Twitter is one of the best platforms for social networking and to keep oneself updated with the latest news and tweets. But what if you decide to take a break and uninstall the app for some time. Before doing this, you might start thinking that ‘if I uninstall Twitter will I lose everything?

Twitter is an effective tool for networking, staying updated on the latest information, etc. But at the same time, it is an engaging platform and often a waste of time. Users are often busy keeping track of what others are up to, making users lose sight of their track.

Users often think, what if I decide to uninstall my Twitter account for a break and focus on practical life for a change. So if “I uninstall Twitter will I lose everything?” If this is what you’re wondering, then below, you will find what will happen once you decide to uninstall your Twitter account.

Does uninstalling Twitter delete your account?

Does uninstalling Twitter delete your account?

Twitter, a diverse app, allows its users to access their accounts differently. You can download the Twitter app on your desktop, tablet, or android/iOS device. You can even directly log in to your account via browser.

Thus, uninstalling the Twitter app from your phone or computer doesn’t necessarily mean your account is lost. Twitter only deletes an account when there is no login activity for 30 days. So if you uninstall the app from all the devices connected to your Twitter account, even then, there is nothing to worry about as long as you reinstall it within 30 days. Doing so, all your tweets messages will be there as you left them, so there is no need to worry that if I uninstall Twitter will Il lose everything.

What happens If I Uninstall Twitter?

Why is my Twitter account suspended

You decide to uninstall your Twitter app for whatever reason you want to. For this, there is no requirement that you must deactivate your account unless you permanently want to delete your account. Usually, clicking “uninstall” allows the app to be removed from your mobile or computer device. But then comes a thought that if I uninstall Twitter will I lose everything? The answer is no; uninstalling the app does not deactivate your account in any way.

But if there is no login activity within 30 days, this conveys a message to Twitter management that you no longer want to own a Twitter account and permanently delete your account. After the deadline, your account is deleted from the Twitter system, and you can neither reactivate your account nor can you access your tweets, pictures, messages related to your previous account.

But if you have neither uninstalled the app nor have you logged out by yourself from your Twitter app yet still you can’t access your account, then it can either be that your account has been suspended or your activity has been limited. This is done by the Twitter system when it finds something suspicious or sight bullying, yet if you can’t recall anything like that, then there might be some other reason for such action, which you have to find if you wish to continue using your account.

How do I Uninstall Twitter from my iPhone?

How do I Uninstall Twitter from my iPhone?


Despite being the most used and engaging app, Twitter still does not fit everyone’s taste. Whether you have lost interest in the app, the app is showing a glitch, or have been running low on space on your iPhone and are thinking about uninstalling the Twitter app to free up some space, whatever the case, uninstalling the app is not at all an issue and does not harm your account.

You can either uninstall the app by;

  • Locating the app on your iPhone
  • Holding your finger on the app till a cross sign appears
  • Click the cross sign  and you will be shown a popup that will ask for confirmation
  • Confirm the ‘delete’ option in order to uninstall the app

Alternatively, You can uninstall the app by going to the ‘settings’ and locating the ‘app management’ option. From there, you can change settings for Twitter and uninstall it as well.

How do I Uninstall Twitter from my computer?

What happens If I Uninstall Twitter?


You can install Twitter-like apps on devices having different O/S be it android, iPhone, or Windows. The desktop version works as efficiently as the mobile version of the app. You can quickly post tweets, send messages, or follow tweets. Make sure that you connect your device a Wi-Fi connection.

The user interface of the desktop app is similar to that of a mobile app, ensuring user satisfaction. As the installation process is relatively straightforward similarly, the uninstalling process is also straightforward.

All you have to do is:

  • Open the Start screen
  • Search the Twitter app on the search bar
  • Then Right-click on the app, and select the “Uninstall” option

Click “confirm” on the dialogue box that pops up. This will delete the app.

Alternatively, you can directly go to the ‘control panel’ and then select the option “uninstall a program”.This will display a list of programs on your computer. You can easily spot the Twitter app there and uninstall it. 

After uninstalling, you don’t have to worry that ‘if I uninstall Twitter will I lose everything’ as the uninstall has nothing to do with your account. It only removes the app from your computer and not your account from the system. But if you fail to log in within 30 days or if you have been logged out from all your devices that once were connected to Twitter, then ‘Yes’ all your account details, tweets, followers will be lost forever to you. 


Twitter, with its widespread database, ensures user satisfaction. If for whatever reason, you have uninstalled the Twitter app from your computer or your mobile phone, then it has nothing to do with your account, nor do you have to ‘deactivate’ your account. A simple uninstalling of the app can do the work.

If you’re interested in using your account, be sure that you log in from any other device i.e. mobile, tablet, or computer. The management will take it as a sign that you no longer wish to use your account and they will delete your data from the Twitter system. 

If you face any other issue related to your account or your account gets deactivated on its own, then you should seek assistance from Twitter Help Center.