Trying to watch your favorite series or movie on Hulu while the audio is out of sync and not matching the speaking visuals on screen is not very enjoyable at all and can sometimes look like the program that you are watching has been dubbed.

Hulu being out of sync is due to your audio settings being incorrectly configured on your device, as well as using a slow internet connection to stream Hulu’s content.

This issue you are experiencing when trying to stream media on your account can continuously occur if you do not troubleshoot your device, as well as your Hulu app.

Our easy tutorial will guide you through these simple rectifying steps, so you can get back to watching Hulu’s gripping, original content, such as Abbott Elementary and Only Murders In The Building.

Why is Hulu out of sync

Hulu out of sync

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Your Hulu app is experiencing audio issues when streaming due to incorrect sound settings, or the device you are using is experiencing issues.

Looking further into these issues, they could be due to;

Reason 1. Audio settings

Your sound settings may be unintentionally set incorrectly.

Connecting an external audio device like a soundbar could interfere with the settings, or it may not be supported when streaming on Hulu.

There are also standard settings that should be met when it comes to the sound playing successfully for Hulu, for example, having your audio set to ‘Stereo’

Reason 2. Slow internet

If your internet connection is not good enough for Hulu to stream without having to buffer, this can interfere with the syncing of Hulu.

Hulu requires the following minimum speeds to be able to operate successfully;

  • 3Mbps – standard image
  • 8Mbps – live streams
  • 16Mbps – 4K content

Reason 3. Outdated app

Your Hulu app may be due to an update.

Hulu is continuously being updated to improve its performance and get rid of any possible errors that have transpired in the current version, like the audio not corresponding with the visuals on screen.

Reason 4. Full cache files

If Hulu’s cache files become too full, this can slow down how well the app streams its content, slowing down the imagery causing the sound to not be in sync.

Cache files can also become corrupted, causing problems with the Hulu streaming service.

Reason 5. Problematic HDMI ports/cable

Current Hulu subscribers, who have had the Hulu out of sync issue, advise that a faulty HDMI port or cable can be a reason for this problem to occur when you are trying to watch a show on Hulu.

Keep in mind that if the Hulu server is experiencing problems, it can cause different types of issues to be showcased when users access their account, one of which is the audio out of sync from the visuals.

You can check the server status of Hulu by using this link. 

How do I fix my Hulu audio sync

Hulu out of sync

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Before you proceed with rectifying your Hulu application and device, it is recommended to log out of your Hulu account, and log back in as this can sometimes amend the audio and visuals from not matching up on screen.

Fix 1. Reset internet connection

Step 1. Turn your router off and remove it from its mains

Step 2. Only connect it again after a few minutes have passed

Step 3. Switch the router on

Check your internet speed to make sure yu are receiving adequate speeds, otherwise, you may have to contact your network service provider.

Once your network connection is running again, and your device has reconnected, attempt to stream on Hulu.

Fix 2. Check sound settings

It is important to check that your audio settings are set to ‘Stereo’ on your device. (mainly TV devices).

If you are using an external speaker, like a sound-bar, try updating the settings on your speaker if you can.

Otherwise, you can remove the external speaker from your TV, and see if the audio is in sync with the internal speaker on your device.

Fix 3. Update software

Make sure your Hulu app is on the latest version, as this can sometimes interfere with how successfully the app streams.

Hulu will be updated to to improve it performance as well as have any problems fixed that were notified in the previous version.

Step 1. Access Hulu on your app store

Step 2. Check to see if there is an ‘Update’ button to click

Step 3. Select ‘Update’

Once this has been downloaded, restart your device.

Note, If you are experiencing Hulu being out of sync on your smart TV, it has been noted that updated your TV’s software has helped get rid of the audio lagging issue.

Fix 4. Check HDMI cable and port

If you are using an HDMI cable to access your Hulu application, check that the port is not damaged by swapping it over to a different one.

Make sure the cable is not damaged, by using a different one if possible.

Fix 5. Clear cache files

Removing the cache files from Hulu will free up spaceand improve its performance.

On Android

Step 1. Go into ‘Settings’

Step 2. Select ‘Apps’ and find Hulu

Step 3. Click on ‘Storage’ followed by ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Clear Data’

On Apple

You will only be able to remove Hulu’s cache if you delete the app off of your device, and reinstall it.

Once you have deleted Hulu, turn your device off and on again to make sure all data has been erased.


We hope our guide has helped you fix your Hulu out of sync issue, and advise that you save this tutorial as a favorite, as it has been noted that the Hulu audio issue can be a common occurrence with current Hulu account holders.

If you are still experiencing the out of sync problem, it may be due to a specific channel, or program you are trying to watch.

Hulu have a community forum where you can confirm this, and possibly find your solution from another users post.

You can also make use of Hulu’s ‘Hulubot’ by clicking on the little speech bubble located at the bottom right of the screen.