Are you experiencing New World Error Code 408 while attempting to use the in-game shop of New World? Is it interfacing with your entertainment and limiting the small amount of time you have for games nowadays? Don’t worry,we bring you all the tools to help you sort through the  tricky issue of New World Error Code 408.

New World is Amazon’s take on the MMO (Mass Multiplayer Online) game territory. New World has had a bit of a rocky start even though it is backed by one of the biggest companies in the world. MMO’s frequently have a lot of problems, but New World was on the wrong end of that spectrum.

Even though the game had several errors, many stuck with it due to its unique world and gameplay. If you are one of those gamers, we will be happy to help you solve any problems related to the new world, including New World Error Code 408.

What Does New World Error Code 408 Mean?

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Like all MMO’s, New World has a premium in-game currency system referred to as Marks Of Fortune. Premium currency means that it is only attainable through real money and not with in-game achievements. You have to buy Marks of Fortune in the New World in-game shop with your local currency so you can get special items such as customizable skins and other cosmetics. 

You might face Error Code 408, which tells us that your transaction to buy Marks of Fortune failed. The failure means you are unable to purchase any premium in-game currency, and therefore, this error is prompted.

Why Do I Get New World Error Code 408?

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From what we have gathered, the issues can extend from both the server-side and your end of the game. New World Error Code 408 can be due to the simplest connectivity issues to more complex matters such as specific settings in the steam overlay. 

As the game is available via Steam, it is essential to note that it uses Steam’s wallet to pay in its in-game transaction system. Steam issues can also cause New World Error Code 408. We will go through all possible leads to get you back into New World as soon as possible.

How Do I Fix New World Error Code 408?

New Wold error

Check Steam Wallet Credit

Usually, when users get New World Error Code 408, we advise them to check their Steam wallet. Like all real-life transactions, a transaction can only go through if you have enough credit or currency for it. If your steam wallet or account lacks the funds necessary to buy the premium currency, Marks of Fortune, then you will probably get an error.

If you don’t have enough funds in your steam wallet, you may credit it with whatever payment method suits you. Modes of payment available are credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. You can also use a steam gift card if direct transaction methods are unavailable for you. Just put the steam code into your account, and your steam wallet will be topped up with the gift card’s amount of credit.

Enable Steam Overlay

We researched that a player with the gamer tag McLunnainn suggested a fix to the New World Error Code 408 on the official New World Forum. He said that players should enable Steam Overlay when they are about to use Steams transaction system. 

Many Steam users usually disable the steam overlay due to various reasons. Some of them are to improve game performance or have a more immersive experience without being interrupted. But it has been noted to create problems in Steam transactions. 

Press Shift + Tab to ensure the Steam Overlay is working. If it does not pop up, then close the game, go to your Steam settings and tick “Enable Steam Overlay while in the game” in the general properties tab. Restart your game again, and hopefully, the Overlay will fix the issue.

Check Internet Connection

Sometimes your PC might disconnect from your internet. Go to the device’s network connection setting tab as it has the required information. Reconnect if it isn’t showing a connection. 

If you were experiencing slow internet speeds, that might also contribute to getting a New World Error Code 408. To fix this, restart your Wi-Fi device or wait for some time. If a slow connection persists, then contact your ISP for further assistance.

Final Thoughts

We hope our guide helped you to fix your issue and you are back to gaming with your friends. We also have guides and help on Is New World Free To Play?New World Won’t Load Servers: Here’s How To Connect and New World Keeps Crashing: How To Fix It On Your PC? here. Happy Gaming!