundreds and thousands of movies and TV shows. Its digital devices include smart TVs, tablets, mobile apps, and laptops. On the latest part, most of the users are facing Disney Plus Error Code 142 while they are using the app. The most common error on Disney plus is Error code 83 which signals the fact that an incompatible device is being used.

Errors and bugs always pop up at the worst times. Every company has a different name of error for the system but the definition of error is never clear. Although, Disney plus does not have error code 142 in their official code list. But still, there are some tried and tested troubleshooting steps that can fix the error.

What is Disney Plus Error Code 142?

The error code 142 appears when there is a problem on the server side. One can fix the error by reinstalling the game. The server error pops up when the server of the company is unavailable or under maintenance.  The error code 142 mainly occurs on Disney plus when there is some poor or unstable internet connection, outdated version, or any server problem. One of the most optimal solutions to fix Disney plus errors is to check the status of the server or connect it with the fastest speed internet.

The error can be easily fixed by reinstalling the application. Many users most of the time make a blunder and join as a personage server instead of joining as a guest. In such a case, the user is unable to connect to the server and the error code 142 appears. 

How to Resolve Disney Plus Error Code 142 on Amazon Firestick and Fire Tv?

Disney+ on firestick

If someone is facing error code 142 while using Disney+ on their Amazon Firestick or Fire Tv then he should adopt the same troubleshooting steps as mentioned above:

  • Close and restart the Disney plus app
  • Inspect the internet connection 
  • Check out server
  • Log out from Disney plus
  • Update the app
  • Uninstall and Reinstall the app
  • Opt for a different browser 

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 142?

Disney error 142 fix

Disney plus similar to other digital apps often faces some troubles. Disney plus error 142 is one such error that most users encounter while using Disney plus. 

Most of the users report the issue by saying that their Disney plus is not working on their streaming devices and an error code 142 keeps appearing on screen. 

As mentioned earlier, Disney plus does not have error code 142 in their system but still, it can be repaired with some troubleshooting steps.

#1: Check Internet Connection

Disney plus error code 142 most likely occurs when there is a weak or unstable internet connection. Check and make sure that the internet connection is stable. If this doesn’t work then follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Disconnect the internet from the device you are watching Disney plus
  • Wait for 30 seconds and reconnect 
  • Restart the modem/ router
  • Contact Internet service supplier in case internet is not working 

#2: Close and Restart Disney App

Try to settle the issue by closing and restarting the app. Most of the time the issue is resolved automatically by doing this. 

  • Close the app and restart again 
  • Check if the issue is resolved 
  • If not, then look out for the other fixes below.

#3: Signout of Disney Plus

Sign out Disney Plus account from all the devices. Now, sign in again after a few seconds. Check if this step was fruitful in resolving the error successfully. If not then look out for other troubleshooting steps.

#4: Have a Look at the Server

If the user has a stable internet connection, he has a strong web relationship. Now check out if there is a server issue or administration disturbance. 

#5: Uninstall and Reinstall the App

Delete the Disney app from the gadget and after a while download it again. Now log in again with account credentials on the same device.

#6: Update the App

Sometimes when the Disney plus app is not updated with the most recent version that often causes problems. So, always be sure that the app is up-to-date with the most recent version. Because new updates have so many fixes for the minor bugs that get resolved already once updated.

#7: Opt for a Different or New Browser 

There is a possibility that error code 142 is occurring because the user is opening it on the same gadget. If someone has access to another gadget or device he must try and check if the streaming of Disney plus is working on the new device.

One can also opt for a new browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari and check if the Disney plus streaming is working on that browser or not.

#8: Disable Proxy

Be sure that the Disney plus is not connected with a proxy server. Because proxy servers always disable the streaming content. A proxy server always conflicts with application files which results in error generation.

#9: Ensure Right Watching Method is Used

Disney plus supports multiple devices for streaming and gaming. However, each device is designed in a specific way to watch Disney plus. For example, if someone is using a Smartphone to watch Disney plus, then watching through a web browser won’t work for him.


Disney plus with web-based features is the key source for watching movies, series, and gaming. Many users are confronted with error code 142 while watching movies or playing games.

The error code 142 is not officially listed in the Disney plus error code list, so many people wonder what they shall do in such a case. This article gives a brief guide on what error code 142 is, what are the reasons behind this error, and how one can fix those errors.