Are you playing Fortnite on your mobile device, gaming console, or PC and getting an error code 91? Well, you may find comfort in knowing that you are not the only one facing this error. In this guide, we will show you the reasons as well as the troubleshooting steps that you can do to get rid of the issue.

Fortnite has gained a lot of popularity around the world. You can play a fast-paced survival game with 100 players and be the last one standing or choose from other gaming modes. However, it’s still a game with a few bugs and errors in it.

Since the launch of Fortnite back in 2017, code 91 is one of the most common errors that players have experienced. Let’s discuss what does this error code means and what can you do to fix it on your device.

What does error code 91 mean

A lot of Fortnite users reported that the error code 91 pops up while playing in a public party. The error message displays “The party is not currently responding to join requests. Please try again later”.

The error indicates a connectivity issue and can occur regardless of the platform you are using to play Fortnite.

Why can’t I join friends party on Fortnite

The error code 91 can show up on the Fortnite party due to one of the following reasons.

Fortnite game server issues

Sometimes, the 91 error code shows up on your device if the Fortnite game servers are down for maintenance or facing a technical difficulty. In this case, you have to be patient until the developer resolves the issue. However, it does not take very long and the game servers should be up and running in a few hours.

Game files

If you play Fortnite on a PC, the Fortnite game files can get corrupted and throw an error code 91. You can either reinstall the gaming app again or verify that the Fortnite game files are in order.

Network connectivity issues

Fortnite error code 91 can be shown on your screen if you have a slow or unresponsive local network device. Therefore, make sure that your internet speed is optimal and your router or modem is not damaged. Contact your internet service provider to troubleshoot slow internet speed.

How do I fix Error 91 on Fortnite?

To fix error 91 on Fortnite, you can do the following troubleshooting steps.

Reboot your device

One of the most simple troubleshooting methods to fix a lot of gaming errors is to restart the device on which you are playing the game. Simply reboot your smartphone, gaming console, or your computer and check for the error message. If the error persists, move on to the following fixes.

Check Fortnite server

If the error code 91 has not disappeared for some time on your device screen, you may need to check Fortnite gaming server status. To do this, go to the official Fortnite Twitter page and confirm that the gaming server is down. You can also check how long will the developer take to fix the server issues.

Restart Fortnite app

If the Fortnite gaming servers are not down, a temporary bug may be causing the app to malfunction and getting the error code to pop up. To fix it, close the Fortnite app on your device and launch it again. Hopefully, you won’t see the 91 error this time.

Verify Fortnite files

Quite a few Fortnite users reported that a corrupted file caused the 91 error code when they played the game on their PC. To make sure the files on your computer are not corrupted, you need to verify them. To do this:

  • Click or choose the Epic Games Launcher on your computer or laptop
  • Head over to the Settings menu
  • Hit the Verify button
  • Now launch Fortnite and see if that fixes the error

Reboot local network equipment

If you are using a WIFI or local network connection to play Fortnite, your modem or router may need a reboot to refresh its network settings. The router reboot process can also restore the internet speed and signal strength of the network.

Unplug the power cable of your router/modem from the main power outlet or the Power off button on the back of the device. Next, wait for one or two minutes, plug the power cable back into the wall, and turn on the router.

If you are playing Fortnite on your smartphone with your SIM’s mobile data, reset Access point names and clear the Fortnite app cookies.

Reinstall Fortnite app

If the error persists and you have tried all the fixes in this guide, you need to wipe the current installation files of the Fornite app by uninstalling it completely from your device. It may take some time to reinstall the Fortnite app on your computer as the PC version has a bigger installation file size than the smartphone app version.


We hope that this guide helped you to get rid of the Fortnite error code 91 on your device. However, if you still face the issue, try to switch to a private party for the moment and contact Epic Games technical support for further guidance.