Are you trying to launch Fortnite but the loading screen is stuck? Does this occur after you have chosen your game mode?

Whether you’re currently part of Battle Royale or Party Royale you will be unable to gain access to your World if Fortnite keeps freezing.

This issue transpires when the Epic Games server is down, however, there are additional reasons that can cause Fortnite to get stuck on the logging in screen.

We have generated this easy to follow guide that will help you understand why the Fortnite loading screen is stuck, as well as provide you with three simple solutions you can use so you can get back to fighting with your squad to be the last remaining team.

Why does my Fortnite freeze on the loading screen?

fortnite loading screen stuck

Why is Fortnite stuck on the loading screen?

The Fortnite loading screen will get stuck if the Epic Games server is offline. This is because the downloaded Fortnite application on your device is unable to reach the server, and process your request to launch the game, or load your desired game mode.

Occasionally, the Fortnite server can go down if there is has been an excessive amount of users trying to launch their game all at the same time. This congestion usually occurs when there is a new season that has just been released.

Other reasons that will cause Fortnite to get stuck on the loading screen include;

Reason 1. Weak Internet Connection

Fortnite will be unable to load successfully if it is not connected to a stable internet connection that can supply the game with an adequate amount of bandwidth.

Fortnite requires a minimum of 3Mbps to be able to load reach the server so your game can load all the different game modes.

Reason 2. Outdated Graphics Driver

The current graphics driver installed on your device (PC) may not be compatible with the latest Fortnite Patch rollouts, or the latest game modes.

With an outdated graphics driver, Fortnite can keep crashing on the loading screen. This will stop you from being able to proceed with accessing your profile and entering your current saved Fortnite match. 

Reason 3. Fortnite Software Error

Your installed game, whether on a PC or gaming console may have incurred corrupted software that is causing Fortnite to get stuck when logging in.

A software error can arise from a temporary system error, or through accessing one of the Fortnite modes that may have contained contaminated files that were then downloaded onto your device.

How to Fix Fortnite Stuck on Connecting Screen

fortnite loading screen stuck

How do I fix infinite loading screen in Fortnite?

You should first check the service status of the EA Games server. With the Fortnite loading screen being stuck caused predominantly due to an offline server, you will be unable to work around this issue. If the EA Games Public Status confirms Fortnite is down, all you can do is wait until the error has been fixed.

However, if Fortnite’s server is not offline, and you are still getting stuck on the loading screen, there are three easy fixes you can execute;

Fix 1. Reset Internet Connection

You can check how well your network connection is functioning by doing a speed test. 

Whether you are getting an adequate amount of bandwidth or not, we do suggest you refresh your internet connection.

This can be completed by disconnecting your Wifi router for a few minutes. Reconnect your device and relaunch Fortnite.

Fix 2. Update Graphics Driver

If you update your graphics driver, it will ensure your device is compatible with the latest version of Fortnite.

You can install Driver Easy onto your PC if you want to have your graphics updated automatically.

Alternatively, you can do a manual upgrade;

Step 1. Open ‘Device Manager’ on your PC

Tip, press the Windows and ‘X’ buttons simultaneously to launch the Quick Menu

Step 2. Find ‘Display Adapters’ and click the drop-down button

Step 3. Choose your video adapter and right-click on it

Step 4. You will now be able to select ‘Update Driver’


Fortnite loading screen stuck

Once the update has been completed, restart your PC and launch Fortnite.

Fix 3. Restart Fortnite

If you have faulty software files currently installed on your gaming device due to the app, restarting Fortnite and a reboot of your device can help erase the contaminated data.

Close down Fortnite completely (If you are on a PC you can check your Task Manager to make sure it is not running in the background).

Restart your device. Once it has reconnected to your internet, relaunch Fortnite to check if the loading screen still gets stuck.

With the size of Fortnite and all its different modes, it is not a surprise that you will encounter an issue when launching the game.

(Fun Fact; In April 2018, Fortnite managed to make more money than the opening weekend of the movie ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. The game made around $296 million whereas the Avengers movie managed $250 million).

If the three fixes already provided have not helped your Fortnite app from freezing on the loading screen, there are a few additional fixes you can try;

  1. Uninstall and reinstall Fortnite on your device
  2. Update Windows
  3. Verify the Fortnite game files (Epic Games > Library > Fortnite > Verify)

These extra fixes should help fix the infinite loading screen on Fortnite.

Fortnite Stuck on Checking For Updates

fortnite loading screen stuck

Photo by Sean Do on Unsplash

Fortnite will get stuck on checking for updates if a software error is included in the latest update files. This is either when there is an upgrade pending, which is soon to be available, or when the update is already available to be downloaded. 

It has been reported that Fortnite will get stuck when checking for updates because of the size of the next available version.

The ‘Checking for Updates’ issue lies mainly with the Fortnite server, however, there are additional issues that can be a catalyst for Fortnite to keep freezing;

  • Weak internet connection
  • System error on console
  • Outdated operating system

How to Stop Fortnite Freezing on Updates

To rectify your Fortnite app from freezing on an update check, you can complete the following simple steps on your gaming device;

  • Restart console
  • Reboot internet connection
  • Check the Fortnite server status
  • Try a different internet connection
  • Log out and back in to Fortnite

Just like when Fortnite’s loading screen is stuck, the main solution to the program being stuck on an update is check is to wait until the server is back up and running.

Why Can’t My Fortnite Launch?

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Why is Fortnite not launching?

Fortnite will not launch when you open the program if there are missing files on your device that should be included in the installed folders of the game. You need to verify your game files to make sure all the necessary software is included, as well as to check for any corrupted files that could be preventing Fortnite from launching.

Other reasons why Fortnite is not launching include;

  • Driver issue on the device
  • Latest Patch needs to be downloaded
  • Console issue

Fortnite not launching can be rectified if you follow these simple solutions;

  • Verify your game files
  • Update drivers
  • Install the latest patch
  • Restart your device


Now that you know why the Fortnite loading screen was stuck, we hope you were able to fix this issue with one of the easy solutions we have provided for you.

If the Epic Games server is completely down, you will need to be patient until the problem is resolved internally.

If however, the service status is up, and Fortnite is still freezing on the loading screen or when you choose a mode, we suggest you contact them directly through their Support Request form.

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