You may have noticed when you’ve been on Reddit lately that there have been some issues with images loading. Whether they’re slow at loading or don’t load at all, this is a common problem amongst Reddit users.

However, with our easy troubleshooting guide, you will be able to solve the why won’t Reddit load images error in no time at all.

Why won’t Reddit load images?

Reddit Won't Load Images

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If you’re unsure why Reddit isn’t loading pictures, here are some of the most common reasons

  • No Mobile Data
  • Your WiFi is down
  • Reddit is down
  • You have ad block enabled
  • Your app memory is too full
  • The Reddit app is down.

How to fix Reddit won’t Load Images

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Here are our easy troubleshooting fixes to understanding why Reddit won’t load images and how to fix it.

Fix 1. Reinstall Reddit App

First things first, removing the Reddit app and then reinstalling it can be an easy fix. By removing the app and then reinstalling it, any pending updates will be completed. Once you have reinstalled the app, you can use the app as normal. Users of iPhones have found this fix useful when troubleshooting Reddit.

Fix 2. Clear Reddit app memory

Another issue with Reddit is the amount of data the app holds, which over time can make it slower to run the app. In turn, creates issues with the loading times of the app. Therefore clearing your Reddit app memory can be super helpful for the running of the app. If you’re unsure how to clear your app memory, we have the steps to guide you right here

  1. Head on to the Reddit app
  2. Click the icon on the top left followed by settings
  3. Scroll down and choose advanced
  4. Then tap clear local history, you may need to do this twice
  5. After you’ve done this you can expect a notification that states ‘local history cleared’

Fix 3. Toggling airplane mode on

Airplane mode gives you a quick way to turn off all of your wireless communications. Such as WiFi, mobile data, Bluetooth NFC and GPS. Toggling this off and then on again, can help to reset the connections going in and out of your device.

Therefore if your phone is having issues connecting to mobile data or WiFi this is usually a great place to start. Here’s how to turn Airplane mode off or on:

  1. Open your phone’s settings
  2. Head to Network & Internet
  3. Then turn Airplane mode on with the toggle

With most phones, you can also access Airplane mode via pulling the bar down from the top and pressing the little Airplane symbol.

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Fix 4. Disable ad blocker

If you are using a device that has an ad blocker installed, users of Reddit have recommended disabling ad blockers whilst using Reddit. Although this is not an ideal fix, users have reported this works.

Fix 5. Turn off IPV6 on Windows

If you are looking for a long-term method, turning off your IPV6 on your router can provide a fix for this error. This is a method that has a high success rate for users. If you’re unsure what IPV6 is or where to find it, not to worry as we have a simple step-by-step guide on how to turn off IPV6.

  1. Head on to your Windows PC or laptop
  2. Use the shortcut Windows Key + X which will open the control panel
  3. Select Network and Internet >  Network and Sharing Center
  4. Change adapter settings
  5. Right-click your connection and go to properties
  6. Finally, untick the box next to ‘Internet Protocol Version 6’
  7. Then click ‘OK’

Fix 6. Is Reddit Down?

If you still have not been able to resolve your Reddit issue, then we’d recommend using the Down Detector. This is a great way to see if a site is down and read reports of other users issues. If there are a high number of comments regarding images not loading, you can be pretty sure the image is with Reddit.

However, if there doesn’t seem to be any reports on the issue, then it may be with your device. Therefore we’d recommend testing the following fixes to find out whether your WiFi is the issue.

Reddit won’t load images on WiFi

Another highly reported issue is that Reddit won’t load images on WiFi. But Reddit works on mobile data for a large number of users. If you need WiFi to use Reddit or you’re looking for a fix for Reddit won’t load images, then you may find one of these troubleshooting methods helpful.

Reboot your WiFi

Rebooting your WiFi can often help with programs that are running slow due to a connection issue. Images not loading correctly (or at all) can be caused by this.

The best way to reboot your router is by switching it off at the wall, leaving it for 30 seconds, then plugging it back in and allowing it to start up. By rebooting your router can also pull through any updates that are needed.

Try on mobile data

If you are having issues with your WiFi switching over to Mobile Data can also be an efficient way to find out if your device is the issue or if the issue is with Reddit. If you try to use Reddit on Mobile Data but encounter the same issues, it is likely to be a Reddit issue.

If you are having issues using Reddit on Mobile Data, try to use WiFi to see if this fixes the problem.


We hope you have found our guide helpful in troubleshooting why Reddit won’t load images. However, if the issue is not yet resolved, we’d recommend using Reddit on a web browser or an alternative device, as the issue may be with the app.