This has happened to almost all of us: You grab your laptop on a lazy Sunday to stream a movie, but when you settle down and open your browser, you notice that your laptop won’t connect to Internet. The Internet is one of the basic needs to run operations on the laptop and connect to different websites. 

Things can get pretty tricky when your laptop doesn’t connect to the Internet. It is because so much of your work depends on it. You might get frustrated and not know the reason behind the issue. Users need to find ways to determine the reason behind this issue before looking for a solution. 

These issues can simply make your connection slow, periodically disrupted, or even sometimes the laptop just flat out won’t connect to the Internet. So, if your laptop won’t connect to Internet, you need to find out the reasons and then apply solutions to overcome the problem. 

Reasons Why My Laptop Won’t Connect To Internet

Laptop Won’t Connect To Internet

There are many reasons that your laptop fails to connect to the Internet. Here are some of the most common reasons that can result in your laptop not connecting to the Internet. The first possible reason could be that your laptop is in airplane mode or turned off the Internet. This is a common reason behind your laptop not connecting to the Internet. 

Another reason your laptop won’t connect to Internet could be that your router or internet modem is down. Your router could be down because of low signal quality that slows your internet speed or disrupts it completely. This can make you scratch your head sometimes, but there are many ways to fix this problem. We will discuss this later in the article.

There is another reason that can point towards slow or no internet connection on your laptop, and the reason is that your laptop is too far from the router or internet modem. Range and distance highly depend on your internet connectivity. So, if your internet device is far away from your laptop, you might not be able to catch signals, and this will result in your laptop not connecting to the Internet. 

Last but not least, the reason your laptop won’t connect to Internet could be because it doesn’t support the internet network it is connecting to. Every laptop and device has its own connectivity compatibility and parameters. This can easily hinder connecting your laptop to the Internet and make you dread it. 

There can be some times when your Amazon Prime is not connecting to your internet —that can easily frustrate any user in a similar situation. 

How to Fix My Laptop So It Connects to the Internet?

Laptop Won’t Connect To Internet

When you encounter the dreaded “No internet connection” error, it can be really irritating. One of the most baffling issues that might happen is your network adapter suddenly vanishes. Or the connectivity of your Internet just refuses to work. It is only natural to stress in cases like these, but there are ways to fix the issue and smoothly use the Internet on your laptop. 

Use the Troubleshooting Tool 

Laptops have an automatic troubleshooting tool that can help you diagnose the problem you are facing. You can follow some simple steps to troubleshoot. Here’s how you can run a troubleshooting tool on a Mac laptop: 

  • Make sure that you quit all open apps and try to join your internet network.
  • After this, you need to click on the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner.
  • You have to type “wireless diagnostics” in this search bar and press return. 
  • The previous step will introduce you to specific instructions, and the program will analyze your connection, figure out your issues, and provide suitable solutions.

On the other hand, you can run this tool on your Windows laptop by following these steps: 

  • Go to start and click on Setting 
  • From there, click on Network and Internet, check Status and then click on Network Troubleshooter 
  • You will come across a few steps, follow them, and the tool will attempt to resolve your issue

Check and Reset Your Hardware

If you have already tried troubleshooting and your laptop won’t connect to Internet, you can try using other methods to make it work. There are times when the laptop itself is not working properly. You can check and reset it by following these steps: 

  • Click on start and then click shut down. This step will shut down your laptop 
  • Make sure that you unplug your laptop, your internet modem, or router
  • Give it a little time. Wait for at least 10 to 30 seconds and then plug everything back
  • Even after this, if your problem with the Internet persists, you need to contact your internet service provider 

Move Your Laptop Near to The Router or The Modem

We talked about how if your laptop is far from the router, you can face issues of connecting your laptop to the Internet. This could be due to  walls or other hindrances between your laptop and your modem. 

It is advised to move your laptop closer to the modem— within 10 to 15 feet. Once you have moved closer, try connecting to the Internet. You can always have that one spot with no or weak signals; you need to identify it and make sure you avoid that spot. 

Connect to a Compatible Network

Your Internet can have different frequencies, and you might be connecting to the wrong one that is not compatible with your laptop. If your laptop doesn’t connect to the Internet because of this reason, you should try connecting to different bands. Usually, your router has two bands labeled as 2.5 GHz and 5GHz. Both have different properties as the first provides better coverage and the other provides faster speed. Find the more compatible frequency and use that to make the internet work on your laptop. 

It doesn’t have to be your laptop’s or modem’s problem— you can also encounter the Youtube Error 400, which is an internet problem. 


There can be various reasons for your laptop not connecting to the Internet, like router issues, signal issues, or simply because your laptop is on airplane mode. If you open your browser to search for something and come across a no internet pop-up, you might get easily frustrated, and you might not know the reason as well. This article helps you understand various reasons behind your laptop not connecting to the Internet. Once you know the issue, you can use the suitable solution and make your laptop connect to the Internet.