Are you trying to play the RuneScape game, but it keeps crashing our PC and phone? Do you experience the same issue while playing the game on Steam client as well? Find out why RuneScape crashes due to an error and how to fix the problem by following easy troubleshooting steps.

RuneScape was launched in 2001, but it remains a popular multiplayer role-playing game to this date. The game has a huge fan base that adores and admires its gameplay.

However, there have been several reports by the players about the intermittent game crashing issues on RuneScape and Steam client. Quite often, you can quickly fix the problem if you know the causes. We have gathered a few fixes from user feedbacks on various gaming forums that will get RuneScape up and running on your device in no time.

Why does RuneScape keep crashing on my PC?

Why does RuneScape keep crashing on my PC?


If RuneScape keeps crashing on your PC, it could be due to any one of the following reasons.

  • Your system does not meet the minimum requirements to play RuneScape.
  • High graphics settings render the game in low FPS, resulting in constant crashing.
  • The high number of background processes are eating away PC resources to run RuneScape smoothly.
  • You are running an outdated version of the RuneScape client
  • RuneScape client files are corrupt and need reinstalling.
  • RuneScape cache has bulked up with junk files causing the game to crash intermittently.

What to do if RuneScape keeps crashing?

What to do if RuneScape keeps crashing?

You can apply the following methods to troubleshoot crashing issues while playing the game through RuneScape or Steam client.

Check system requirements

The most common cause of RuneScape crashing is that your PC may not meet the minimum system requirements to play the game. Therefore, we recommend checking the following system requirements and upgrading your PC before trying out other fixes in this guide.
  • 64-bit processor and operating system
  • Windows Vista or higher OS
  • Intel i3+/AMD @ 2.4+ GHz Processor
  • 4 GB of system RAM
  • GeForce 400x, Intel HD 4x, or AMD Radeon 7xxx+ GPU
  • Broadband Internet connection with good speed
  • 8 GB HDD space

Adjust GPU settings

Sometimes, RuneScape players use higher graphics settings, resulting in low FPS rendering. Continuously doing so can cause crashing issues. To fix it, try lowering the graphics settings via the Steam client in the following way.

  • Launch the Steam client and open the RuneScape game.
  • Now go to the Game Options and select Settings.
  • Under the Graphics tab, disable Depth of field, Ambient occlusion, Bloom, Shadows, and Anti-aliasing.
  • Next, set the Water detail level to low and save changes.
  • Finally, restart the RuneScape game and see if this fixes the issue.

Close background processes

Unnecessary background tasks and processes consume a lot of system resources on your PC and reduce the performance of any new executed tasks. Therefore, try to eliminate as many processes as possible before running the RuneScape game.

To do this, press CTRL, SHIFT, AND ESC buttons simultaneously on the keyboard to launch Task Manager. Next, click on the Processes tab and click on the End Task button to close the unnecessary processes one by one. Now launch the RuneScape game and verify the fix.

Verify the integrity of RuneScape game files

RuneScape game files on Steam client can go missing or corrupt, causing the game to crash. However, you can repair the files without needing to uninstall the game by verifying the integrity of the game files.
  • Double-click Steam client on your desktop to launch it.
  • Navigate to the Library section of the Steam client and locate RuneScape.
  • Next, right-click on the game and select Properties.
  • Under the Local Files tab, click Verify Integrity of Game Files, and wait for the process to complete.
  • Now launch RuneScape on Steam and see if the game runs smoothly.

Reinstall game client

You may need to reinstall the gaming client completely due to corrupt installation files that can cause a crash. To do this:

  • First, uninstall the RuneScape client through Add/Remove program in the Control Panel.
  • Next, delete the Jagex folder in C:\ProgramData\Jagex, and C:\Users\You\AppData\Local\Jagex.
  • Look for the RuneScape shortcuts and delete them as well.
  • Go to the RuneScape website and download the RuneScape or Old School RuneScape client.
  • Run the launcher to install the RuneScape client.
  • Once the client is installed, go to C:/Program Files/Jagex/RuneScape Launcher/ and click on RuneScape.exe.
  • Afterward, create a client’s shortcut on your desktop or pin the client to the taskbar when the client launches.

How do I clear my RuneScape cache?

How do I clear my RuneScape cache?

RuneScape cache that is being used to extract the launch configurations of the game can get corrupted. You may experience lags, low FPS, and crashes when it happens. However, you can clear the game cache to get rid of the issue in the following way.

  • First, completely close the RuneScape client and associated background processes.
  • Press Windows + R keys on the keyboard to launch the Run dialog box.
  • Next, type in “%USERPROFILE%\jagexcache\runescape\LIVE %HOMEDRIVE%.jagex_cache_32” and press Enter to access the first RuneScape cache folder.
  • Now select all the entries of the cache folder and delete them.
  • Go back to the Run command and type %WINDIR%.jagex_cache_32 %USERPROFILE%.jagex_cache_32 to view the RuneScape second cache folder.
  • Again, delete all the cache folder entries and restart your PC to fix the crashing issue.

How do I stop RuneScape from crashing on my phone?

How do I stop RuneScape from crashing on my phone?

Players suffer from the RuneScape crashing problem on computers and mobile devices. However, you can do the following steps to stop RuneScape from crashing on your phone.

  • Force close the game and restart your mobile device.
  • Ensure that your phone meets the minimum requirements to play the RuneScape game.
  • Clear the RenuScape game cache through the Apps Manager.
  • Try a different user profile.
  • Reinstall RuneScape on your phone.


We hope that this guide helped you fix the RuneScape crashing issues. However, if the game still crashes, update your graphics card driver, disable overclocking, and install the latest version of Java on your PC. Cellphone users can update their phone software and the RuneScape app to get the game up and running again.