Not being able to use your microphone when Discord won’t detect a mic, pretty much renders the digital audio platform useless.

Making sure that the microphone is selected in your permissions tab should be your first action to fix this problem, however, there is a list of other things that you can try to get your mic working again on Discord.

This guide we have created will first help establish why your mic is not active on Discord and then provide the fix needed to get it working.

Why won’t discord detect my mic

Discord won't detect Mic

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Discord may not be detecting your mic because you have not given your PC or Laptop permission or allowed access to use the mic. 

Further reasons why your Discord app is not picking up your mic could be due to;

Reason 1. Faulty audio driver

If the sound driver on your PC is outdated or experiencing issues, this will interfere with the mic being found successfully on your PC or Laptop.

Reason 2. In-game audio settings are incorrect

The sound settings on your Discord profile may be set incorrectly, causing the app to not pick up your microphone on your PC.

You should always do a mic test from your Discord app to make sure the program is picking up your internal mic.

Reason 3. Error with the downloaded app

It has been noted that Discord not detecting your mic is more common with the downloaded version of Discord and not the browser version of the game.

This may also be due to the server of Discord being down, which you can check here.

Reason 4. Discord has no access to mic

If you haven’t granted Discord access to your microphone, the app will not be able to pick it up.

You need to give permission in order for your mic to be used.

Why is my PC not detecting my headset mic 

Have you checked to make sure the mic on your headset has not been muted? This is the first setting you need to check. The volume on your headset may also be set extremely low.

Other reasons as to why your PC is not detecting your headset mic, could be;

Reason 1. Incorrect input selected

If you have your headset connected, you need to make sure your PC has updated its ‘input/output’ device settings.

If this is still selected on the internal speakers of your PC while you have your headset connected, it will not pick up the correct mic.

This may also need to be updated on the Discord app, to ensure the app knows the mic function will be coming from a connected headset.

Reason 2. Other apps are overriding microphone access

If you have additional applications open on your device that use your microphone, they could be interfering with Discord picking up your mic.

Reason 3. Damaged Port

Your headset may be inputted into a faulty port on your device, or your headset may be damaged by its plug point or the internal wiring.

If this is the case, your mic will not be picked up by Discord as it will not get recognized as being connected properly.

Reason 4. Faulty headset driver

Similar to the audio driver on your PC, making use of a headset will require the headset driver on your PC or laptop to be functioning properly, and not be outdated.

How do I get my mic to work on Discord?

Discord won't detect mic

How to get mic to work on Discord

Fix 1. Check in-game audio settings

Step 1. In your Discord app, go into ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘App Settings’ followed by ‘Voice and Video’

Step 3. Select the ‘Mic Test’ option

If you cannot hear yourself speak you can reset your voice and audio settings.

To reset voice settings:

Step 4. Click on the ‘Reset Voice Settings’

Step 5. Select ‘OK’ to confirm this action

Note, resetting the voice settings will remove any microphone/headset used on your Discord profile.

Fix 2. Confirm in-game input setting

Step 1. Access ‘Settings’ on Discord

Step 2. Go into ‘Voice And Video’

Step 3. Under ‘Voice Settings’ there will be an ‘Input Device’ dropdown list

Step 4. Make sure the correct mic has been selected

Make sure the volume is not set too low.

Fix 3. Give mic permissions

You need to allow access to your mic and give it permission to be used;

Step 1. Go into ‘Settings’ on your PC

Step 2. Click on the ‘Privacy’ option

Step 3. Find ‘App Permissions’ and press ‘Microphone’

Step 4. Toggle ‘ON’ the ‘Allow Apps to Access Your Microphone’

Fix 4. Update drivers

Updating the sound driver for your microphone will get rid of any issues currently experienced and improve its performance.

This can be completed by downloading Driver Easy which is an application that will do all the work for you, just follow the on-screen instructions.

You can also update your mic driver manually;

Step 1. Go into your ‘Device Manager’ on your PC

Step 2. Click on the arrow next to ‘Audio Inputs and Outputs’

Step 3. Right click on your microphone and select ‘Update Driver’

This will take a few moments to complete.

Fix 5. Check your headset

The headset that you are using may be damaged. Plug your headset into a different device and see if it will work.

Make sure the volume on your headset is set correctly too as even though your PC may be on full sound if your headset is not, it will counter-act the setting.

Can’t talk in Discord but can hear?

If you are able to hear other players in Discord, but no one can hear yourself, you may need to check your ‘Push to Talk’ setting.

If you are using this option in your voice setting, you will need to physically press down on the button you have selected when you speak in your microphone.

Another player may have muted you, so they will not be able to hear you when you speak. Only they will be able to unmute you if this is the case.


With your mic up and running you can now use the voice communicator when you video call on Discord.

If for some reason this guide was unsuccessful in diagnosing why your mic is not working on Discord, you can make use of their Help Center, as well as submit a request for a more direct answer to your problem.

There may be a physical problem with the microphone you are using. To help diagnose this issue, make use of JustAsk to get further assistance before taking your hardware into a shop.