When trying to watch videos on YouTube, the last thing you want is to get errors in place of a video. With so many different factors on YouTube that can cause errors, it’s hard to know its cause. From ad-block to outdated apps and deleted accounts, the list is endless. Whether you’re tech-savvy or a novice, our guide to fixing the YouTube error 400 is easy to follow and will resolve your issue quickly and effectively.

A common error that users frequently find on YouTube is error 400. If you’re struggling to fix error 400 or want to know what it means, keep reading to find a solution to your error 400 problem.

YouTube error 400 –  what does this mean?

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YouTube error 400 means that your Internet connection is unstable. Error 400 is a widespread error that will stop you from seeing websites properly or playing videos online. Error 400 can also occur on many different platforms. However, it can be widespread on YouTube.

Unstable Wifi usually means that the connection you are on is too busy because there are many different devices connected to it, all taking up too much bandwidth. If too many devices are connected and using the internet simultaneously, the connection may struggle to keep them all on the Wifi. 

Aside from Wifi connection errors, YouTube error 400 can also occur if your device isn’t set to the correct date and time.

YouTube Vanced error 400

YouTube Vanced is a modified version of the YouTube app. 

It’s famous for its ability to skip sponsored content, more customization, loop videos, and so much more. It’s extremely popular in the android community. 

If you’ve found issues with YouTube Vance, here are some quick and easy troubleshooting methods to try:

  • Try updating the app. Ensuring the app is entirely up to date is essential, as an update can resolve bugs and issues within an app. There could be a bug in the app that is causing you to receive an Error 400 message. Make sure the app is entirely up to date. 

If you’ve accidentally missed an app update, this could prevent the app from working correctly. 

  • Delete the app and try to install it again. Deleting the app can give your device a clearance of any backlog of cookies.
  • Check your data/wifi is currently online, as this error is prone to appearing when your internet drops out.

YouTube error android 400

Photo by Masakaze Kawakami on Unsplash

If you get a YouTube Error 400 on your Android device, there are many different ways to fix this. But here are the most popular fixes for the YouTube 400 error on Android: 

Try restarting your device. Sometimes this can resolve the issue. However, please be aware that this is not always the case. When you continue your phone, it causes every app installed to start up fresh. The only difference is it will keep all your data from before the restart. 

Another technique you can apply is to clear the cache on your YouTube app. The cache can hold a lot of old information that isn’t always needed, which is built up over time as you use the app. You won’t lose your own apps or files, rather just the information gathered by the app. Sometimes it can affect the performance of your app. If you need assistance to do this, here’s how to clear your YouTube cache on Android:

  1. Head to settings, then applications
  2. Click applications manager, search for the program
  3. Choose YouTube, then clear cache.

Be sure to check the app doesn’t have any pending updates on the app by clicking the hamburger icon on the play store.

Is YouTube down?

Sometimes the error 400 message isn’t you, and it’s YouTube’s fault. This could be due to YouTube being down. YouTube’s servers are not working, so you are unable to use their site. 

There are a few ways to check if YouTube’s down. One is to search on social media, where you might see other people talking about the same issue. Another is to use a site such as a down checker. Isitdownrightnow is a super popular choice as it shares common errors. What it means and how to fix them. 

Is your TikTok down? Here’s how to find out.  

There was a problem with the Network 400 YouTube.

This is a common error message that infuriates users as it stops them from being able to watch videos. If you’re having internet issues outside of YouTube, be sure to reboot your router to fix any potential down problems. However, if you’re Wifi is working correctly. It could be an issue with your device. 

You can usually fix the error by clearing your cache, updating the app, or restarting your device. Alternatively, you could delete your browser history if you are trying to access YouTube through the web.