Is your MacBook Air not turning on? Facing issues regarding its dead screen? Is your MacBook Air screen blackened out? Are you worried about losing your device or data? If you face these problems, you are at the right place because we resolve your issues by providing the best solutions.

MacBook Air is one of the more popular products of an internationally famous and expensive brand, Apple. Apple has always tried to bring products that amaze its users and bring class to their lives. Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, one of the most recognized faces in the tech world today. Although initially, Apple was just a computer selling company, it has gradually engraved itself in other technology products.

The MacBook is one of the first products of Apple since the turn of the century. It is a notebook laptop that allows you to get entertainment and a good working experience together. Steve Jobs released his first MacBook in 2008, and there have been frequent releases of many MacBook models, each being more advanced than the prior one. 

Why is my MacBook not turning on and showing a black screen?

macbook coffee screen black

Although the MacBook Air is a popular brand product, every technology device has some glitches in it. You can get a black screen in your favorite MacBook Air and a lot of worries with it. But what it is that made your screen dead? There might be some physical or technical issue, or maybe there is no issue at all, and your device just requires some time to relax.

Physical damage to your device like falling from a height or accident contact with water might make your device lose its screen thus making it black. Some technical issues might also act as a reason for your device to get a black screen. These may include:

  • Overuse of the MacBook Air device
  • Long term no usage
  • Software or internal virus issue.
  • The SMC needs to be reset

Let us look for some of the easiest solutions you can apply to your device at home to get its screen to brighten up again. 

How to turn on MacBook Air Screen when it won’t?

macbook fix


Restart your MacBook Air to turn on

Sometimes when your MacBook Air screen won’t turn on and is black, it might be no specific reason behind this. Many times your stuck/frozen device is due to overload which turns the screen of your device black. In such a case, it just needs a new restart to release out the entire overload burden.  

So if you have a black MacBook Air screen, just press the power button and turn your device off. Give it a few minutes to relax, and turn on your device again. After it has taken its time to start again, there are chances that your device is already fixed. If not, then continue to read and we’ll help you find another solution.

Reset the SMC on Your Macbook Air

Hold down the power button whilst simultaneously holding down the Shift, control, and option key, keep all four held down for 10 seconds then release.

After performing this action the charging screen should appear or your Macbook air should turn back on.

You have now successfully reset your SMC.

Charge your MacBook Air

charge macbook

If your laptop screen is not turning on, there are very strong chances that your device has run out of charge. Sometimes, a badly drained battery might make your device’s screen completely black and not show a single sign of life when pressing the power button.

All you have to do is:

  • Connect your charger that is compatible with your device and wait.
  • If you have a completely drained battery, it will take some time to recharge.
  • Wait for an hour and try to turn on your device.

If it turns on, then congratulations, but if not, don’t worry; there is still hope. 

Remove the external devices

Your MacBook Air might not turn on or have a black screen because of an external device that you have connected with it. You might have a virus lying low or a corrupt device. Those viruses may cause your MacBook Air screen to turn black.

Just disconnect your device from any external device. This might help you to revive the screen of your device. But in case the virus in the external device has entered your MacBook Air, you might need the help of an expert because you will not be able to revive it on your own. 

Final words

MacBook Air is an extraordinary and expensive device, and surely very close to its owner’s heart.  Therefore we have tried our best to provide you with the most appropriate solutions to get your device back. Hopefully, the suggestions we have provided will be helpful for you.  

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