Are you encountering a Fortnite Error Code 93 when you want to play squads? Is your team waiting for you in the lobby and unable to start a match because of your Fortnite Error Code 93? Don’t worry, we’ll help you fix this error code in our guide.

Fortnite is a viral battle royale game. Since the launch of Players Unknown Battle Ground in 2017, the battle royale genre in video games has blossomed like never before. The idea of playing against hundreds of people simultaneously brought many gamers into such types of games.

Certain battle royales like Fortnite introduced modes such as Duos and Squads. Thus, allowing players to play together with friends or random gamers. Soon these modes became the most popular options in battle royale games. With such popularity, these game modes regularly encounter errors for users, including Fortnite Error Code 93.

What Does Fortnite Error Code 93 Mean?

fortnite error code

Due to the extreme demand on the servers caused by the popularity of Squad and Duo modes, they can sometimes bug out. When you try to join a friend’s party and cannot do so because of a bug or glitch, you encounter Fortnite Error Code 93.

This bug can be pretty annoying, especially when there’s a critical tournament going on and your Squad needs you. In normal circumstances, it can quickly stop you from playing the game for a while by disconnecting. However, it is not the worst bug you could face while playing Fortnite.

In fact, if you ever want to encounter a bug, you should wish it is Fortnite Error Code 93 because it is easily fixable thanks to our guide.

Why can’t I join my friends party in Fortnite

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There can be several reasons you can’t join your friend’s squads due to Error Code 93. As mentioned above, heavy load on servers caused by many players can easily be the most identifiable cause of your troubles.

Even though Fortnite has gained worldwide attraction, they never seem to handle the number of players playing the famous battle royale. Therefore, this issue is probably going to stay for a while.

Another factor for you to encounter this error is a skin glitch. Fortnite uses skins as their primary means of monetization. Skins are the heart of Fortnite. So, it can be an unfortunate situation where a particular skin can cause Fortnite Error Code 93, especially if it is the skin you paid for or wanted to play with so eagerly.

Some users reported when attempting to join a squad by a PC player when they are on a console like Xbox or Play Station, they encounter Error Code 93.

Fortnite allows Squads to be played not only among friends but random players as well. When you make a public squad, any player from around the world has the option to join it. Public party types can thus encounter a glitch where Fortnite sends out the Error Code 93 to whoever is trying to enter the Squad.

If you have been in any of these scenarios then the following section will show you exactly how to get rid of them.

How do I fix Fortnite error code 93 on Fortnite?


Change your character skin

fortnite error code

This may seem silly, but if you change your skin after receiving Fortnite Error 93, you can get rid of your problem before you retry to connect. According to some players, this is due to a bug associated with your current layout and skin.

When you change your skin, you refresh your current loadout, enabling you to fix Fortnite Code 93.

Changing party type to “private”

As we discussed, having a public party is not without its flaws, including Fortnite Error 93. It’s best to change the layout of the Squad or Duo you are trying to join as “Private” from “Public”. If you are a party host, you can take these steps to change your party type.

  1. In the main menu, click the top right icon.
  2. Select settings (this is the option with the gear icon).
  3. Here you can adjust the party to either “Public” or “Private”. For now, switch to private.

Restart to fix Fortnite error code 93

Restarting can fix any server issues you are experiencing as you will reset your IP address. Resetting this will cause you to reconnect to a new server which might not have a problem.

Final thoughts

If you are still encountering Fortnite Error 93, please get in touch with Epic Games customer support for more information. We hope our guide helped to solve your problem of Fortnite Error Code 93.

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