Learning how TikTok works can seem tricky to start with. However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll never want to stop. With ongoing trends, extraordinary features and ounces of content to watch daily, TikTok is a great way to gain followers (and fame).

Whether you’re a newbie to TikTok or you’ve been attempting it for a while but aren’t happy with the views you are getting, we are pleased to help.

Whether you’re looking to gain knowledge about the algorithm, learn about hashtags or trends or work out how to achieve more views, we have the answers for you. So how to get more views on TikTok and what you need to know.

Understanding the TikTok algorithm

How to get more views on TikTok

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First things first, like most social media sites, understanding the algorithm is key. There are a few things to understand regarding the Tik Tok algorithm. When learning about TikTok, here are some factors to consider:

  • Relevant content does well – if you’re posting relevant content, you’re more likely to be boosted on TikTok.
  • Navigate the for you page – understanding how to create content similar to what you like can be a great benefit.
  • Keeping tabs on the discover section – by using the discover section to look for content you enjoy is a great way to learn about what is popular now and how you can tap into a current trend.

Other main points to consider when trying to crack the algorithm are the times you post and the other being what you post.

Understanding optimal times to post

Depending on what you upload and who you are trying to attract will vary the time you post. Another thing to consider is where your target audience lives. If you have most of your viewers in another country instead of the UK, posting in different time zones such as EST or PST. Using a scheduling tool is a great way to test out other times to post and find out how successful they are.

Posting useful content

Posting content that other users will find helpful, can help you to gain more views. If it is put out to the right audience at the right time, your views could skyrocket. If you are a specialist in a field, then this is a great place to start. However, content such as hacks and tips, beauty routines, and advice is popular.

Use TikTok captions

The transition from another platform such as Facebook or Instagram to TikTok can be confusing, as TikTok is all about the captions. Unlike fellow social platforms, TikTok is all about the video as opposed to long reels of text. As the app is designed to be used on mobile, TikTok advise only to use short captions. Not only is this great for keeping things interesting, but it also allows you to build suspense. E.g. part 1 and 2.

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How to get more views on TikTok

How to get more views on TikTok

Photo by Franck on Unsplash

Get with the trends

TikTok is known for creating trends. Whether the movement is with fashion, involves food, new music or creating dances. If something is successful overnight, it is likely it came from TikTok. Some recent trends which have been hugely successful, not only for TikTokers but also for businesses, include interesting Starbucks drinks from the ‘secret menu’ Churro frappucino being made into a menu item due to TikTok. Bringing back old fashion trends has been a vast hit with the rush in sales as Crocs and Phone Accessories.

TikTokers are known for bringing new and upcoming trends to the table. 

Although getting with the trends is important on TikTok, don’t force content that doesn’t fit within your usual style, else this may do the opposite, and your followers may no longer be interested in your content.

Making the most of TikTok music

One of the highest-rated features of TikTok is the accessibility to music. Using sounds and music within the app play a significant part in your content being discovered. If you’re looking to get a boost in views, keep the latest trending music in mind. As this is likely to capture the attention of other TikTokers and ultimately bring you more views.

Adding short bursts of songs to lip-sync or as part of a dance trend is highly popular. The sounds are also great if you are releasing your own music, as you can share snippets of your music for others to hear.

It’s about who you know.

This is one of those times where it’s about who you know as opposed to what you know. Collaborating with successful TikTokers can be beneficial for growth on the platform. With collaborations to make sure it is helpful to collaborate with those in a similar niche, to allow you to benefit from their followers.

How to get views on TikTok hashtags

Pick a select few categories you fit in with and search for hashtags around that content. Although, make sure you’re not using basic overused hashtags such as #tiktok or #tiktoker or even #viral. When locating which hashtags will work for your content, not all need to be super specific, as using popular hashtags can also help. However, it is also known that using irrelevant hashtags on TikTok can backfire. Always make sure you’re using relevant hashtags in your content.

But making sure they’re not oversaturated before taking the time to use them is critical.

If you’re unsure of what TikTok hashtags to use, Influencer Marketing Hub provides some examples on their post.

Optimize your Tiktok content page

Optimizing your content page can significantly impact gaining followers, building up your brand, and of course, getting views. When someone clicks on your profile, you’re more likely to get people to stay around if you have a bio and a picture. When optimizing your page, here are some key things to consider:

  • Adding emojis – makes your page more appealing, allows viewers to engage and showcases what you’re all about
  • If you’re looking for more followers or gaining attention elsewhere, be sure to add a call to action in your bio, e.g. check out my shop here.

Make your Tiktok videos visually appealing.

As well as optimizing your content page, it is also worth optimizing your videos. You can create funny, unique, and enjoyable content, but it’s less likely to do well if the video isn’t visually appealing. When making your TikTok videos, ensure your lighting is good, and the scenery matches what you are creating.

Tiktok strategies for increasing engagement

If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to increasing engagement, here are some of the top ways to increase engagement on TikTok.

  • Engage the user quickly, so they want to stay around
  • If your video is 60 seconds, make sure every second counts
  • Give valuable content
  • Post daily at a specific time
  • Engage with your audience
  • Keep users on the edge of the seats with overlay captions to cause suspense.
  • Share videos across your social media and not just TikTok
  • Use transitions and transformations for cool videos
  • Work on what is trending at the moment. Recreate your own version.

How to get more views on my TikTok live

TikTok live first was introduced in 2019 and is a great way to stream content in real-time, do a Q&A, or create much longer content, as TikTok live can be 60 minutes long! However, you have to be 16 and have 1000 followers to get the TikTok live feature.

Celebrities and influencers are known for doing lives when it comes to apology videos, and it is a way to quickly get a message out there and get instant reactions from fellow TikTokers. But if you’re not a celebrity and are looking to go live on TikTok, what content gets the most views?

  • Storytime videos are still hugely popular across social media. Once a significant hit on YouTube, they’ve now made their way over to TikTok. Stories about celebrities, life experiences and controversial topics always rack up the views.
  • Go live with a co-host – if you’re looking to collaborate with another TikToker, you can do so on a live no matter where you are in the world.
  • Cooking videos on TikTok live can be highly successful.

How to go viral on TikTok

Unfortunately, there isn’t a foolproof guide to going viral on TikTok, but you can judge specific criteria based on previous viral content. Viewing viral videos that have captured a lot of attention is a great way to understand what makes a viral post. Using the discover section/for you page to understand what is popular and turn popular trends into your viral video.

But it has been noted that creating a challenge on TikTok offers a higher possibility of going viral. Encouraging others to participate is a great way to spread your trend. Creating your own hashtag for your challenge, will lead other users to your content or even back to your page.

Whether you’re a TikTok newbie or a long time creator, we hope this post has provided you with some helpful insight on how to get more views on TikTok.